Closure of DINOSAUR at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Has Been Extended

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DINOSAUR at Disney’s Animal Kingdom will not open from its lengthy refurbishment as scheduled. The ride was scheduled to reopen on October 17th, 2016.

DINOSAUR at Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park
DINOSAUR at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park

Guests are reporting that their FastPass+ reservations have been cancelled for anytime in the next 30 days. Disney has yet to announce when the ride will reopen.

UPDATE: The closure of DINOSAUR has been extended over a month to November 20th, 2016.


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    • The lines are so long, and parks busting at the seems, they don’t provide excuses anymore. For anything. They’ll tell you they’re ‘world class’ of you call them though, if that makes anyone feel better.

  • I’m so pissed at Disney. First this…tHen Blizzard Beach. This is why Universal is miles ahead. No respect for guests coming from all over the world who book tickets months in advance. What a shame

    • Lol, good luck even finding anything open in US in the fall, it’s a good thing tho, as you only have about 5 hours the park is open a day. The only way Universal Studios is miles ahead is if you are looking at a map.

      • Your comment has zero basis in reality. Did you have your mom or your dad help you come up with your miles ahead quip?

        • I love Disney but I think people who think they can’t do no wrong are idiots……and because of idiots like you they get away with it

  • yea i see they are doing so much refurbishing and construction that there is really not as much to do at all the parks, yet Disneys price is still sky high. They shouls at least come down on the price if they are going to do so much at once.Until people quit buying Disney tickets at outrageous pices they will continue to do whatever they want…Shame on Disney

      • Thank you for your such insightful comments Phillip. I unfortunately can not agree with all of your very valid points and opinions. I really think that this is something you should further develop and maybe even take some of your own advance.

    • Totally agree. The huge numbers of sheep in line to pay for little back is amazing though. Not much motivation for Disney to care…except eventually enough people get burned, they’re only going to have the dumbest of the dumb as customers. They could close ALL the attractions and serve rat food, and there’s still be a line from some folks. It’s crazy!

    • The refurbishments, delays, and poor park operations is directly caused by the fact they are doing 3 massive multi-million dollar expansions to their parks, or at least that’s what I think.

  • 2 years of planning
    17 days in parks…..
    What is there to see for my 10k investment???????(I make 1300 a month, so I’m not rich)
    3 of the 4 parks are half day or less now……I can’t even make salient points I’m so mad……they make you plan out dining 180 days out… passes 30_60 days out….but they can’t keep anything open or get promised attractions to work.
    I feel like I have failed my family in planning and saving hardcore for 2 years for this…..dinosaur is no big deal, just the tip of a possible generational iceberg

    • Jim I feel you pain. This is not a failure on your part. Disney really just doesn’t give a damn, and haven’t for the last 5-10 years, but it’s getting so much worse. Of course, all rides need refurbishment, but this comes with half Hollywood Studios is closed, and numbers entertainment activities, performers, parades and such are closed. Last night at Animal Kingdom, they had only 7 trucks on the the safari, instead of 20+ “since the parks not as busy some staff got to go home” (Certainly to save costs) Wait time, 120 minutes. Admission price, the same. Food quality of restaurants was like it had been sitting all day. Silly. They are cutting back so much without expanding for the crowds or putting effort into the quality of ‘product’. It’s excuse-less.

        • At one time you could have said “they’ve always refurbished in the fall” but now it would be more accurate to say “they refurbish all year”. Also, you could just as accurately say “and, they’ve always missed their own deadline”.

          Disney does this because they can, there is little or no consequence for the reduction in value, loss of service, and inconvenience. When Disney sees a drop in park attendance/ticket sales enough to effect the bottom line they’ll cry about it, make excuses and, if it’s bad enough, work on fixing the problems.

          • #IamWithNick I get that they’re a business and mistakes and unplanned events happen, but when travel and experiences are what they’re selling, you can only come up with excuses for so long. If Disney were an airline, they’d crash every day, and they can fix it with some new staff and planning for longer time horizon of success.

