Disney World Theme Parks Adjust Security Screenings Following Guest Attempting to Bring In Loaded Gun

Following Monday’s incident where a Louisiana man attempted to bring a loaded gun into Epcot, Walt Disney World Security has altered the way in which they are screening guests entering the park.

Gates force all guests without bags to funnel into a now mandatory metal detector screening at Hollywood Studios
Gates force all guests without bags to funnel into a now mandatory metal detector screening at Hollywood Studios

At Disney’s Hollywood Studios, guests without bags are now being directed down a new route where they are forced to be screened a metal detector. Previously, these screenings were at random, although it was not uncommon at select times to find occurrences where Disney security cast members would send everyone coming in through metal detector screenings.

It is unknown if this will be the new standard procedure or if it is just being done temporarily placate guests fearful after Monday’s incident.

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  1. It’s all the parks it seems. I was in the parks the past 3 days. The only time I didn’t have to do thru the detectors was this morning at AK. I think I just got lucky the line was pretty backed up.

    1. Just went got into EPCOT thru the no bag entrance. No line at the detectors and I walked right by.

  2. I personally know a Security Guard at WDW….. it has already been made known (about a month ago, before this incident) to them that 100% screening will be coming within the next year. That is why there are so many Security job openings, they are ramping up and getting them trained.
    I also know a Security Guard at Universal, they have been doing 100% screening for over a year already!

  3. I was married at Disney a couple of weeks ago and we had a dessert party in Epcot that evening. My husband and I both had to walk through the metal detectors in my wedding dress and his suit! ? We found it pretty funny. Most of our wedding guests didn’t have to go through it. I wonder what they thought I was packing underneath my dress! ?

  4. I truly think that we all should have to go thru metal detectors! There is so much that can be hidden and there are alot of crazies out there! Unfortunately Disney has many, many people in one spot at almost any given time so would be just a little more sense of security with metal detectors! Universal makes EVERYONE go thru metal detectors and no one seems to mind!

    1. Major League Baseball, the NFL, and the NBA have all people at the arenas and stadiums go through metal detectors I relly don’t see why Disney cant have them at the gates to the parks.

      1. One missing big issue you missed, the stadiums screen everyone and pay for real security and counter measures. Disney DOES NOT. They used to do more, but have fired that staff. They only do the security as a “show” and so that say an off duty cop who usually carries with CWP will leave his weapon in the car. There’s no sense from security to have their checkpoints as they do. There’s TONS of ways criminals will and do get weapons in Disney. It’s a soft target, and they know it.

  5. This will help nothing, is just illusion of security. You’ll just make the security line (which will arguably be larger and longer now) the target for an attack, or a bus. If you really think this will make a difference I imagine none of you will set foot at any resort nor Disney Spring

    1. You’re CUTE, Disney Pete. Can I buy you a drink sometime, you big burly realist, you???

    2. It’s a theme park, not Fort Knox, it doesn’t need more security than this. We don’t go through screenings to eat at a restaurant, or shop in a store, or go to a park, or ride a city bus or metro. You paranoid people need to just stop, there are a lot of things way more likely to kill you than a mass shooting, like driving a car for instance.

    3. What’s it like to live in fear? Please stay home from Disney World, paranoid idiots like yourself creep me and my family out.

      1. I’m criticizing you for being paranoid about guns inside the parks and you have the gall to call me paranoid? Go back under your rock, troll!

        1. I want to go to the Park whenever Disney Pete is there! His hunky guns will save the day!

    4. It’s WORST than this will do nothing. It creates false illusion of security to guests who IF someone enters park, are sitting ducks. It’s very easy to get weapons in Disney and meanwhile they don’t arm any guards there for the appearance of “no worries, it’s all safe here”.

  6. Metal Detectors should be mandatory and new bag check and metal detector areas should be built as permanent. It is a sign of our times. Just do it. Universal does I believe.

