BREAKING: The Magic Kingdom Adding In-Park Cabanas for Guests to Rent

You may be used to renting cabanas at Disney water parks, but now Disney is adding the offering to its theme parks…

Kingdom Cabana, now for rent at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom
Kingdom Cabana, now for rent at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

The Kingdom Cabanas will be added to the Magic Kingdom Park on November 27th, 2016. Situated near Space Mountain in Tomorrowland, the cabanas (which are pretty ugly looking white tents in this reporter’s opinion) can accommodate up to 8 guests. They are available for a daily rental price of $649.

Amenities in the Kingdom Cabanas include private and shaded seating, cold beverages, snacks, a lockable storage trunk, electronic device charging stations, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, insect repellent, a small refrigerator, one fruit basket, a one-time delivery of ice cream novelties and desserts, personalized Mickey ears, and reserved viewing space for parades and fireworks.

Bookings for the cabanas are now open by calling 407-WDW-PLAY or visiting concierge at any Disney World Resort Hotel.

A WDWNT reader also sent us the following photos of the cabanas being set up at the park recently:



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  1. I saw them, they look CHEESY as hell. Honestly Disney. What are you thinking? Parades and performers being cancelled, and temporary looking tents going in to escape the madness that Disney created of nothing to do but fight crowds as staffing and ride capacities cut…but for a charge. Ridiculous.

    • For real Jason. STFU. They are ugly as hell and just another example of Disney trying to bilk their customers out of more money.

  2. Jesus Christ, just what you think Disney can’t make dumber decisions about their tiger theme parks. My living room more comfortable. If Disney want’s us to come and spend more money at Magic Kingdom, they need to make it worth visiting and entertaining, not escaping in a shitty tent.

  3. in concept I like the idea, a place to rest one’s feet while waiting for fast passes, or in case a family member has a disney-induced “We paid to bring you here” meltdown, but for almost $700 that’s way over the brim.

  4. Who cares if the cabanas are ugly and have nothing to do with Tomorrowland’s theming, we want more money!

    This new management will be the destruction of Disney.

    • Amen Pete. The management of the theme parks really doesn’t like “Disney”, as ironic as that may sound. To them, it’s a product no different than selling underperforming used cars to unsuspecting suckers. And there’s lots of suckers out there visiting the parks, and they’re usually on this site saying “if you don’t like it, don’t go”, but they’re not WDW fans. I honestly don’t think Disney sees that their management style is exactly WHY they have to offer Brazilian groups rooms at cost, and tickets half price with free doing plans off season. No business in America that doesn’t offer ‘value’ to customers last long. Gateway computer, Kmart anyone?

      • You don’t have to like Disney to have taste. Setting up these tents and charging 700 bucks for small groups to camp out in them is frankly just embarrassing. I don’t hold Disney in high regard but even I’m surprised they’d go this low. People haven’t been going to the parks this year and Disney is obviously desperate to stop the bleeding, but this is offensive to all parkgoers — and I mean that in a normal person, not-Disney-freak kind of way.

    • I love this! I was just at Disney with a toddler who desperately needed a nap while enjoying MK. Going back to the hotel with the bus was going to be a huge deal and extremely time consuming. Having a quiet-ish place I could put her down for an hour or two without leaving the park, maybe even taking a nap myself would be AMAZING! I would be able to spend a lot more time in the park if I could recharge for an hour somewhere privately. Once you go back into the room, you don’t want to leave to go back into the park again. I think this makes total sense and parents with young children would definitely appreciate this. Put some decorations on the tent, I don’t care what the tents look like.

  5. This is beyond stupid. $650 can be a few nights at one of the value resorts, these things are going to be used by the damn Brazilian tourists (most likely) ugh, this happens when you cut the Disney family out of the Business –

  6. Disgusting money grab with no place in the parks. If they are going to be there they should look better than a white tent.