            We’ve had almost a decade in the parks of “faking it” and cut back mode while value has sunk and crowds smothered together so they can send a few employees home and save a buck. Epcot is now cutting Future World attractions to half capacity early on slower days, to make them just as long of a line as busy days. I don’t mind paying high prices, but dang, we’re starting to ask “for what?”

      • I’m not giving excuses but Dinosaur desperately needed a refurb on the one hand. Half the effects were not functioning properly and many of the dinosaurs were running in B mode and at least one of the animatronics was taken out of the ride sequence to due to constant failure. This is sadly what happens when you only have 3 big thrill like attractions in one park, just wait until Avatar opens, Everest will probably go down for 3-6 months for its first Refurbishment ever.

  • Our fast passes for Nov 1st got cancelled and replaced with Expedition Everest which no one in my family will ride……I’m bummed ?

  • It’s possible there’s a very important reason why they pushed the opening back. Maybe they are doing upgrades or planning to tear it down in the future. Not everything they do is to hurt your vacation.

    • Phil, I hope you don’t run any companies or anything more powerful than a lawn mower. It’s not that it’s just one attraction that they missed the date on (yet again). It’s how poorly they’re running the parks, and how little regard they have for their guests. I understand, some disagree, and will still go if there’s not a ride in site that works or nothing to eat better than Mcdonalds for $40/person. But some have planned a long time, and all of the parks have a high percentage of areas closed, and few open cut back. There’s been nearly nothing done in a decade to expand for growth as they then refurbish older areas. Parade, events, something is getting cut every week. They’re adding more capacity to few events open, without an increase in staff to make it move smoothly. It’s a problem.

      • My feelings exactly. And the improvisations keep going today. I’m weary of making any dinning package reservations, particularly if I have to pay in advance. I’m not financing this mess.

  • My opinion as a former CM:
    There is ALWAYS a reason why they push back an opening or a re-opening – they are a business, like everyone else. For Rivers of Light, it was because one of the props broke, so they had to replace it. For Dinosaur, we’re not sure what it is, but it could be a safety issue or it’s taking longer than expected. Think of it this way: would you rather go on a ride when it’s approved safe to go on, or go on a ride knowing you could fall out, be hurt, see something that will ruin the magic because it’s not ready for the public eye to see, etc? And I know people are mad about other things, as well, like DHS being half-closed, believe me, I worked there during the majority of the closures happening. And if you’re not happy with the fastpass you were given as a replacement, okay? Change it instead of getting mad of Disney. There’s a nifty little button where you can change a fastpass option. Use it. If there’s nothing else besides Dinosaur your family wants to do, then don’t use the third fastpass, you’ll survive, or just let it pass by so you can get your 1 fastpass at a time when you pass 3 fastpasses. In conclusion, I personally think you are all thinking illogically because you’re mad of one attraction pushing back their re-opening date. Maybe it’s passive rage from other things as well, I don’t know, but going as low as Disney being inconsiderate, not caring, etc, is not the way to deal with this. Disney cares. Disney cares for their international guests, national guests, old guests, young guests, ALL guests. They do not push back re-opening dates because they don’t care about your feelings. Thank you and goodnight.

    • If what I remember about Dinosaur is still turn it isn’t a safety factor that’s delaying the re-opening but the sheer number of effects and animatronics that needed to be fix. Many of the Dinosaurs where operating in B-Mode and one was hit or miss if they were going to have it out while running.

    • You mean as a current Disney PR person? I’d love to live in the world you do where Fastpasses are so readily available 2-3 weeks before your trip. Especially in a park like Animal Kingdom that has so few thrill rides. Some people made fastpass reaervations 60 days before their trip because certain rides are that important, of course they’re going to be upset when it’s canceled right before their trip. Regardless of what you think, Disney is being inconsiderate. People schedule entire vacations are attraction openings, if they give a date that something should be open, they should do whatever it takes to stick with that commitment, redirect sources, have people work overtime. They’re doing nothing to make guests feel like they’re truly guests.

