PHOTOS, VIDEO: Space Mountain at the Magic Kingdom Adds LED Nighttime Lighting

A little over a week ago, LED lighting was finally installed on the facade of Space Mountain in Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom. Pretty much every other version of the attraction on the planet has been using LED lighting for years now, but finally the Florida original shines brightly in the night sky.



The lighting is static, but changes to a different color scheme every 10 minutes or so. Oh, and it looks great just steps away from that shiny new Carousel of Progress sign which also has some nifty lighting:

So, what do you think of all this fancy new lighting in Tomorrowland?

12 thoughts on “PHOTOS, VIDEO: Space Mountain at the Magic Kingdom Adds LED Nighttime Lighting”

  1. I could care less about lighting packages or new signage – give me substance. Let’s start with a proper space mountain refurbishment that involves tearing down the track and doing an Anaheim scope redo.

    • Totally agree. While they add LED lights which is a nice touch, they also shave a few hours off the rides, run them less frequently resulting in longer lines, and add 10 extra tables to a restaurant built for 50 that already has 100.

    • The Anaheim redo only happened because it was neglected for several years, forcing them to basically build a new coaster. I’m not sure I want to rebuild the original Space Mountain. That would be like replacing the Matterhorn with a modern ride.

      • Tom – You’re telling me the coaster in Florida hasn’t been neglected like Anaheim’s was before their big rebuild? I know they did a ‘refurb’ in 2009 but let’s call it what it was – it was putting lipstick on a pig.

        I’m not saying they need to copy the exact layout of what Anaheim did, but they need to do something other then what was accomplished in 2009.

      • Part of the immersion illusion is this kind of attention to detail. I like it. And I’m with Tom … I don’t want to see any changes to the Space Mountain coaster.

  2. I could swear a few years back that Space Mountain had rapidly changing lights in each section. I remember seeing it doing like a light show with music during a Halloween party night. I just assumed that those were in-place fixtures that just weren’t used often.

  3. Looks great. And of all the things in MK that need a timely refresh, Space Mountain feels pretty low in the list to me – it ain’t broke. The rest of Tomorrowland? Different story. I’ve got hope that once Studios gets its facelift completed, we’ll get some blue-sky Tomorrowland rework plans landing around MK’s 50th. In five years, WDW should be looking pretty swank – Studios is getting work, AK gets Avatar, Springs will be done, Energy and Imagination (and Communicore) are rumored to be getting new identities soon, so that really only leaves Tomorrowland as the last unaddressed sore thumb.

  4. I just hope it´s not too bright – sometimes, they seem to replace old lights with LEDs that are / feel way too bright.

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