UPDATE: Man Arrested for Attempting to Bring Loaded Firearm into Epcot, Walt Disney World

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A Louisiana Man attempted to bring a loaded firearm into the Epcot theme park on Monday, according to reports.

The weapon was found at the security check point at the entrance to the park, prior to the metal detector area. The man disclosed he had a gun on him prior to being screened. The loaded Smith and Wesson Bodyguard .380 Automatic was found in a case underneath a jacket tied around Michael Langston of Abita Springs, LA.

The deputy wrote in the arrest report that Langston had no plans to declare his weapon to authorities prior to being chosen for screening and planned to bring the loaded weapon into the park if he wasn’t stopped. The man was arrested as he was in possession of a concealed firearm with no permit.

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  • Naturally, he’s from the New Orleans metro area. Way to feed into the stereotype of southern louisianans as ignorant gun nuts.

    • As a properly permitted carrier myself, he deserved what he got for not having a CCW. If he did, he would have just been told to turn around and put it in his car or hotel room. Stupid is as stupid does. BTW, that .380 cap gun ain’t stopping much.

      • Best, and most honest comment of this thread. There’s so much miscommunication about guns. Fears. And anyone who wanted to do harm would get a gun in Disney NO PROBLEMS at all, huge gaping holes in their security that’s more for “Show” so guests ‘Feel safe”. The dummies who don’t legally cancel carry one are the ones getting this hit. A concealed weapons permit is all you need to make it arrest-able, and being asked not to bring it on private property.

        • Quick question to the gun nuts: How scared of the world are you? I mean, I know you fear for your safety (or you are compensating for something else you find lacking in yourself), but how deep does it go? Do you lie awake at night stroking your gun, startled at every noise you hear? I just can’t understand being so frightened of society that I need to carry a weapon at all times. Please explain.

          • I don’t think anyone can explain it to you. You sounds pretty jaded. In short, crooks and terrorist carry weapons and use them irregularless of laws. In Disney, one guy with assault rifle which easy to get in could kill a few hundred before law enforcement came. You have one ex military guy sharp shooter like me with a permit who could carry legally (but Disney doesn’t allow for PR reasons), you might stand a chance. Not based on fear, it’s a given, bad people exist, and are already able to get guns Disney easily. All their security is a “feel good” measure for people such as yourself. They fired their other measures to save money, and don’t want to disrupt the image of happiness to guests.

          • I think for me it was the Aurora Theater shooting incident that stirred within me the feeling that I needed to be better prepared to defend myself and my family, if necessary. I know that active shooter situations are rare, but if the bad guys have guns, I want to have one, too. I received training, and went to the trouble of getting a handgun license in my state. I’m extremely cautious with my weapon and pray I’ll never need to use it.

            I didn’t want to have to live with myself knowing that I could have done something to better protect my family, and I just didn’t do it. If you choose to not take steps to protect yourself, by all means that’s your choice. Please don’t belittle others for choosing to take steps to protect their families.

            You spoke of being ‘so frightened’… I don’t lay awake at night, frightened of a motor vehicle accident. But I still wear my seatbelt! All of us have to make choices about how we manage the risks around us. I just want to be able to protect my family if necessary. Hopefully I’ll get to continue to exercise that right in the future…

          • Good thoughts Eric, but Disney so prime for a terrorist event how they operate much more than a theater. Scary to say. Disney has head in sand and won’t pay a penny for safety past Public Relations measures to ensure a profit…..but executives won’t be there should anything happen, but will be quick to point out from their cozy office: ” Our thoughts and prayers are with the hundreds of victims, but we did everything possible through thorough screening and are implementing significant changes to out secure measures”. (Which they will only do to level to make people feel safe).

            Personal views on guns aside, Disney isn’t doing what they should, but it would cost money and a little perception that ‘nothing could ever happen to you or your children here’. Look how horribly they handle hurricanes. They barely make it work when everything is perfect they have cut back so much.

      • Plot twist: it is actually illegal to store a firearm on the property of a business that holds a license to manufacture or store explosives. So if they tell you to put your firearm in your car they are basically telling you to commit a felony. Best thing to do is to just not bring it at all.

  • .380 is far from a cap gun, and will easily stop a human target at close range. Like any other centerfire round.

    • And how does that gun compare to the gun that Buford Tannon used to shoot Emmitt Brown in the back on September 5, 1885?

  • If he had a Florida concealed weapons permit, no arrest posit.e, or charges, Disney could only ask him to leave. Only dishonest people can get guns into Disney, not the law abiding ones.