    • Um, no Sami. Nice try. And maybe a land manager told you to say this to appease guests, but let’s be honest in the interest of a hope for change. I love Disney too much for how they’re dealing with things…but can only do so much. I’ve worked with us over 2 decades, and the pushback has ZERO to do with safety, and has to do with gross cutbacks and mismanagement above our heads. I’m not sure your position or if you’re a lead or manager (and you shouldn’t post it or your name here), but management dropped most safety and all individual guest concerns a few years ago. It’s about following protocols for EFFICIENCY and PROFIT. There’s more people working media relations to talk (and type) about our safety programs and forums like here now than actually safety employee or aspects. Fewer of us are supposed to move more guests through fewer areas with more income to the park with a smile and a push on guest’s ass if they’re not moving quickly enough to accommodate more guests. I can only imagine how they’re mishandling contractors who are renovating. Guests pay a TON to come here, and many save up for months, or even years. Disney’s not trying hard, or even at all, to not inconvenience them, nor for their actual safety unless Disney thinks it will make the news.

      • Our family has annual passes, and have to agree. It’s become managed really poorly “on stage” of the Disney parks here in Orlando at least, we can only imagine how bad things are in offices planning this stuff out. Guests loose either way, but parks are very crowded. Not much to do, and employees now yell at you to pack in and move closer and faster on few things and areas left open. Reminds us now of JFK airport employees.

    • I guess the decision to tell CM’s to look the other way when there were complains of high paying guests feeding alligators at seven seas lagoon was all out of safety concerns.

      Look, I understand if something gets refurbished for safety reasons, but if you get into refurbishing something, you do it full well of the time it will take for such refurbishments. You can be off a day, or two, or even a week of your calculations, but a full month? When you were less than a week of the original planned reopening? To anyone with just a casual understanding of project management, that sounds like personnel shuffling around projects. Unacceptable in a business the size of Disney parks, let alone the publicized Disney philosophy; they seem to have thrown the book on the latter.

      The number of grossly delayed new projects, delayed planned refurbishments (not talking about the unscheduled ones), the scope of new projects greatly affecting operations long term without any viable compensation, the last minute decisions regarding cancellations/permanent closures of shows and attractions as well as last minute decisions about new ones without solid opening dates nor offerings is a statement of how little they care about the customer’s experience; they’re just worried about the financial gains per customer.

      The type of questions from the latest surveys is proof of of research on how much gouging they can get away with, not how they can improve customer experience.

      I could list all the above problems but I don’t want to make an already lengthy comment longer. Like other poster said, I’m voicing this in the hope for change, not to bash. Take the feedback you gather from here wisely.

      • Great post, and glad this site doesn’t censor and hopefully can have more articles on recurrent issue. Many news outlets and websites are scared of Disney. This is just yet another little misplanned closure, it’s the pattern that’s the concern. Most on this site are big fans (save the trolls and Disney PR goof balls). Bad news, is I do not believe Disney corporate of the parks are a fan of Disney and only look at the day end receipts as numbers now. Won’t sustain time. Might work if selling underwear or used car parts, but not going to work if the product selling “an experience’. You can only SAY it’s amazing, world class and safe for so long without backing it up.

    • Well, there’s a reason for everything, the problem is if you keep coming up with a host of reasons why a particular thing doesn’t happen they become excuses and nobody likes excuses especially at luxury prices. However, even excuses are accepted and work for some time but when they drag in too long (and overlap) even the most loyal will rebel. Sorry, your assertion concerning the Rivers of Light delay “one of the props broke, so they had to replace it” doesn’t ring true nor does it possibly justify the number of delays and the manifold predicted opening dates. That mess was supposed to open in March 2016, that was pushed back a half dozen times and the new, I really mean it this time, opening date in 2017 was posted. Odds are that will also be missed and people like you will make another attempt at excusing this as well as other similar issues and hope patrons will swallow it.