  7. I do my best when coming to this site to remain positive and upbeat. I have been called a CP, PR person, and everything under the sun by the negative commenters. This is probably the first time I can not find a single positive spin to put on this. $649 to rent a tent…and an ugly one at that? I’m truly at a loss on this decision.

    • I hear you brother. Positive is one thing, but head up rear end is another. Paying to escape planned chaos of cutting costs and value. Amazing. Some suckers will bite!

    • I don’t think speaking truth of how Disney has lost most all concern for your, or anyone here’s enjoyment, is negative. I also don’t buy the recurrent argument by haters of “if you don’t like it, don’t go”.

    • Yeah I see what you’re doing Bob Iger. Trying to use reverse physiology on people, acting like it’s horrible when you secretly want people to defend and and pay for it to prove it’s worth it…. obviously kidding, yeah I totally don’t get how anyone can see the positivity in this.

  8. Obviously, this is a “test” to see if the idea will work, but I miss the Disney that increased capacity and invested in attractions to keep the masses happy and alleviate crowding as needed. Im sure someone will pay for these but it just leaves a sour taste for average person. We’re huge Disney fans, but were finding we are going less and less because Disney has forgotten the families they once targeted.

    • I regrettably agree. I don’t see how much more they have to do do to say “We hate our guests and just want you to come give us money, and we give you as little in return as possible”. Maybe they can post a sign or something. The place is also becoming unsafe. Last visit, 2 fights broke out, Disney security did ZERO but call for police, that showed up 30 minutes later as one of the guests had a large knife. Guess the font security check “show” missed it. They have not only forgotten some families they once targeted, they just see $$. I’m all for paying high price, but you gotta give a little something for it.

        • Don’t know Tatiana’s source, but if it’s like us, it’s our own eyes. We visited last weekend for Food and Wine and saw 2 fights break out. One in stand for food, and another in line for Soarin’. Disney very lax on it and usually just asked people to leave, if they respond at all, public relations you know is more important. Can check with OSCO, that’s public record, but Disney almost never presses charges or files OSCO police report cuz they want perception that it’s all ‘under control’.

          • Two fights?

            80,000 through the WDW gates per day, and two fights?

            Wowwee…it’s practically Thunderdome down there these days. TOTALLY UNSAFE.

            Time to foil up the windows. Clean and load the guns.

          • We were also there 26oct-16nov 2016 and we saw the tail end of a fight at Epcot was quite intimidating walking out with the kids we changed direction.

            Our second visit to Epcot wasn’t much better we only went back to meet princesses but it was full of adults on a major drinking session around the world! Not the ideal place for kids!! Great if you don’t have kids should be more of a night time event rather than the daytime in my opinion.

            I must admit the crowds were awful this trip que times were long 2+hrs for some rides fast passes seamed impossible to get hold of. We did the mnsshp on Halloween which was our absolute best day but also did the mvmcp on 10nov and the crowds were unbearable the shows/parades were almost one after the other and the castle forecourt was too crowded along with all the streets not enjoyable! The best bit was watching the fireworks from bottom of main st near the Christmas tree.

            All this aside I can see that they are really moving with the times since our last trip in 2011 and way better than universal which I wish I hadn’t wasted my money on the 14 day pass

          • That’s two that I saw Ryan B, not statistics on the park, and your numbers are also inaccurate of attendance. Don’t be a retard acting to know anything. Time for Disney to at least make it safe, and not just security for “show” as the point you missed. If you want to pick a fight, do it at Disney. Nobody will care there.

    • We sold our DVC timeshare. Just couldn’t justify the constant money grabs anymore. What with the constant ticket increases, sometimes twice a year and the dwindling benefits. We have officially made our last trip to Disney. We will more than likely be vacationing in Europe. It’ll definitely be cheaper.

  9. OMG this is simply another money grab. Latest visit in August and becoming less of a fan of all things Disney. The magic is disappearing. Even the Disney cruises which we love are becoming so far out of reach pricewise that I’m not sure if we will be able to cruise either. Overall, Disney is for the rich.

