UPDATE: Latest Information on Cancelled Events & More at Disney World Due to Hurricane Matthew

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The news is rolling in fast, so here is the very latest on how Hurricane Matthew will be affecting Walt Disney World:

  • Blizzard Beach will be closed on both 10/6 and 10/7, Typhoon Lagoon is closed on just the 7th
  • The Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show and Hoop De Doo Musical Revue are cancelled on 10/6 and 10/7
  • UPDATE: The 10/6 Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party has been officially cancelled
  • Characters in Flight at Disney Springs is now closed through 10/9
  • Majority of events at ESPN Wide World of Sports over the weekend were cancelled

Park operating hours have not yet been affected, but should they be, the decision will likely not be made until tomorrow.

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  • This post is not accurate. I’m at WDW right now, and guests can not get a refund for the Halloween party until they have announced it as cancelled.

      • Your reply was an hour and a half later…after Disney finally cancelled the event. So… the initial post was not accurate until the update came from Disney, hours later.

          • I don’t care what you claim to have. I spoke with 8 different individuals across the resort, including managers. Until Disney announced the party cancellation, no refunds.

      • You’re a liar! DISNEY DOES NOT GUEST SAFETY AS PRIORITY OVER THEIR IMAGE AND PROFIT. I wish Disney would cut the public relations ‘we are doing the right thing, no worries, it’s all great and we care’ when they are the furthest from that of any corporation in America. I just called, and we were told unless the Disney event we were scheduled for is cancelled by Disney, no refund for our behind seeds and micky not so scary party. There are some isolated cases of full stays at resorts being refunded and tickets if packaged with that stay, as Disney wants these rooms for cast to stay there to help clean parks after.

  • It’s not Disney’s method to offer refunds unless they 100% have to. I just called. NO REFUNDS of any packages such as Halloween party or tours UNLESS Disney cancels them. Kinda rude.

    • Why do you think that is rude, it is business. The Halloween party and other special events only have so many tickets that are sold for each event, therefore if you decide you want to cancel the day before or the day of the event then they lose money as there is no guarantee they can resell. You buy a concert ticket do they refund if you decide not to go, not there fault. You can pretty much cancel anything up to 45 days prior to the event, some even 30 and get a refund, past that they have a business to run. So no they do not owe you or anyone else a refund unless they cancel the event.

  • You both are incorrect. I cancelled my entire 6 day trip today with a full refund. With my not so scary tickets. They were very accommodating.

    • You lucked out. We’re not incorrect. I just called again and asked to speak to supervisor. They WOULD NOT cancel our No So Scary tickets this week, nor a ‘behind the seeds tour’ we had scheduled at Epcot. If we had booked to stay on property and had them linked to that reservation, maybe we would be covered. We were told No cancellation unless Disney cancels the event. I will just contest the charges on my credit card by this point. I know they can’t control the weather, but they’ve really gone to crap in so many ways.

    • You are incorrect, ANN. Jesus, did you read what was posted? The guys AT WDW NOW. Disney will not refund guests until they cancel the party. Your entire vacation package is lumped into their 7 day window.

      • Ann might be a Disney employee. Once people are saying Disney is accommodating to guests, you know something is fishy.

    • I had no problem getting a full refund for my Halloween tickets on 10/6 night. I don’t know why others are getting told different. But! “UPDATE: The 10/6 Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party has been officially cancelled.” Here is the number I called today to refund and or change your ticket night: 407-566-4985 option 5. I hope you all have better luck. I talked to 2 different CS reps and both were polite and accommodating.

      • We want to cancel our MK VIP tour Saturday and was just told as nicely as possible to go to hell, than answer is no refunds. It hasn’t been cancelled yet. Was given a speech how wonderful Disney is handling things. IN the end. No refund for our tour, as Disney has deemed it too early to say if they will cancel Saturdays’ event. What a horrible company with NO interest in safety in mind. God save people at resorts if this storm takes a westerly track and hits Orlando more directly. Disney would tell someone as they were unconscious from being hit by something that “it’s all ok, we have it under control and your safety is always our first priority”. Not gonna happen.