  • Everything can’t always be open. It’s not intentional, it’s not a screw you, it’s business. Disney did not go out of their way to ruin your vacation. Should they keep their dates once they announce them? Of course, but everything always says in the fine print that the dates are subject to change. I prefer the good old days before the blogs and everything and you showed up and had a good time, if an attraction was closed, oh well.

    • So if blogs have completely ruined your Disney experience, why are you even posting on one? Since you prefer the see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil approach. Why don’t you just block this page and go on your merry way paying more money for less content? While you’re there, if you happen to hear any other guest being upset or disappointed that a favorite attraction of theirs isn’t open, just clamp your hands over your ears and run away screaming.

      • Great reply Disney best tip of the day. I’d say Andrew working for the mouse in media releases. That’s about their mentality. So much room for improvement at Disney, it’s not even debatable.

      • Gosh you people are so sensitive that is one hell of an assumption there, I love Tom, the WDWNT crew and the site. It was a reference to when I was a kid and you paid for your vacation and you showed up for it, referring to it being less of a hassle. Not all, “blogs are the devil and I’m gonna listen to Ol’ Teddy Roosevelt on the radio cause I’m an old fuddy duddy”, that’s just asinine.

        Everyone is allowed their opinion, me with mine and you with yours. My opinion is that people take these things as personal attacks on their vacation and that is not what is happening. As I said, it is a business and rides can’t open if they aren’t functioning or are not show ready. If they did that, the same people would attack Disney for presenting a ride in poor condition. I’m not naive and Disney surely doesn’t get a free pass from me as being “perfect”, but if you feel I come off that way, you are certainly entitled to that opinion.

        I pay for my annual pass like every other passholder and yeah I’m local so if something is closed, I can catch it next time, nbd. So maybe I’m privileged but I give a damn good bit of my money to the Mouse and I still feel like I get a value for what I pay, again my opinion. You certainly don’t have to agree, but no need to attack me cause you assume you know me.

        I’m going to the Dolphins-Steelers game on Sunday. $160 ticket in the nosebleeds(from the Dolphins groups sales rate), $80 to park. That’s for entertainment for 4ish hours and even including another $40-50 on food and drink and that is for one person. As my wife and he family are Steelers fans we are taking 10 people(adults) to the game. So $1600 on tickets, $160 on parking and $400 on food and beverages. So $2000+ for 10 people and 4 hours of entertainment. If Ben Roethlisberger got hurt today and wasn’t going to play am I supposed to complain that the game is ruined? Demand a refund from the Steelers for ruining my family’s experience? I don’t think so, because it is the nature of what you pay for.

        I know the debate has been had a thousand times but it gives you perspective and it is what allows me to see a value in my $660 I pay for my annual pass for 365 days of theme parks.

        • You’re absolutely right Andrew, you are privileged. The last time my family went on vacation, we paid $600 for 2 days. So please don’t act like you’re $660 compares to a typical family vacation to Disney. The thing that your post and your little football fail to account for are families. You have 10 ADULTS going to a football game, of course they’re going to be understanding, but what if you had a child with you that is a huge Roethlesberger fan. You think he’ll be as understanding as 10 adults when he doesn’t get to see his hero play? The same goes for Disney. Say you have a 5 year old that is obsessed with dinosaurs, you get fastpasses the second they’re available, you show them promo pictures and videos for the ride and they want nothing more than to ride Dinosaur. Then a week before your vacation you find out that the ride won’t be open and you now have fastpasses for Everest, a ride that a 5 year old can’t even experience. What are you going to do? Tell them they better have perspective and enjoy themself? Not everyone on here is just thinking about themselves, some people actually have concerns for families. Enjoy your game!

          • A few years back I took my niece, who loves Splash and it was closed. She handled it just fine at 7 years old. She’s not an annual pass holder, it was her second time to Magic Kingdom ever. She rode it about 6-8 times a few months before and loved it, has a b’rer rabbit plush, sings the song, the whole nine yards. So I have had that perspective and maybe my niece can handle things better, so be it. If we start picking specific scenarios on how you are right and I am wrong, then it is not a conversation worth having.