  • If you can think of any ‘law-abiding’ reason for anyone who is not part an official security service to carry ANY sort of offensive weapon into a public place like Walt Disney World, be my guest. Maybe one day America will drag itself out of its seventeen-century colonial gun-totin’ wild west mindset and become a civilised 21st century society in the way it proclaims to be, but not for a good while yet I suspect. :(

    • It’s fear. These people have some sort of trauma or phobia of society. That or some other mental imbalance.

    • It’s because they have a brain. They know Disney rent a cops don’t carry any weapons and are defenseless. The fact you bring up Disney security as more than show and tell shows you’re not the brightest tbh. The shooter from Pulse had planned attack at Disney. EZ to do. Not paranoia.

      • 100 percent true! The Pulse shooter hated gays more than Disney, but Disney was his first choice and he visited 2 parks and Disney Springs. If he only knew way more than half our cast members are gay. Which is a good thing! As staff member, we aren’t checked. Tons of places to get weapons in. Their checkpoints a joke for the sheeple.

  • Why would you even THINK about taking a gun into a Theme Park? It’s not like you ‘forget’ you have it. I understand the right to bear arms, but, come on – a loaded gun in a place like that? Using profanities out loud will get you kicked out; your selfie stick will be confiscated and returned; adults can’t wear costumes that might confuse children into thinking you might be Prince Charming etc. So, it’s obvious that no-one’s going to bat an eye when you roll up with a concealed weapon under your jacket.

    • Don’t live in a bubble, is because Disney doesn’t have any security and criminals will get through Disneys thin veil of screening. Your logic reverse. Think it this way…All the kids there are easy pickings for a criminal more at Disney than anywhere else on earth. The law abiding carry and military folks and off duty police must leave their guns in hotel. Only criminals have them.

      • Ah, the old logic that because criminals rob banks then law-abiding people should be allowed to do so too. Much better to at least aspire to the goal that no one does, don’t you think?

        • Huh? Suuuuuuure, get rid of criminals and terrorists and guns out of everyone’s hands and we will be ok. Won’t need any security or military then! ?

          Meanwhile. Disney security is although filled with good people a farce of security, and nobody in park to provide real security if anything should happen. They only have security to give gusts warm fuzzies. Easiest place to get a weapon into is Disney, and strips law abiding people who are cops, military, etc prevented from carrying.

          • Easiest? Uh no. They check everyone’s bags and make you walk through a metal detector, if it was so easy they wouldn’t have caught this moron. I could walk into millions of other places with a loaded weapon without even being glanced at. You gun nutters are seriously understating the security there, it doesn’t need to be impenetrable, it’s a theme park not a war zone. The fact that there is security and screenings is a big deterrent all on its own. Also, I’m not sure what level of security you think they need to have. Sharks with lasers? Did you know people have shot up military bases? If the security there wasn’t enough, what is Disney to do? If somebody wants to do something bad enough, they’ll find a way. But take comfort in the fact that the odds of you dying in a mass shooting are far less than the odds of you getting struck by lightning or dying of a heart attack.

          • @Kelly
            I’ve seen a few post about the lack of security at Disney. What is your idea to beef up security there?

            Also don’t take me as a anti-gun. I have no problem with sane people that know how to handle a firearm (and their temper) having a gun.

            Also from your post it seems that your for cops, military, etc. carrying weapons onto Disney property. Am I correct? And if so what would be the purpose?

  • The solution for security checkpoints that don’t do anything but make people “feel” safe is to not have them at all and go back to the way things used to be. If it were up to me, there’d be no metal detectors because outside an airport, security screening makes you a chicken, and I am a man of honor.


  • You guys and your scaredy-guns should really read some Douglas Adams. Probability is on your side. You will guaranteed never ever do anything with any of your guns that will make any difference to anything. And your little guarantee of safety for your silly sad ego necessitates all of us to live in your gun-acceptable society. A gun has never once been used for any purpose to further humanity. Not once. Regardless of who used it and for what reason. A gun has never been used to make us better.

    If you prepare to go to Disney World for the day and feel as if your gun is something you need to take with you, you truly are doing it wrong. I feel bad and sad for you and your fraught mindset. I wish you knew the magic that is hope, happiness, faith, trust, and love. The idea you would have a gun and to enable yourself to point it at someone is none of those.

