VIDEO: The Final Performance of the Notorious Banjo Brothers & Bob

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On Saturday, October 1st, the Notorious Banjo Brothers and Bob had their final performance at the Magic Kingdom after 16 years at the park. Here is video of their entire final set for your enjoyment:

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  • Thanks for memories guys! Where the heck is Disney putting the savings from firing the ‘fun stuff’ of the park??? From our friends staying on property last night, it certainly didn’t go into safety or planning purposes and parks were barely operating well with staffing before the storms were announced. I can only imagine.

    • I would imagine this probably had something to do with The Muppets opening the very next day. Disney, like most businesses, tends to rob Peter to pay Paul for new experiences (#Shanghai). While I love the Muppets, it’s still hard to see three guys try to smile through their last show on their way to the unemployment line.
      Although, I have a hunch we’ll see them again for Christmas.

  • Its the little things like this that really gave WDW its magic. Sad to see things like the Streetmosphere Performers, Banjo Bob, and more go away because Disney threw their money at Asian markets that arent buying into their expensive new themepark. We, the visitors to WDW and Disneyland, are losing our little treasures because of Iger and Co.’s mismanagement and poor planning.

    • Disney is just getting wayyyyyyyyyyy too cheap and horribly run. Sorry. But it’s true. I don’t believe it’s just the Asian markets. I believe the Disney political management quagmire has lost desire for safety, guest’s experience and see customers a sheep to extract as much as they can without giving anything back. This group, and the dozens of other cut backs are pennies to them.

  • Indeed if Walt or Roy Disney were still here the heads rolling would not be the entertainers – it would be the bean counters who are penny wise and pound foolish. The buildings and feel of the MK are NOTHING without the Cast members who make it special. Disney has lost their way in this century – we’ve quit going.

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