“Frozen Free Fall: Icy Shot” Takes Puzzle Games in a New Direction

A sequel to the hit mobile game Frozen Free Fall just released on mobile devices and it’s free to download. Frozen Free Fall: Icy Shot may carry the name of the first entry, but it’s an all-new puzzle game that adds an interesting twist to the mobile market’s seemingly endless supply of puzzle games.


Frozen Free Fall: Icy Shot features over 100 levels where players join Elsa, Anna, Olaf, and friends to shoot snowballs in order to shatter icy obstacles. The gameplay is similar to the classic brick game found on older iPods or computers, but Icy Shot spices things up with intricate puzzle design and special power-ups.

The game offers in-app purchases that will provide players with extra lives or coins to help continue their journey. Later on, the game will be updated with new content inspired by Frozen Northern Lights, an upcoming LEGO animated series.

Frozen Free Fall: Icy Shot is available now on the App Store and Google Play Store.


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