    • Agree with your post, except Disney not for the rich. Rich people I know wouldn’t touch Disney with 10 foot pole past a one time visit to say, “um, not much value here, I’ll take the family to Shanghai Disney if we’re doing Disney”. Disney is for those who are suckers, get huge discount to come as group, or grandparents floating the bill for the family..the grandparents have fond emotional memories of WDW, their kids won’t see, to have anything to do now, their face will be in their smartphone.

    • Haven’t you heard? Until Tom hears about something, it hasn’t happened yet. So now that he’s heard about it, it’s breaking.

        • Tom, you’re a jewel in our families’ eyes. You are one of the few who accurately point out both the great, and not so great at Disney. Great photographer too. As can tell from some of the posts, it’s Disney employees, and a few kids left that suck down whatever Disney dishes out without it passing a brain cell that are provoking you and others with their trolling remarks. The rest of us, are fans of yours and Disney.

  10. Sorry but Disney should be trying to figure out a way to keep all of their guest comfortable as part of the admission price. Not charge a rediculous price for a cappy tent for a few of the more privileged. Disney you are ruining the magic. Sorry but you should have places like this all over all of your parks where people can get out of the elements for a short rest period.

  11. That’s soooo ridiculous. Thank God Walt Disney is not alive to see that! Bad Show is getting very usual at WDW!

  12. I agree with all of the above comments but I don’t plan on using these tents. I also kind of prefer this to any more cast member or maintenance cuts. If Disney can offer overpriced junk to rich people to pad their bottom line maybe they’ll stop cost-cutting everywhere else in an attempt to get more of said rich people to pay for the premium junk.

    • Oh no. The cast member cuts and cost cutting are everywhere. They had 3 “magic band” entrances open at Animal Kindgom. 40 minutes to enter at 9:30. To get this rich person to spend money, they need to bring a better product. This isn’t the right step with ugly tents to band-aid years of bad decisions. How about more to do, increasing ride capacity back to normal with staffing or expansion?! Duh?! We only go when company in town who insists to go and cuz we get free passes from my husbands work.

  13. Seems like anything you want to do is costing extra $. Wishes you can reserve a table in Tomorrowland’s eatery for a price. Let’s use a fastpass to watch the fireworks from a location. The water parks you can rent an area for a $. One would be better off getting a room at any of the four MK resorts and go back there for an hour and then the whole night for less than that price. Ridiculous.

  14. Disney World once cared about the comfort of all it’s guest. Rest area’s with seating and shade could always be found and crowd’s were controlled by limiting entry when what was considered capacity was reached. And more castmembers and actors were put on stage to entertain the guest waiting in line.
    That was the old ways of keeping guess as comfortable and entertained as possible.
    Now it’s all about maximizing incoming dollars. Squeeze in more guests and charge them more while giving them less.
    And Disney is pushing away the average family that had to save up for a few years to afford a week long vacation there in favor of guests with deeper pockets from around the world.
    Disney has forgotten the domestic families that supported it in good times and bad, and helped it grow through the years.
    Disney, the All American Company that grew so big it forgot where it came from and who’s shoulders (wallets) it stood on to get there.
    Of course it’s the little things, like ugly tent’s for $650.00 that justify the CEO and other executives making hundreds of millions of the company…..

  15. I really don’t know why people are complaining… If you don’t like them, don’t rent one. If you don’t like the look of them, don’t look at them or don’t visit WDW at all. Nobody says this HAS to affect you in any way, shape or form.

    • The typical “it doesn’t affect me so go away you complainers” kinda nonsensical answer. I pity the people that lives around you

      • Think about this – You’re getting this aggravated over someone with a different opinion than yours regarding new in-park cabanas at Walt Disney World… and actually trying to make rude remarks towards people you’ve never met and do not know… solely because you don’t like my different opinion… I hope you can now see how downright strange that is.

