Disney Magical World 2 Gets Free Halloween Items

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It looks like even more Halloween content is coming to Disney Magical World 2.

If you own the game, you can go to the official website and download five free Halloween-themed items that are available as of now.


Items include a bat tiara, a jack-o’-lantern shirt, and more. To access the free content, go to the start menu, select “Search for Gifts” and then “Read QR Code.” Just take a picture of the code found on the game’s website and the items will automatically download to your game.

Disney Magical World 2 uses the Nintendo 3DS’ calendar to determine what time of year it is in the game. Throughout the year, players can experience special decorative elements that are specific to the appropriate holiday or season. Right now, the world of Castleton is perfectly themed to Halloween, with Mickey jack-o’-lanterns placed throughout the town.


Disney Magical World 2 was released in the United States and Europe last week after being available in Japan for almost a year. In our review, we said the game was a fun way to connect with beloved Disney properties, despite the game’s excessive tutorials.