    • The magic, hope, happiness, faith, trust and love you speak of lives in all of us. Unfortunately, not all of us have our heads up our ass and think good ‘ol Disney is going to look out for our interest or safety or everyone that is in the world is full of sunshine and unicorns with rainbows.. . Not saying personally guns should be allowed in, but there is a VERY valid argument, that Disney security ‘show’ makes it worse and more unsafe. And that IF/WHEN someone enters a park with an assult rifle, or worse, everyone is a sitting duck trapped in a very small cage and NOBODY will be armed. IF that was you or me, I’d feel better if some off duty cop was in the crowd.

      • You live in fear. It’s unfortunate and I wish the things in your life that instilled that fear in you didn’t exist. You claim to understand so much about Disney’s security measures that you feel how they handle things will lead to decreased safety. And your response is to then carry a gun with you to protect yourself? Interesting use of magic, hope, happiness, faith, and trust.

        • You live in a naive, small world. You have no faith and trust in people posting who know more than you do. Your naive ignorance is one reason why most of the globe hates Americans and you need the security you’re too ignorant to realize Disney is lacking.

          • @You will die naive
            It sounds like your saying that Disney’s security is lacking. However, they still won’t allow weapons on the property. I’d have to assume that you feel your not safe on Disney property so you either don’t go to Disney properties or you sneak weapons onto Disney property so you can protect yourself.

            If the former is true. Why are you reading / posting on this board?
            If the latter is true. You will be arrested and banned for life if you attempt to use the weapon that you brought in. Which brings me back to the question why would you interested in Disney properties and this board?

          • I have complete faith and trust in Disney’s security and the knowledge that I am generally safe on a day to day basis in this country. People around the world do not hate kind, friendly, trusting Americans like myself. They look at our pro-gun culture as absurd. I am sorry you are fearful and I hope you too can find hope and happiness instead of dwelling on the slightest of possibility and the idea that violence stops violence.

  • My wife and I are annual pass-holders at Disneyland and California Adventure.

    We have actually been meaning to go to “City Hall” on Main Street and speak with a cast member about some strange and inconsistent treatment we have encountered while entering the park. However, the crowds have been so heavy lately, we have been putting it off.

    Our typical experience is this…

    After parking our car in one of the Disney parking lots we board a Disney shuttle bus to the park. Once we arrive at the bus unloading area we then funnel into the first screening area. Absolutely EVERYONE goes through the first screening. A security guard checks my wife’s purse and then checks my backpack. If there are any obstructions in my backpack, the security guard makes me remove some items so he/she can see everything.

    At this point things get a bit strange. SOMETIMES, we are selected to go to “secondary” screening and sometimes we aren’t. At first we felt this was just random until we noticed the pattern. Some of the bag check lines would constantly be waved past the secondary screening area…and some would ALWAYS be sent through secondary screening. So, we began to CHOOSE the line that was not going through secondary screening! How is that safe? Don’t you think a “bad person” would study this and just pick that line?

    One time, just to see what would happen, we tried to walk past secondary screening with all the people who went through the bag check line to our immediate left. All of them were just waved through. However, we were challenged at and told to go to secondary screening. My wife said, “Well, they don’t have to go (pointing at all the people just walking through next to us)…so why do we?” The security guard looked at her and said, “You can make the choice to go to secondary screening or not…and since you walked toward secondary screening, you must now go through. My wife said, “Well, we chose not to go through secondary screening until you stopped us and made us go in that direction so…how is that a choice?” The security guard then smiled and said, “Well, if you had just ignored me, you would not have had to go through secondary screening but, since you listened to me, now you MUST. You made your choice by listening to me.” Bizarre…just bizarre! I felt like we were in Wonderland having a nonsensical conversation.

    Another time, they let me through with a pocket knife I forgot about in my pocket (security actually held it and handed it back to me) but demanded that my wife remove the “rape” whistle from her keychain and throw it away!?

    Here’s an idea. Send EVERYONE through primary screening and EVERYONE through secondary screening…and we will all be treated the same way and all feel safe in the park.


  • The guards at all the parks seem like nice people. Most are doing their jobs the way Disney wants it so don’t take it personal that you got random selected or made to take a few more minutes to get screened. Maybe next time plan ahead and not doodle around being late. It’s not the guards fault you are late or feel you’re too important to be made to go through the metal detectors. It might not be perfect but I am willing to bet if none at all the Pulse shooter and others may have made you or someone you know a victim. I have no issues being stopped, asked to get more checking and stuff. It’s a few minutes and then go about your way people. It’s not perfect I suppose but it’s they way things are these days. Get out of bed, adjust your attitude accordingly and do the best you can in this world.

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