        • Ditto Danny. You’re unintelligent suggestion that if people have a complaint they shouldn’t go to the parks at all applies to you with this site. As you said, “nobody said this has to affect you in any way shape or form”. You haven’t expressed any other opinion. Only being a whiner that you didn’t like peoples critical points of the tents.

          • I never said that I didn’t like the critical points of others… I simply said that I didn’t understand WHY the complaining was taking place, addressed my doubts for such a high level of negativity and provided logical reasoning behind my comments (something you clearly and unfortunately are incapable of doing). FYI – questioning the opinions of others and stating my opinion in the process is not called, “whining.”

          • Dude, you’re getting worked up and don’t even remember what you posted above. You said if people here don’t like it, to not go to Disney. Not going to be well received among true Disney fans. Some of what you take as opinion, is fact if you look at the site or read the local news here in Orlando. Even from Summer, things are really scaling back, and there’s a huge push to extract more money from every inch of the park from every person at every second. New lands coming won’t even replace half what they’re taking away. Sure, everyone has freedom to go or not, just like this site. Some happen to be fans who knew Disney has taken a few bad steps and they’re expressing it in hopes of change one day. If you don’t see the cut backs. Good for you. Beach front property is for sale in Kansas for you to buy too!

          • I saw that article Danny before. You don’t care paying more for less, and don’t mine parades, shows, rides, attractions, performances, food quality, service, safety, cleanliness, space, value, entertainment, then rock on. Stop posting that if people don’t think like you that they shouldn’t look at stuff or go to the parks. I still have property in Kansas to sell you. Perfect candidate It’s next to the brand new Kansas City Disney Theme park too!!!!!! You’ll love it. ;)

        • The complaining isn’t the issue, it’s specific to WDW in Florida. Just heard from friend that works at CM at park Figment and Illuminations slated for closure after new year. New less expensive laser show coming to Epcot. Anyone get news on it? I’m all for change. Out with old, in with new. But lately, they’re changes aren’t with me, you, or other attendees in mind. These tents included. They take a lot of space, and offer no real improvement, it’s a money scam. We have annual passes and go many times a year. It’s really lost traction this year.

    • We can use the same dumb logic with you. Stop complaining about posts. You don’t have to look a them. you don’t have to visit this site at all. Nobody says this has to affect you in any way, shape or form. If you and your family is too ignorant or doesn’t mind overpaying for less, and a declining product, rock on. Bye now.

      • You’re making this too easy… Here’s where you’re SO wrong – I wasn’t complaining. I was TELLING others why they SHOULDN’T complain. It doesn’t affect me AT ALL. You have it all backwards. My intent was to share my opinion and hopefully calm the needs of anyone else feeling the need to complain.

        You’re also wrong when you said, “overpaying for less.” How is spending $650 for something I wouldn’t otherwise be able to do “less?” If YOU think it’s “overpaying,” to some it might be the proper price for how they value the experience.

        Just a piece of advice – next time you try to make such a divisive argument behind a computer, try to add a touch of class. Using the word “dumb” and talking about someone’s family (people you’ve never met) in a negative way shows some really horrible, ugly character traits. Bad karma!

        • You make it sound like you’re looking for an argument when you say making something easy. You shouldn’t be telling people anything son, when your only post on this topic was a complaint about people complaining. Whiny. You also completely lost context the posts I read here are more general about people paying more for less from Disney parks which is hard to argue. If you read this site, more has gone or going away than coming.

          • Looking for an argument? In case I missed something, I did not ask anyone in particular to respond to my comment and start arguing in the first place. I really think you should re-read my first comment because you called it a complaint… when it wasn’t… I’m sorry to say it, but getting something that simple SO wrong causes you to lose any credibility you’re trying to establish through your hypocritical, insubstantial comments. Sad!

            Once again, if you believe more has gone/is going away than is coming, and don’t think the prices reflect the value of the WDW vacation you’d like to take, then I believe your best bet is to not go. The Walt Disney Company will not care – I can promise you that.

