UPDATE: Latest on World Drive Car Accident

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Cleanup crews remove fallen signage
Update 6:35pm – Cleanup crews are beginning to move the fallen signage (photo from Brandon Langley)

Update 9:44pm – South bound Lane is open on World Drive. The sign has been moved to the side of the road.

Update 7:27pm – Monorails are also shut down at the moment and they are busing people to Epcot from the TTC.

We have an update on the current conditions on World Drive following a car accident earlier today which downed a large road sign.

According to News13.com, it appears one person was injured and taken to Celebration Hospital with with non-life-threatening injuries.

All southbound traffic on World Drive is being directed onto the Epcot off ramp. Traffic going north it’s down to 2 lanes to give emergency responders some space to deal with the scene.

Disney is also using busses to block a clear view of the incident.

Here are some updated photos from the scene:




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  • Very odd, busses blocking the view, monorails shut down causing a nightmare going park to park and only one person with non life threatening injuries? Riiight. More to this story that’s for sure.

    • An idea for a story is about how Disney only cares about their image and couldn’t give a damn about the guests yesterday. We were waiting for hours at Epcot for busses as they shut down monorail, and employees even told us, its because they don’t want us taking pictures of a sign that fell. I get it, Disney didn’t have control over the driver hitting the sign, but their response in ONLY addressing pubic relations and HUGE expense to guests was appalling. I’ve never seen a more irresponsible company to their paying guests in my life.

      • Roger you are wrong as usual. Goodbye.

        Liam, they block it so people don’t get out of their cars and take pictures and gawk, cause more problems.

        • Then explain why the stopped monorail service to keep people from taking photos? Who the hell else blocks an extra lane of traffic to park vehicles to keep people from “getting out of their cars” when there’s an accident on the side of the road? NOBODY.

          • Larry, why are you so angry? Does it really affect you in how Disney handles this? No, it doesn’t. So come down off your internet high horse and relaxe.

  • Busses there to block view and block yet an extra lane of traffic (uggg) reminds me of another incident yesterday. We had a child fall from railing and cut his nose (parents not monitoring child), and our immediate response to managers was get child out of view of guests so EMS could be called, and to sequester any and all phones and photographs. Some guests don’t realize when calling 911 in park, it goes through Reedy Creek (run by Disney). They don’t enter the park from back stage until cleared by managers who’s primary responsibility is maintaining the “show”. In yesterdays case, this was over 20 minutes of no care for the child while guests moved, and cue lines adjusted. Priority one, keep positive image, even if causes inconvenience or delay of treatment. Yesterday a LOT of guests were severely impacted by what should have been a simple deal with this sign coming down.

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