            The football thing was not a families thing, it was a cost perspective thing on paying more for less and the differences and what we as people expect. I was referencing that how when Disney changes something people complain about the money spent and that Disney doesn’t care and they feel that Disney ruined their vacation and it is a waste of money. The Roethlisberger comparison is what I used on the spot for that comparison of how the paying adult reacts when things change that are beyond their control.

            When I plan trips our to Disneyland I fork over the cash, so I know how to compare vacations and what the cost is. Wasn’t comparing my $660 for a single annual pass to a family vacation but I see how you read it that way. I was saying that I see my value for what I pay as I was called out and was told to “go on your merry way paying more money for less content”. I don’t feel like I am paying more for less content.

            Unfortunately we can’t have children, so when we take our nieces and nephews I take advantage of the time I’m there with them and show them how much we love Disney and what a big part of our lives it is. We are as selfless as it comes and have planned plenty of trips with considerations of our families. I have no clue what you are referencing but it seems as you are implying that we only think of ourselves. Not sure were that conclusion comes from but it is your right to feel that way.

          • Let it go Andrew. If you’re trying to come across as consoling, it’s not working. If you’re coming across that people should just suck up whatever Disney cuts and cuts, we get it. Some aren’t there every day and have to plan ahead of time and save every penny 2 years to come, average vacation is in thousands, and this Christmas, there will be 2 attractions open in AK, and 3 in Hollywood Studios. More and more getting cut back every week, just read the blog!

          • Michael, is probably you if drunk and can’t read or understand posts, or, maybe English not your thing.

  • i dunno why people are getting so mad. Disney always does refurbishment in the fall. blizzard beach is always shut for refurbishment and then after that typhoon lagoon is done. not being funny but dinosuar is not the best ride in the world so dunno why people are moaning so much. change you fast pass if your not happy with the one your given. unfortunately people now adays just like to moan and bitch about things or in some cases sue. perhaps you shouldn’t go Disney if all your gonna do is moan. just enjoy yourself and have fun. just think of the people that were there when disney had to close because of the hurricane. surprised people aren’t blaming Disney for that.

    • Perhaps you should post if all your going to do is moan when people post on a public forum that Disney hasn’t planned well and has too much under construction.

    • Ok first off, please learn how to use spell check and proper punctuation. It’s like trying to read an 8 year olds writing. Clearly you haven’t been reading people’s posts if you think they’re just mad about a refurbishment. If there are issues that require lengthening a refurb, you know much sooner than a week before reopening and usually it’s for a day or two, not at least a month. When you have a park as sparsely populated with attractions as AL, it’s important to get rides back open as quickly as possible because otherwise the park is seen as a waste of money. Also, I’m so glad it’s so easy for you to get new fastpasses a week before your vacation. There’s only like 3 attractions worth having FP+ for, so it makes it harder to replace, but your favorite ride must be Triceratops spin, so I’m sure you don’t have any issues. Lastly, I was going to blame Disney for the hurricane, but now I think I want to blame you. How dare you create a hurricane and close Disney Tsylor, I hate you!

    • How about if only 2 attractions open in the park, and they’re at half capacity so there’s much longer lines. Still ok with? Ok, now food quality has been cut and prices doubled. Still ok? How about 70 minute line to get your magic band linked to your account, even though it shows ok online, and only 2 guest relations people, neither can fix. You get the picture. Disney is becoming belligerent about serving guests in any way positive. THAT is the issue. Not just ‘one more ride and attraction not open, cut, or deadline missed”. Suck it up. I get it.

  • You all are not forced to go to disney it’s a choice life is full of things that happen yes it’s frustrating but accept it and if you not like don’t go back more to disney than just rides

    • Mike, who says here in posts or article that anyone is forced to go to Disney? Nobody is forced to knock your teeth out for making a dumb, unrelated reply either, everything is a choice, as is Disney at being so damn terrible at their business of creating a decent experience for guests. Every closure, delay, cut back, inconvenience is worth discussing as much as new ideas. If you don’t like it, don’t read the site. That’s a choice too!