    • Good link. Many of the phone operators didn’t read it, and besides, last line is the loophole that Disney can do whatever they like, and obviously are…”The policy does not apply to certain special events and dining experiences.” Disney should be doing better than they are. They are the only plans we have from our Florida trip who are being a hassle and refusing to refund us unless THEY cancel. Disappointing, but in line with how much the parks are a construction zone of poor service from what I read on other forums.

  • Is anyone here and leaving early? We’re in grand Floridian and all of the staff act .ike everything is perfectly fine…

    • They’ll act like that even if the windows are broken and glass is cutting your skin bleeding in front of them. To get Disney to do something that’s not PR related, and in true benefit of customers is the REAL challenge. From latest weather forecasts though, unless it makes a sharp turn, you should be fine. Won’t be fun days at the park for sure.

    • We are hear at Fort Wilderness. We won’t be leaving early as our flight is not until Saturday. I agree it is “business as usual” with cast members, that comes across as a little strange to me but I don’t know what else they could do at this point.

      • They could be honest, Treat guests convenience and their safety as their priority instead of their Disney everything is perfect image.

      • It’s honestly NOT worth it to stay. This hurricane’s supposed to only be a lot of rain and wind. That said, it makes a turn, you’re in a world of mess, and Disney will not help a bit. EMS and police stop running after 45mph in Florida. I’d return home, unless some pressing reason, though time running out.

  • We keep hearing the same lines, almost word for word.. ‘You’re at the safest place you could be.” “These hotels are built to withstand cat5’s!” “I’d rather stay on property than go home!” “Are you on Disney property? Then you’re just fine!!!”

    • TOTAL BS If you’re hurt there, they’re going to first drag you out of site, and then quietly usher you away making sure nobody captured it on a photo or video, as nothing bad EVER happens there. Even if you die, they’ll say it happened at nearby Celebration hospital. They’re coached what to say like a script, they’re cast members after all. It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt or there’s an unusual circumstance. That said, this storm is not likely to wreck havoc, it’s mainly going to just be windy and every building in Florida likely to make it with lost shingles at worst. But if it was unsafe, Disney front line would act with the same happy gleeful BS.

  • I’m currently at the Contemporary resort and they are telling us it will just be some wind and rain….

  • I’m at Disney now. The app gives a phone number to get your refund for Thursday, 10/6. I’m on hold with them now.

  • if you call and request a new reservation you will be on hold for less than 10 minutes. Request to make a change to your reservation and it says more than 90 minutes. Just cancelled my reservation for the 6-9, rescheduled for February. Yesterday I was told Disney was working with guests regarding cancellations, no penalties. The guy today told me there would have been penalties had I not rescheduled.

  • If anyone is trying to change their Disney Halloween Party tickets, we were able to change it with no problem. Good Luck everyone.

    • Hoping to do this first thing in the morning. Better safe than sorry! I just hope they don’t fill up the day I need.

  • I was on hold for an hour and a half to ask about the party for 10/7. After finally getting through I was told I needed to call a different number and unfortunately they were closed since it was after 11pm. Not such a magical experience. I’ll call first thing tomorrow and hope for the best!

  • I was able to cancel hotel, park tickets, dining reservations and fireworks dessert event with no cancel fees.

  • Have plans to arrive at WDW next Tuesday, the 11th. How long are they expecting this Hurricane to be around? Do I have need for concern?

  • Email from Disney:

    Thank you for your interest in Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.

    Unfortunately, due to inclement weather, Thursday evening’s party has been canceled for the safety of our Guests and Cast Members. We apologize for this inconvenience and invite you to exchange your tickets for one of the following:

    Tickets to attend another Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party*.
    Tickets to attend an upcoming Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party*.
    1 Day Magic Your Way Tickets with Park Hopper Option*, to be used within the next two years.
    Receive a full refund for Thursday’s (October 6) tickets.
    *Offer subject to availability

    If you would like to rebook for an upcoming Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party or Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, please call 407-566-4985, option 5. We will be available from 9:00a.m. to 11:00p.m. (Eastern) and will be happy to assist you.