          • Can someone volunteer to put their cock in Danny McBrides mouth so he’ll stop whining?

            You’re freakin’ nuts if you think Disney cares if people don’t sped money there, and there’s more attractions and shows closing than opening. You can’t figure that out, you’re dumber than you look kid.

          • Your statement toward Danny is egregious and offensive. Completely uncalled for and disgusting. It’s 2016, not 1954.

          • You’re right, an apology is due. Very offensive. Offensive to the men on this board he’s asking to volunteer that is. Danny’s double standard on ‘complaining” and overall credulousness would result in teeth marks.

        • Danny, your inference was that your logic or thought process makes more sense than others. You were inciting others’ to respond when you made such a polarizing statement. It’s cool that you don’t agree with most folks on here, however your view is not the correct one. Neither is theirs. There is no right or wrong, per se… other than to the Disney marketing team. They are entitled to their view of the situation just as you are entitled to yours.

  16. WORST IDEA EVER!! Everyone should be equal in the parks when we all pay the same to get in. All these add-ons are getting crazy. Can you imagine paying for tickets to get in the park, then the same day paying for Christmas party tickets on top of now paying $649 for a cabana. AND I’ll bet you don’t get to keep it during the party. A family of four doing this costs upwards of close to $1500 for the day EXCLUDING food. Crazy. Walt would be appalled.

  17. Further pandering to the wealthy. Causing a widening in the rift between them and the normal families who save all year yet receive a vastly reduced experience. What a disgusting price too!!

    • The “Wealthy” are hiring the personal guides, and get free entrances to the exits and premium seating. If a restaurant is over booked, they make other families wait. It’s expensive though. Can google the service. 8 hour minimum, not cheap. STILL not enough entertainment and they eat the same declining food as well reported on this site’s reviews though.

  18. Trying to make excuses for the lack of adequate spending into your business by properly refurbishing the parks, adding new rides and not bringing cheap crap like these tents, budget cuts in the parks instead of management cuts. Disney parks are so left behind these days that last Friday I went to see the “fresh” new things and everything was simply a small patch of gum on everything. Jingle bell, Jingle BAM is the crappiest thing ever. Frozen ever after feels dated and desperately needs plussing. Abandoned show buildings, awful Cast Members not providing the Disney difference and the huge lack of innovation from this once great company that cares for nothing but maximization of profits as they take a dump on quality and disrespect towards the Cast Members and Guests. Bob Iger needs to leave this company urgently. Wish Comcast could buy Disney so they return it to the Golden Days of the Disney Decade.

  19. I’m fine personally with added spots and luxury add ons. Disney looses me how freaking cheap they look. The entire WDW area already looks like a construction zone in too many areas. I saw tents today. Hard to miss. In a “what the crap is that?” kindove way. Just got home from the parks and man, they were filthy today, and not running fully staffed. It’s their business to run, but they no doubt have done better in the past. Fortunately, we got our tickets free. Otherwise, would have felt ripped off at Magic Kingdom. It’s gotta get better guys. Really. I have faith.

  20. I was there yesterday. Yes they look cheap! Walt Disney has got to be rolling in his grave! His idea was to have a place for family fun. Since his passing corporate has taken over and now you have to take out a second mortgage for a family to go for a vacation! This is not what he wanted. The benefits for pass members are a joke because there are none. Who in there right mind will be renting these cabana’s? But I’m sure the cost of it will end up on ticket prices.

