Disney Crossy Roads Gets Exclusive Moana Clip and New Characters

Disney Cossy Roads now has a Moana clip that can’t be seen anywhere else.

The exclusive clip is available starting now, and will remain accessible until November 12. The clip features Moana and Maui encountering the Kakamora, a group of coconut-armored pirates.

Below is an announcement trailer from Dwayne Johnson (Maui).

Disney Crossy Roads will get decked out in Moana theming, with an update that will have players hopping through an 8-bit version of Lalotai. The update will be released on November 17, and include new characters such as Moana, Maui, Pua, HeiHei, and Tomatoa. In total, the update will bring more than 20 new characters.

Disney Crossy Roads players also have an exclusive opportunity to order Moana online pre-sale tickets through the app for Regal cinemas. The promotion starts today and runs through November 22.

Disney Crossy Roads is Disney’s highly successful endless hopper that has been downloaded over 24 million times. You can download the game now and enjoy the exclusive clip on any major mobile platform.

Disney’s Moana hits North American theaters on November 23.