    If you are interested in 1 Day Magic Your Way Tickets with Park Hopper Option or a full refund, please take a picture of the front and back of your ticket and send an email to [email protected]. Be sure to include your name, daytime contact information and your preferred option. If your tickets are linked to a My Disney Experience account, please provide the number printed on the back of your MagicBand or the email address associated to your account.


    Guest Services Team
    Walt Disney World Resort

    • But for other events not cancelled, you’re out of luck. Disney has really dropped the ball. We have other tickets they’re not refunding for Saturday as we’ve cancelled our Florida trip for the storm. ONLY DISNEY IS GIVING US PUSHBACK WITH STIPULATIONS AND HAS ZERO CONCERN OVER SAFETY in this. Greed beyond safety and putting on a show at resorts that ‘it’s all good’. The parks are still scheduled to be OPEN we hear! Makes no sense considering how much construction and temporary plywood blockades there are over there lately. Disney should be fined hundreds of millions for their lack of safety in this.

      • So weird. I actually got a refund for our 10/6 Halloween tickets before the official cancellation announcement. It seems there are many different reps with different info based on all these comments. There have been people who cancelled their entire trip and got a full refund. I hope everyone will be taken care of and treated fairly. I know I was….

  • Staying at yacht club villas. Won’t be venturing out on Friday as Matthew hits, regardless if the park is open or not. Not to offend anyone, but Personally I think anyone that would bring small children out to a literal hurricane is pretty irresponsible. That said best tether them down if you do!

    • You’re smarter than the average Disney guest. That said, if storm makes a turn, expect lots of smiles, but no action if you need medical attention, power out, or other issue. Disney is terrible at this kind of thing and has cut back in safety and service areas so severely they can’t handle safety issues well WITHOUT a storm. That said, you’ll get lots of smiles and downplaying! Good luck. Your destiny is in the hands of mother nature now. The odds are in your favor though as looks like storm will stay at coast.

      • Depressing Larry, but true. Reedy Creek runs their EMS. And Disney runs Reedy creek. Image and show is always first over any individual guest. Ever seen anyone need medical help in park and you’ll be amazed at the staff to take cameras away and scream no pictures, but lack of any to help the person until they’re moved out of view. Same on news with monorail incident. Takes hours to get that moved in any situation with people stuck in the air. That said, the buildings (which are completed) are very safe at Disney. Good point that there’s more construction at Disney than ever as they try and rehab areas. (no new areas sadly). Our family is glad we’re not there. Disney handled a simple 2 hour temporary power outage horribly during a thunderstorm when we were at Animal kingdom. We were shocked how ill prepared they were and miscommunication was rampant. Disney is not a safe spot to be in any emergency overall.

  • How are things is the parks right now. Everything that I’m ready on the weather sites is what COULD happen IF the storm goes to certain locations. We’re scheduled to arrive Friday, 10/7/16, after the latest models show the storm moving off. So far my airline thinks it will be safe to fly. I’m thinking that if it’s safe to fly, it’s probably safe to walk around the Disney World property.

    • Anyone who will lose money if you cancel will tell you “It is safe”. Airline will cancel last minute if needed with you sitting on airplane. Disney could have pandemonium of mass casualty injuries and guest issues, and would spend 100% of their meager efforts deflection how everything is “wonderful, safe, and have a magical day”. I would postpone. Storm is huge, and though very unlikely to impact Orlando very hard at all, IF it does, especially if you are at Disney on property, you’re at their mercy and going to be in a world of trouble. They don’t do ‘out of the ordinary’ well at all, as they spend all their efforts in ‘the show’ until you’re stuck. Disney right now is also a massive construction zone of fix up projects and temporary areas, and a lot there will start flying with a 70mph wind.

        • Yes. They’re not allowed to gouge guests by law, but can (and do) charge full price, and have no obligation to provide food/electric/servies in times of state declared emergency, but staff can promise you’re safe and will be well take care of (all scripted). If you’re on property, you’re SOL if this storm turns and hits harder than predicted.