  • Please refrain from threats how mighty people are behind a screen you all moan about disney then don’t go and let people who have good times there enjoy

    • Mike, please jab both your eyes out with a pencil repeatedly until bleeding and blind if posts here bother you. If your vacation not affected about how poorly Disney is running the parks here in Florida so be it. It’s been well stated there’s suckers who will pay full price for no attractions open, we get that you are one. There’s every reason here for people to be concerned about the mismanagement of the parks without regard for guests, as some of us are actually Disney fans. Now please, grab some pencils and start jabbing!

  • We are Disney fans come twice a year to disney from UK would come more but being a soldier not always in UK but if u wish to threaten me I’m in florida in December 13-28 u want meet and explain how u gonna hurt me

    • Enjoy your last trip. Once Mr. Trump is in office, he’ll make sure to keep you pansy Brits out of our country.

      • Heck, brits where stupid enough to exit the EU, they might actually LIKE Trump and Clinton over there! I think it’s a shame that this attraction will be closed, and that only leaves a couple open for our upcoming trip. A lot of other areas look to be cut back too, and hot dining spots long gone. Suppose they’re saving money on staffing. We would never fly overseas to come to a dump like Disney in Florida. Would hit Tokyo first if it had to be Disney. Saw what great attractions they’re getting, and they still give a crap there. Visited last Spring. Amazingly better.

    • You don’t sound like a Disney fan. You sound like a somewhat delusional know it all. I don’t see where anyone threatened you here. You were invited to poke your eyes out so you’re not dismayed at the posts. Getting back to the point of the post….TOO many attractions, food spots, and areas are closed at the parks, and they’re being kept closed too long, and without notice. Today, east side of Future world closed sections hours early, why? Guessing to save money and cram food and wine folks close to spending spots in World Showcase. Dumb Dumb Disney World Florida. So frustrating.

    • Nobody cares Mike. You started the nonsense by posting that people shouldn’t have a gripe or express their opinion here. You have expressed yours. Now please go away. Stay over there.

  • My Dinosaur fast pass was also cancelled, but there are so many other things to do at Animal Kingdom. I think many people miss out on the beauty of Animal Kingdom because they only want to jump from ride to ride. I would rather have it closed longer than it opened and not working properly, then closing when I’m already there. Basically there are 46 rides at Disney World, even if 3 or 4 are closed in October/November, that still leaves 42-43 to ride. Not to mention all the other entertainment.

    • I agree Animal Kingdom has some nice animals and plants and a nice park, but hard for people to jump ride to ride. There are so few to begin with! Parade and other ‘event’s already cancelled to save money from a while back. And so much of the park under construction. They’re closing areas on slow days to cram guests together. There’s not nearly as much entertainment as you might remember Melissa. A lot is going away.

      • I’m sure your right Larry, I’m probably just not realizing it’s happening. I don’t have children with me anymore, the youngest is in college now. We mostly do dining, walking around seeing the sights and entertainment. Plus a few lounges here and there…..and a few more lounges here and there. LOL

        • You’re in the right place, the landscaping is nice and some good trails! Disney has added a few lounges and spots to spend. It’s the parades, rides, shows, attractions, the little things that cost them any money that are either being delayed, cut back, closed for extended refurb.

  • Maybe they are more focused on the new Avatar land. I was just there last week and saw all the cranes visible from the parking lots. Apologies to Avatar fans, but I have zero excitement about that one. I was really bummed about Dinosaur, it’s probably my favorite in Disney. We planned our trip last minute but still managed fast passes for several rides. Rides like Seven Dwarves Mine Train and Frozen are impossible though, so we went either very early or very late in the day. We agreed to a 60 minute maximum wait for rides, if they were longer it’s a waste of time, because there really is so much else to see and do!

  • Aw man!!! I was so excited to go on this ride again….but they shut it down right before our trip. Our fast-passes were cancelled and now I am not sure what will replace that.

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