CONFIRMED: Hong Kong Disneyland Transforming Original Castle, Announces Frozen & MARVEL Themed Lands w/ Original Rides

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New Hong Kong Disneyland Castle
New Hong Kong Disneyland Castle

Some of The Walt Disney Company’s most powerful franchises will come to life in a way guests can only experience at Hong Kong Disneyland

Characters and stories from “Frozen” to await guests in an exciting, completely new themed area, while fans will be in the middle of the action with their favorite Marvel Super Heroes

HONG KONG (Nov. 22, 2016) – Hong Kong Disneyland Resort (HKDL) announced a multi-year development plan to take the park to a new level of excitement, leveraging some of the most beloved and successful franchises of The Walt Disney Company. Plans include new themed areas, attractions and entertainment, launching almost every year from 2018 through 2023.

Hong Kong Disneyland Expansion Site Plan
Hong Kong Disneyland Expansion Site Plan

Guests will experience Marvel and “Frozen” like never before as HKDL leverages the best of Disney to bring both these world-renowned franchises to life in their own immersive areas. The centerpiece of the park and the gateway to Fantasyland – the castle – will also be transformed to create spectacular entertainment experiences for guests.

“We are more excited than ever about the future of Hong Kong Disneyland,” said Bob Chapek, chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. “We are bringing the best of The Walt Disney Company to this wonderful tourist destination, giving guests from around the world an experience only Disney can deliver and an experience they can only have with us at Hong Kong Disneyland.”

Some highlights of the new experiences that will delight Disney fans and guests from around the world include:


An epicenter of Marvel Super Heroes that will continue to unfold. From the launch of Iron Man Experience, the Marvel universe continues to grow at HKDL. Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters will be reimagined into a brand new experience for guests to fight alongside the icons of the Marvel Universe. Further, another thrilling attraction dedicated to one of the most popular Marvel franchises will be added to expand the epicenter of Marvel Super Heroes as exciting events unfold in phases. These experiences will replace the Buzz Lightyear and Autopia attractions.

MARVEL Shooter Ride to Replace Buzz Lightyear in Tomorrowland
MARVEL Shooter Ride to Replace Buzz Lightyear in Tomorrowland

An exciting new “Frozen” themed area where characters and stories from the kingdom of Arendelle will come to life in ways guests have never experienced before at a Disney park. Guests will enjoy two new attractions and be immersed in Arendelle with uniquely themed dining, shopping, and entertainment.




A completely transformed Castle and Hub area to showcase brand new daytime and nighttime shows and entertainment offerings that will celebrate every prince and princess who ever wished upon a star and dared to follow a dream. An “Adventureland Show Place,” which invites guests to “Moana’s Village Festival” through a series of daytime entertainment offerings anchored around a lively stage show in a new interactive entertainment environment. In addition to experiencing live shows and immersive Disney storytelling, guests can meet Moana, heroine of the new Disney animated film that will be released globally starting November 2016.




The major development plans extend the excitement and amazing growth at HKDL, as the resort is set to open the eagerly anticipated Iron Man Experience officially on January 11, 2017 and the richly themed Disney Explorers Lodge resort hotel later in the first half of the year.

HKDL has continued to grow since its opening in 2005 and has broadened its appeal to families and young adults as well as diverse markets, including local, mainland China and overseas guests.

The three themed areas launched between 2011 and 2013, Toy Story Land, Grizzly Gulch and Mystic Point, have enhanced the park’s attractions and entertainment offerings and boosted the park’s attractiveness to different market segments. In 2013, Mystic Manor was awarded the prestigious Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement – Attraction, the equivalent of the Oscar in the theme park industry. In the following year, the nighttime parade “Disney Paint the Night” was launched and subsequently honored with a Thea Award.

In celebration of HKDL’s 10th Anniversary in 2015, the new stage show “Mickey and the Wondrous Book” and a new walk-through experience “Fairy Tale Forest” were introduced. This past summer, “Star Wars: Tomorrowland Takeover” presented attractions and offerings themed after another classic Disney franchise.

“The all-new developments will further reinforce HKDL’s position as a world-class tourist destination for everyone, including families and young adults, and help build lifelong memories across generations of families,” said Samuel Lau, executive vice president and managing director of Hong Kong Disneyland.

