LIVE VIDEO: The Last Presentations of the Main Street Electrical Parade at the Magic Kingdom

Our own Tom Corless is camped out in the Magic Kingdom for tonight’s final two presentations of the Main Street Electrical Parade. Shortly before the parade starts, we’ll have the live stream embedded below.  You will then have to refresh the page to see the live video stream.

11:00 PM Presentation:

9:00 PM Presentation:


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5 years ago

Thanks Tom! We couldn’t make it over tonight, though beautiful weather. Great Video. Great memories. What Disney is thinking with their cut backs is beyond me. So much space to expand, and then update. No, they just cut, cut, cut. 30 minute wait earlier to get in to Epcot. Only 3 cast members and 2 magic band areas open. Amazingly bad from there on. We still go to parks thinking it can’t get worse…

Statused mgr in Epcot
Statused mgr in Epcot
5 years ago

It’s getting worse. An idea for article on this site is not just how many entrance ‘turnstiles’ are now closed, irregardless of the lines to get in, but how many additional tables WDW is adding to already packed floors of restaurants. Now, at California Grill, they’ve added so many extra little tables that it makes a high school cafeteria look spacious. I understand ALL Disney’s locations have been mandated to have seats close ehosuth that ‘elbows should be touching, and it there’s space to put a table in the lobby, put one in there and raise prices at restaurants meanwhile… Read more »