    • I’ve lived in FL all my life, and once a storm passes, things go back to normal. Could be some outages or down trees but they work quickly to get things under control. I’m in Panama City and we are driving to Orlando today. I know, sounds crazy. But we’ve gone through this so often, I just can’t see cancelling a trip over it. The airlines are not going to fly if there’s a concern. But these storms will be “scheduled” to hit us and then our area gets nothing and it happens like that so often! So it’s really hard to know.

      • I’ve driven all my life and never gotten in a wreck, so why wear seatbelt anymore? Same logic you’re using. NOWHERE I’d rather NOT be than at Disney during an emergency. Not saying this storm will cause one, but you’re playing with fire. You’re leaving your safety, water, food, electricity, medical help in the hands of others, expecially a company known best for their disorganization and faking it that it’s all gonna be fine no matter what. They had an outrage and left people stuck in monorail 6 hours a couple years ago in perfectly good weather. Their main concern was that their photos had to be deleted. They’re not planning to close the parks at this point, and likely won’t if they see it’s making a profit and not much of a PR debacle. No thanks. I’m a skydiver and won’t take that kind of risk at the hands of others.

        • I’m sorry, but you claim someone else is using faulty logic when you jump out of a perfectly good airplane For The Fun of It? Hello pot….

    • All day Friday winds in the steady 40-74 MPH range in Orlando with 3″ or more rainfall. No amount of zippity do dah is worth even attempting to come here. This storm is no joke.

  • How did you all get this info? I have tickets for tonight oct 6, and Disney has not notified me of the cancellation, and I can’t find it on their website either. Now I’m on hold with Disney’s one number while the one mentioned above is busy.

    • Can one of the Disney PR goof balls on the page go over again how this is in the interest of safety of guests?

  • Read the comments .. bitch bitch bitch .. Geez people get a life… We went during Ivan and had a great time .. everyone cancelled .. we stayed on Splash mountain 3 times around!

  • Why do you people follow a Disney blog or go to Disney if you hate it and the cast members so much? The comments on this page are ridiculous. Should the cast members be telling everyone to panic? Why should you get refunds for Saturday when as of this moment nothing is canceled for Saturday and the forecast is for the storm to pass by then?

    • Jamie, you’re not worth your salt. Disney should have done as other resorts and properties, closed, and offered full refunds/reschedule/cancel at guests decision. If someone was coming for the long weekend and cancelled for the storm, why should they pay for one event Disney won’t let them out of on Saturday, when for all they know, they’ll be picking up plywood from construction. Only Disney is this poor in customer service and safety.

      • No, I’m sorry it is not just Disney. I work in the hotel industry and while most hotels are giving refunds for today and tomorrow, decisions have not been made for Saturday. This storm could be horrible but it could also be nothing more than wind and rain. No one will know until it hits.

        • Not an ounce of truth in this reply Jamie. Other properties and resorts are allowing cancellation through the weekend if hurricane interrupted trip. Not Disney. Even if your flight cancelled your flight, and room cancelled, unless Disney cancels special events, you pay for the event.

          • Trust me lady, you don’t know what you are talking about. If this is your opinion, you need to check into a looney bin, ASAP

      • Katy the Troll. Has a nice ring to it. And as far as her not worth her salt, she sounds better versed in hospitality than you. So, climb back under you bridge Katy. Nobody likes you

  • Our families visit Disney was disorganized and poorly run by staff during a hard rain storm. Different staff giving different directions and none on the same page. I cannot imagine how poorly they’d handle this. We’re in NY, and they’re saying on the news that Governor Scott asked all theme parks in central Florida to close.

  • If you buy a ticket to a special event or a special dining experience, you are basically booking a show there are actors and cast that have to be paid, Special event items that are accounted for based on tickets etc. Why do you think you are entitled to a refund if the event is not canceled. Do you get refunds when you book special events elsewhere? Disney has a period within which you can get a refund for pretty much anything. However unless you buy vacation insurance, once you are within that window too bad no refunds unless they cancel the event. That is pretty much as fair as you can be and run a business. The only complaint I have ever had with Disney is with regards to the dining plan, I use it every time I vacation, however with it if you have a reservation for Mickeys BBQ or other character event and even if THEY cancel the event you get no refund. That to me is an issue, but even with that they did refund me part of the cost, but I had to call their customer service line etc.

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