Bob Iger Announces More Hotels will be Built at Walt Disney World, Disneyland Resorts

In today’s quarterly earnings call, Disney CEO Bob Iger stated that Disney will be looking to build more resort hotels in the not-too-distant future at both the Walt Disney World Resort and the Disneyland Resort.


Of course, a new resort hotel has already been announced for the Disneyland Resort, but the call seemed to hint that more would be constructed following that. At Walt Disney World, there are no announced new resort projects other than the ongoing expansion at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge. Rumors do point to an expansion of Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort and an additional tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort sometime in the next few years.

Iger stated that they were not ready to announce any of these or other resort projects at this time.

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  1. So what we need is more $600 a night rooms and no increase in capacity or maintenance. Awesome!!

  2. It’s been rumored that Caribbean Beach resort is going to build some moderated priced DVC (Disney Vacation Club) rooms.

  3. UN-BELIEVABLY STUPID. The place is busting at the seems, and is a joke of customer service and lacking too many fun things to do. There needs to be a break ground of another park before sticking more derelicts in the areas of the park that are open. Even with the new ares, they’re all coming at a closure of space of other areas. Iger has been TERRIBLE for Walt Disney World. Great for getting other talent’s movie franchises, but not for Disney’s parks, in the US anyhow. (Ok…will get off soap box now. I just like Disney too much for how much they have messed it up)

    1. BULLSHIT! We just waited for 3 monorails to get to MK, and then a half hour for security, another 10 minutes at turstyles, cuz for some reason half are closed (too cheap to pay for employees). The parks SUCK now. We’re here for the weekend and can’t say how much worse it is from 2 years ago yet, but it’s a lot worse and they need more stuff to do and staff…less guests.

  4. Disney was very cheap to do a basic room renovation of Disneyland Hotel. Everything must go including the Paradise Pier Hotel. They can fit a multi-tower hotel with DVC and more stores and restaurants in their properties. Use up every inch of the land.

  5. Sure, just what we all need: More hotels to put people that will be crammed into the 4 parks until they bust thru the seams before actually building another park to take the pressure from the 4 gates.

    Add to that, the “awesome” idea they have under the sleeve of building another Disney Springs next to AK before building a 5th gate.

  6. I wish they demolished the Contemp additions and turn the main building in a Space themed hotel.

    A second Disney Springs is a good idea, as long as the keep the old Marketplace atmosphere. I really hate the new added shopping district and parking garages.

  7. A 5th gate is not the answer. Finish the projects you started and the additional compacity will be warranted. Pandora, Toy Storyland, and Star Wars Land will greatly increase attendance. Right now you have 2 parks at half compacity and a Epcot park that is screaming for people. The remodel and addition of new hotels will hopefully be a sign of something big and great in the near future.

    1. Yea, but ALL those areas you mentioned come at a cut back from previous area. Two steps backwards before they make ONE step forward. A new park is needed. They spent enough on the dumb magic bands to build one, but they did magic bands for their ability to sell info and data to 3rd parties, a profit center. High time WDW does something for it’s guests.

    2. Are there any WDW parks that are fully operational? Right now I think the answer is “NO”. I’m pretty sure the situation was similar when they increased ticket prices and instituted all those add-on options earlier in the year. I’d guess, with some confidence, that there will be marginal if any changes in that general situation when they increase prices again next year. As for EPCOT, if they close any more attractions they might as well just call that Disney Springs-2.

      1. One thing for sure. Disney guests will be paying a lot MORE for a lot LESS. All the ‘new stuff’ included. Its a rip off. I don’t mind paying more if you get something, but Christ…they’ve really skinned WDW to the bone in too many areas.

  8. How about instead selling off Marvel and Lucasfilm to scare away fans of those franchises and use the profits to build new original attractions and maybe even bring back an old one or two. And at the same time abolishing synergy in the company and segregate the different divisions.

  9. Go look at videos on youtube from the 2 asian parks they opened and the difference in technology on the rides and the park design. Then tell me the american consumer isnt getting the shaft with continuing increases in everything but no value in return. All posts that tell you how service has declined are correct. Every aspect of it has changed over the last 20 years and my 30 plus trips. The product was so built up and so beloved that it can endure these things and corporate knows that.They are still riding the wave.Eventually that wave will end, but what they dont realize is that it wont end gradually, it will be sudden and unexpected, unless thet start to pay attention to the consumer. Dont pass off complaints as trivial because if one person has voiced an opinion you can bet there are many more who feel that way but dont say anything.The boldness and vision that Walt Disney breathed into the minds of his employees many decades ago is slowly dieing and that is very sad. Lets hope that corporate realizes that soon.

    1. I don’t have to see any videos of Disney Hong Kong. I’ve been there. The only ride that has something to envy about is Mystic Manor. Go on youtube and watch what kind of rides are there in Toy Story land at Disney Hong Kong. The Magic Kingdom Railroad at HKDL is shameful, with seat facing sideways like an indoor ride instead of facing forward like a normal train.

      Disney Shanghai is another matter, haven’t been to that one yet, but enjoy the people having their kids pooping in plain sight just like on any street in China (this doesn’t happen in HK, though).

      1. You haven’t been there Disney Pete. Let it go. The proof is in your posts. Walt Disney World in Florida considering more rooms, when the parks are left unexpanded, with cut backs in staff, service, value and quality is a total sham. The Asian parks are not suffering this poor management.

  10. Maybe Bob Iger should keep up the hotels and DVC properties and the parks instead of building more or parks in other parts of the World. Properties aren’t being kept up like they use to be. Plus visitors aren’t being told the do’s and don’t like the use to. Employees aren’t as friendly and greeting guests like they use to be.
    Have going to Disney World since 1982 except for 1983 and things have changed a lot. Disney Springs is for the RICH and not middle class guests. Last October the transportation to Disney Springs was awful. We like the old bus stops. You walk miles and miles even with old stops but coming from the new expensive stores in Disney Springs that a real hike to where we want to go.
    I thought that I would have to give up going to Disney when I couldn’t walk like I use to but the expense is going make it come to and end even sooner. I guess middle class is no longer needed since they seem to be catering to theRICH.

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