    • I agree with your post. Yet I understand many corporations have let bankers take over. Heck, hospitals care more about money now than saving lives. BUT…Disney’s only business is family fun as you put it. When my kids are with me at Disney and ask if we can leave to go to McDonalds, I know Disney has ‘lost’ something in their greed. The parks are overrun, and not well staffed. More like crowd control police now. I haven’t seen the tents yet, but sounds pretty darn dumb. Someone in that organization must see it won’t keep them in business long. More merchandise stands due to arrive. More tables being crammed into restaurants with seats basically touching each other. Disheartening cuz we remember when it was always expensive, but centered around a good time. That wasn’t that long ago. The new lands look more like advertisements than ‘attractions’. I’m 23 though, so maybe I’m getting too old. ;)

    • I’ll hold my opinion until I see them, but it doesn’t show well in photos, and just shows a much larger problem with Magic Kingdom when they have to sell an ‘escape’. I noticed on last visits almost all the benches and seating except at restaurants was being removed, I assumed to park more strollers. I think the large part of the plan was to make guests a bit more uncomfortable, in hopes they’d buy more, and now next phase is charge them dearly to sit. Charging for strollers brought in might be next. Sounds unreasonable, but read some of the posts on this site, there’s some born every second! And you add ‘free ice cream’ to the tent package, and you could charge double, make them accessible to scooters with charging station, charge $3000! They’d think it was a deal!


    We bought the Magic Kingdom Cabana package on January 10, 2017 and stayed from opening to closing without leaving the park. The cost was $691.19 (tax included) for up to 8 people, which sounds sooo very expensive, UNTIL you break down the value of the wonderful perks of the package. The package included your personal Cabana steward who gives you their personal cell number to call if you need refills or room service (they will bring you dinner and charge it to your credit card). They escort you to your Premium reserved viewing areas for parade and fireworks, and absolutely refuse tips for their service!

    Here is my estimated breakdown of the items provided by the package for 8 people….some items were my estimate* of the value to us and others were the actual cost of the item if you purchased individually at MAGIC KINGDOM PRICES.

    Food & Drink items were provided AND refilled by our Cabana steward each time we used one, so they were basically unlimited:

    Bags of chips, Doritos, Goldfish, pretzels x 10 @ 3.00 ea =$30
    Refrigerated Bottles of Water x 8 @ $3.00 ea = $24
    Refrigerated choice of Cans of Coke, diet Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite, Nequik Chocolate Milk, Juice box x 15 @ $4.00 ea = $60
    Oranges, banana, bags of grapes x 15 @ 4.00 each = $60
    Fresh Carafes of Coffee & Hot Chocolate x 8 @ $2.49 each = $20
    One per person: Mickey Ice cream sandwich/bar or Strawberry fruit bar (reg or sugar-free) x 8 @ $4.25 each = $34
    Colorful Mickey souvenir straws x 10 @ .60 each = $6.00*
    Cutters Insect Repellent & Sunscreen = $25*
    Premium reserved Viewing area for 3:00 Parade and 8:00 Fireworks x 8 = $80*
    One additional SUPER-Fast Pass per person (walk on any ride/at any time!) x 8 = $40*
    Original Mickey Ears with Embroidered Name of each person x 8 @ $20 = $160*
    Huge Locking cabinet (compare to 2 locker rentals ) = $20

    Total MK Retail Value of these items: $559 (not including tax you would pay!)
    Subtract from cost $691 – $559 = $132
    $132 divided by 8 people = $16.50 PER PERSON FOR THE CABANA RENTAL

    Other valuable perks that were priceless: personal cabana steward, electric outlet for you to charge your cell phones, 2 Dyson Tower fans that provide cooling air or heat, comfortable couches with pillows and blanket, table and 4 chairs, a perfect shelter to wait out the daily rain shower (ours was 25 minutes), also, located in a private area and next to restrooms.

    Could we have lasted for 12 continuous hours without leaving the park to rest?—no way! Did we visit the cabana numerous times that day to rest and get a snack/drink—absolutely! Did we carry the extra food and drinks with us back to our resort? You bet we did! So we continued to benefit from the Magic Kingdom Cabana Package all throughout our 5-day stay at Disney.

  22. This has to be one of the worst money grabs of all time, while giving people to show off their gluttony for big bucks.

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