Disney Springs Renames Festival of Holiday Trees to Christmas Tree Trail, Full List of Trees

Disney has already renamed the Festival of Holiday Trees for Disney Springs we told you about earlier in the week. The new name for the 15 tree walking path is the “Disney Springs’ Christmas Tree Trail.


Each tree is inspired by a different Disney character or story. During this walk-through experience, you’ll wind through a lovely winter wonderland complete with a gentle snow fall, toy soldiers, singers and plenty of opportunities for photos.

Below is a list of the planned tree themes:

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  • Mickey and Minnie Mouse
  • Disney Villains
  • “Moana“
  • “Beauty and the Beast“
  • “The Little Mermaid“
  • “Cinderella“
  • “The Princess and the Frog“
  • “Alice in Wonderland“
  • “Frozen“
  • “The Jungle Book“
  • “Mulan“
  • “101 Dalmatians“
  • “Tangled“
  • “Mary Poppins“
  • The Muppets


The Disney Springs’ Christmas Tree Trail will debut on November 11th and will run through January 8, 2017.

  1. What, no Chanukah or kwanza trees?? I am outraged!! I sure hope they plan on having a safe space available.

  2. Am I the only one digging the fact that they’re using older movies like 101 D and Mulan? AND not a single Pixar movie!

  3. Disney Springs is becoming nicer than the Disney World theme parks…not to say that it’s that nice, but with theme parks now mostly merchandise overall and cutting parades, performers and the like, Disney Springs at least trying to sell you nicer stuff…and with decorations, will outdo Hollywood Studios this year at the least!

    1. Well with all the 3rd party vendors paying rent there, of course they have more money to spend on decorations. They also have an obligation to bring in more guests to satisfy the vendors so they’ll renew their contracts.

      1. Good point and I agree. Disney should turn their theme parks completely over to third party and manage it. We are here this week and the parks are a disgrace. The Disney owned restaurants food quality has sunk terribly from just a year ago. So cheap. Minimally staffed and long lines to stand on line due to few areas open, and areas opened have more roped off entrances than open. We cancelled 3 of our 5 days. May hit springs for one, and plenty else to do around Orlando…great city!

        1. That’d be silly turning the parks over to a 3rd party. It’d be just like Tokyo Disney, and everyone knows what a mess that place is ? You should check out I-Drive 360.

          1. I disagree Peter. The best restaurants and spots at WDW are operating participants, such as visually all of Epcot, Disney Springs, many of the better eateries at resorts are all nothing to do with Disney. And I’ve been to Tokyo Disney, it makes WDW look like a ghetto carnival as cheap as WDW Florida has gotten. The parks run by 3rd party would certainly be a win for the guests. Disney stock, not so sure.

  4. I was being facetious Larry. I think most Disney fan knows how Tokyo Disneyland is miles ahead of every other Disney resort. It is hard to blame the company though because they do have an enormous bottom line compared to each individual company that has a shop or restaurant, and like you said, stock is what’s most important to them. (As is every publicly traded company)

    1. My bad…I took you literally. Stock is important to every company, but Disney is unique, their parks ONLY offer experience. They have shrunk their offerings, rides, and staffing to the point the “experience” is weak, and lives mostly on legacy of grandparents who remember when it was clean, safe, great with an penchant for “magical experiences”. Disney gets too short sighted only on profit, they have nothing to sell there. Parades, shows, etc giving way to sales spots only. Then they just make movies. I dunno. I’m a pretty big fan and live near the parks. Sad to see where management has taken the Florida parks. Disney parks out of USA are amazing. A shame ball dropped so close to home :/ Maybe new CEO will give some love to parks. Iger sure despises them.

      1. Just out of curiosity, can you give examples of entertainment/parades that got replaced with sales spots only? They have a brand new Christmas show coming to studios, and are replacing celebrate the magic next week. I know they got rid of MSEP, but it’s better to have nothing than something 40 years old, IMO.

        Obviously rides options were shrunk this year (I’m guessing you’re talking about Studios), but they are doing a massive overhaul that will replace those rides, as well as add new opportunities for guests.

        Also, what “better eateries at resorts” have nothing to do with Disney?

        1. I’m not Larry, but Val you should honestly should read some of the reports on this site of the cancellations or take a look around. Just one example, all Animal Kingdom parades cancelled to allow for additional food carts in Harambe, and back by the bird show. 6 new permanent stands added and stores expanded into past parade path. Disney is also not adding new real estate to their growing Florida properties, they closed them and are refurbishing them slowly, on purpose, so as to keep full price admission while less cast members hired, more crowds, smaller space, less to do but shop, which is a Disney win in the short term. Larry was saying that this isn’t a good idea for a brand that only sells experience..a point I hadn’t thought of. The restaurants at Disney World which haven’t cut quality as badly, are actually not owned nor operated by Disney in their parks. This is most all of Epcots eateries, Animal Kingdom, Disney Springs and resorts. Disney has cut things to the one is the point. NO new opportunities coming that aren’t sales driven in attractions (cross promotion) or result in a direct revenue. EVERYTHING else is being cut back.

          In short, I agree that if the entire parks were run by 3rd party, it would be so much nicer. Just as Disney Springs became, and the source of Tom’s article.

  5. Never thought I’d see the Day the old Pleasure Island would “out Disney” their own theme parks, but so true. Excited to see Disney Springs decorations!

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