“Beauty And The Beast”: Comparing The Animated And The Live Action Versions

"Beauty And The Beast": Comparing The Animated  And The Live Action Versions
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When the trailer for Disney’s “Beauty And The Beast” came out this week, a lot of people were happy to see their favorite scenes from the animated classic come to life with the live action adaption of “Beauty And The Beast”. But just how close where they to the original animated film? We have painstakingly gone through both movies to find as many matching scenes as we can. Let’s take a look!

Ashamed of his monstrous form…..collage1

….The Beast concealed himself inside his castle.collage11

Little town, it’s a quiet village.collage36

I’ll give you a place to stay!collage12

Hello. Is anyone here?collage2

 She is the one! The girl we have been waiting for!collage24

Who’s done this to you?collage32

Come into the light…..collage4

Beast comes out of the darkness.collage5

Belle is startled by Beast’s appearance.collage6

You want to stay in the tower?collage13

Show me the girl!collage7

I use antlers in all of my decorating!collage31

I thought you might like a spot of tea.collage14

Wanna see me do a trick?collage9

Why isn’t she down yet?collage33


The West Wing is forbidden!collage18

The wolves attack Belle and Phillipe.collage10

Belle protects Phillipe from the wolves attacks.collage15

Beast saves Belle.collage35

The Beast is injured during the battle.collage17

I’ve never seen so many books in all my life!collage34

There might be something there that wasn’t there before.collage20

Tale as old as time….collage22

Beauty and the Beast.collage23

Kill The Beast!collage19

Through the mist, through the woods…..collage25

Gaston fights Beast to the death!collage29

Belle returns to save Beast.collage26

The last petal falls….collage30

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