HKDL’s two shareholders – The Walt Disney Company and the Hong Kong Government – have agreed on the development plans, subject to funding approval by the Company’s Board of Directors and Legislative Council for their respective share of investment.

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  • SO JEALOUS! Looks fresh, exciting, entertaining, and fun. Asia in it for the long haul profitability, no penny pinching. #NeverGonnaHappenInFlorida

    • Yeah, these lame trolls. Speaking about a park that you spend 90 minutes and go “that’s it? what should I do now!” because it’s getting a second small expansion, as if it was the greatest thing ever.

      Then (because these trolls are that predictable), they will say “Hong Kong Disney is better because is run by Chinese”. Oh yeah? Where were those awesome Chinese heads when they built that fugly copy of Anaheim’s castle that now has to be torn down?

      Try harder, trolls

      • None of your facts are even half correct. Don’t be jealous that you’re not well off enough to go see the new Asian parks. If you did, and we know you haven’t from your posts, you’d see a vast difference than here. You’re the biggest troll on WDW News Today. If you’re so happy with WDW here, why are you on here instead of spreading lies there? Not just a troll. Also a tool. Get a life.

    • Philip and Disney Pete are two of the biggest prepubescent trolls on the site, over and over, same brainless crap. Ignore them. And Asia didn’t haver possession and control of the parks like they do now when the small scale castle was built and Asian parks were in shambles. If you’re gonna comment little boys, at least have something honest to add to the conversation, or daddy’s gonna whip you and take away your computers.

    • No penny pinching at Hong Kong? Funny cause when I was there they opened Fantasyland & Tomorrowland at 9AM, Adventureland at 10, and Grizzly Gulch/Mystic Pointe, Toy Story land at 11 due to budget cuts.

      • Pay no attention to these trolls that think they know anything about the parks in China. They have this weird fantasy that the parks there are 20X the size of the ones in the US, that all the rides are somehow different and that the Chinese government is the one with full financial & creative control.

        Not only they haven’t been there but they have never visited a Chinese amusement park.

        If only they were a bit more creative with their trolling… it gets tiresome.

        • Disney Pete thinks EVERYONE is at troll, but is the biggest of them all. No Jeff, that is not the truth about when the areas open. Not even close. Obviously you haven’t been there either. What is it, that Jealousy creates stupidity? Dumb Americans. What are your fuckers math scores again? Exactly.

  • Everything in that park is new and fresh. Look at the awful expansion of “New Fantasyland” and upkeep of WDW. Hope we get a new castle too

  • It’s ashame that most goes overseas these days. New Fantasyland is going in Tokyo. We haven’t received anything yet. Plenty of room in WDW tomorrowland for Tron Light Cycles. There is room for Arendale, but unfortunately Disney was short sighted and put in a Frozen attraction in Epcot.

    • I happen to agree Jeff. Some on the board will say “No, don’t be a negative, we have the best here!!! Everything Disney does is PERFECT!!! Look at all the amazing rides coming in a few years when they open areas back up in Hollywood studios and Animal Kingdom”. From number of comments on other sites, its obvious there’s a lot of fans less than impressed at what we’re getting here. It’s not all bad, some decent stuff on the horizon here, and there’s hope. Bob Iger retires in 2018, not that long to go. I haven’t seen these parks, but reports from people there and in news, they’re becoming really amazing.

    • Just because there is room to build something doesn’t mean it makes sense economically. There is room to literally build whatever they want, only half of WDW (if that) is developed. They are spending a lot on DAK and DHS right now, then on Epcot.

  • They look brilliant, but I think they swooped in as I think it should have been Paris’s turn for a major upgrade

    • Different money and owners. Asia has the desire and cash to make it a much larger destination than Paris. Or Orlando. Or certainly California. But I agree with you. Paris is due almost as much as here.

  • It’s terrific to enlarge their castle, but the design is hideous. Looks like a collage of different ideas and concepts. It’s tall without being wider. Weird looking. Certainly hoping Arendelle turns out better. Marvel Land will be great. Wonder if California Adventure will have the same thing.

  • I have to ask why some of you even bother. You’re clearly getting no joy out of the parks anymore and that’s sad, but why hang around and spew endless negativity? Find something you like and be happy about it.

    • Are we spoiling your joy of throwing your money away to an ever lowering value venue? Keep on throwing your money away but don’t kill the messenger, you should go and talk to your shrink to explain you why delusion is not a good plan in life.

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