  7. Bad things can and will happen any time, anywhere. None of this “security” accomplishes anything practical or life-saving. If you want to live your life in fear you may as well stay home and never go outside.

  8. I think everyone and everyday you should use the metal detectors better safe than sorry

  9. New Disney Promotion for 2017
    For just $249 per person per day, you and your whole family if staying on-site can bypass the park security lines! You just have to subject yourself to a background check, an in-person interview, fingerprinting, retinal scan, a daily blood test, a daily polygraph test, other various tests at times of our choosing, and no more than four strip searches per day upon leaving or returning to your resort.

    *Offer not valid at Magic Kingdom, Epcot, or Animal Kingdom. (At this point we just don’t care what happens at Studios until 2020)

    1. Just put your gun in a stroller or under scooter seat, and you’re done. Or drop gun or bomb concealed over wall where many spots not monitored, and go pick it up. Get a part time job there, you aren’t screened then. The lines and scanners are just cuz Disney really does measures for public relations. We went thru and it beeped, and they said it must be my belt. Nope. Had a pocket knife I always carry. Dumb waste of time and makes the park more unsafe they play this “act” of screening with so many other gaping holes.

  10. How about removing the metal detectors entirely and go back to the way things used to be under the grounds that “security” checkpoints makes you a chicken. NOBODY…CALLS ME…CHICKEN.

          1. It’s LEAVE you idiot!!! Make like a tree and leave! You sound like a damn idiot when you say it wrong!

  11. Disney Pete is only honest post on here! This is an absolute joke, Disney “Security” is a ‘FEEL GOOD” measure so guests will feel better and spend more money. Guests who come in bus loads entering in busses to back of park for special events aren’t screened at all. Staff not screened at all. Plenty of unmonitored areas to drop weapon. Strollers and scooters not screened at all. Little kids not screened at all. A total joke, as are many of the ignorant posts here on ‘fear’. Give me a break. What sheep. I think it’s as much to hold people in line so they don’e see how many areas of the parks are closed or under refurbishment.

    1. Shouldn’t you be getting back to building your bomb shelter and posting your Donald Trump erotic fan fiction? I think that metal detectors and increased security have an opposite affect than your “feel good” theory. Too many people look at Disney as a completely controlled environment free of danger, just look at the gator attack. Do most people understand that ANY body of water in Florida could have alligators, yes. Does everyone know that, unfortunately not. Now that there are rocks and fences though, people pay a lot more attention than they used to. It’s the same thing with the increased security, where you may have once nievely thought everything is safe and magical, now you’re reminded that oh yeah this is a real place, and hopefully they would be more likely to keep a look out for something suspicious. Is there a be all end all cure for everything? Of course not, but it’s at least a better option than sitting at home kissing your butt goodbye waiting for the inevitable tragedy that will destroy the world.

  12. I had no idea there were so many experts on Disney security out there. Seems a really odd thing to study and be concerned with. It must difficult to live in such fear. I wish you the best in finding your joy!

    1. You’re right! I’m thinking everyone here is who afraid, paranoid, dislikes Disney security, etc. — DON’T GO! Yes, this evil empire called Disney wants your money – run, run for the hills! I’ll appreciate the shorter lines when all the cowards go hide someplace. I feel bad for everyone who spends their time worrying about constant security & when the next big act of terror is headed straight for them (because they’re so important the world must be gunning for them). Sad.

      1. Nobody is saying those “security enhancements” are worthless out of fear but rather amusement of those thinking that will make you “safer”. It won’t. It will only make entrance lines longer. But you’ll “feel” better and that’s important, right?

        It amuses me to no end that you would feel “safer” with that. I wonder if you go running to the park entrance from your car, bus. monorail or boat shivering in fear until you get into the park. You must not visit Disney Spring at all out of fear. Never fly oversea either, is dangerous out there. And don’t ever never visit NY.

        I laugh at thee.

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