Disney Introducing Monorail Resort Restaurant-Hopping Experience, “Highway in the Sky Dine Around”


Walt Disney World has just announced a new dinner experience that will involve monorail hotel hopping and much more around the “Monorail Resorts” near the Magic Kingdom:

Join us for a progressive dinner unlike any other—with sumptuous offerings at 3 Disney Resort hotels.

Your Dine Around adventure begins at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, where you’ll check in at The Wave… of American Flavors restaurant. Relax and mingle with your fellow diners, enjoying a welcoming appetizer and specialty cocktail before setting off on your epicurean odyssey. Bon voyage and bon appétit!

First stop: Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort—where you’ll feel as if you’ve arrived in a far-flung tropical paradise. Celebrate the spirit of the South Pacific and luxuriate in the charm of this exotic retreat, with an enticing variety of island-inspired libations and appetizers.

Then it’s time for a change of scene and cuisine—as the monorail transports you a world away: to the opulent Victorian-style Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. Step inside and step back into a bygone era of elegance and gracious hospitality. You’ll be escorted to the award-winning Cítricos restaurant where we invite you to settle in amid the refined ambience as you’re treated to a special Chef’s main course selection. Afterward, gather in the splendidly appointed lobby to sip champagne and savor a selection of artisanal cheeses.

Board the monorail once more to return to Disney’s Contemporary Resort for the culmination of your evening. Here, you and your Dine Around companions will retire to a private patio to enjoy an indulgent assortment of desserts, cordials and coffee. From this exclusive location, watch in wonder as the Wishes nighttime spectacular fireworks light up the night over Cinderella Castle—a musical, magical grand finale to your one-of-a-kind dining adventure.

-Price: $150 per person plus tax; gratuity included.
-The Highway in the Sky Dine Around is offered select Tuesday, Friday and Saturday evenings.
-Reservations must be canceled at least 24 hours in advance to avoid forfeiting the full price of the experience.
-Check-in takes place at The Wave… of American Flavors at Disney’s Contemporary Resort at the time of your reservation. Please arrive 15 minutes ahead of check-in time.
-Guests must be 21 years of age or older to consume alcoholic beverages. A valid form of government identification will be required to verify your age.
-Please alert the host at check-in regarding food allergies. Wherever possible, alternative dining selections will be offered.
-Disney dining plan entitlements may not be redeemed for this event.
-Discounts and promotions are not valid for this event.

Dining experience is subject to change; fireworks experience is subject to change or cancellation without notice.

The event is bering offered starting December 2nd, 2016 and is being offered on Fridays, Saturdays, and Tuesdays starting at 6:45pm through March. It can be booked online here. The event will close the 4th floor patio at the Contemporary to other guests on those evenings.


95 thoughts on “Disney Introducing Monorail Resort Restaurant-Hopping Experience, “Highway in the Sky Dine Around””

  1. So basically Disney’s creativity has boiled down to “let’s see what people do on their own and start charging for it”. Sad.

  2. Monorail is just too slow. We waited over a half hour last month at the contemporary to go to the magic kingdom and walked because we were missng the not so scary halloween.

  3. another cash grab. This is getting really upsetting . Mr. Disney must be turning over in his grave. Is it not enough that the Disney corporation has made a ridiculously amount of money in their movies, 7 billion if I am not mistaken. The parks are supposed to be a place where families can AFFORD TO GO WITH THEIR kids to enjoy the time spent together not spend their families savings together. I have been going to the parks for many years and have enjoyed EVERY single trip. But now I think twice. IT’S GETTING TOO EXPENSIVE AND Disney will soon price itself out of the market. People can and will only take so much The corporate Suits had better take notice cause at some point they will hit the ceiling and that day will be sad indeed

    • The parks haven’t been an affordable destination in 25 years. And you will still shell out your money to visit them.

    • Disney will continue to increase pricing until they reach a point where revenues decrease due to demand elasticity.

      As long as total revenue continues to increase, there is no reason to reduce costs. If they start to see revenues decrease from incremental price increases they will back the prices down to the maximum level that still increases revenue.

      Disneyland and Disney World have always been about generating as much revenue as possible. If they can make more money from fewer people, I’m going to have a better time in the park.

  4. We will definitely plan on doing this the next time we go. We love to visit the resorts for meals, anyway, and returning to watch the fireworks will be a plus. It’s a little pricey, but a progressive meal along the monorail route is a great way to experience a number of great venues in one evening. This is a great idea, and the magic of the monorail to get from one to the next is perfect!

    • Something you coulnd’t have done for free otherwise without the upcharge, right? People are so willing to pay for things that are free…

      • If you add up the cost of all the food and drinks you’ll consume, then there really isn’t an upcharge. Yes, it’s something you could do on your own but this gives you a little structure, a seat in a nice restaurant and a view of the fireworks. You’d spend this type of money eating at California Grill, which is the most overrated restaurant at Disney…..now you get a better meal, several drinks and desserts and still get the view.

    • Thanks for your exciting input Disney Markwting intern. You almost made me believe it’s actually something cool and not a quick cash grab.

  5. I don’t understand why everyone is so enraged lately about the extras being offered by Disney. If you think they are too expensive you can just not do them and it will affect your Disney trip not at all. This is a neat idea, thought I’d probably skip it due to cost and instead add an additional two nights to my trip. I get to make that decision. Magical!

    • The problems is people being OK for being charged to view the fireworks from a free spot (Contemporary’s 4th floor terrace, which is where this i supposed to be happening). Plus, taking away that free spot for viewing the fireworks.

      The problem is you can visit those same restaurants & watch the fireworks in that same spot without paying extra. People do that now. But Disney just wants to gauge you for doing it? Is their creativity limited to asking CM’s what people do for free and then charge them for doing so?

      It would be great if they do this from a place where nobody can see them without an special access, like creating a spot somewhere around the rooftops of main street, or a boat in the middle of the lake, but taking away a free viewing spot to get more money? What’s next, a fee to be inside MK to see the fireworks?

      Both Disney and the people that see this as OK should be ashamed

      • Not to mention that there is absolutely nothing specific about what you’ll be served which is usually code for what we’re serving you is about to go bad, or is so cheap that it in no way is worth the $150.

        • I guess I assume more information about the menus will be released after it actually begins, whether by Disney or by bloggers. I did the Wanyama Safari years ago (a good example of something being added that didn’t detract from anyone else’s experience) and the meal itself was worth the cost. So I suppose I just have high hopes.

      • But then you would be complaining that Disney is wasting money to build such viewing areas and not putting it into the parks where you think it belongs. And you would still complain about them charging for it.

      • I suppose I’m ok with the charge since it includes meals and (from what I can tell, alcoholic) drinks. Would we spend $150 per person doing this on our own? Probably not. But honestly, it would be close. Ok–we have done this on our own and it was close. An entree and a drink, with tip, at Citricos could run in the range of $70pp alone. Two drinks at a resort bar, with tip, $35. So this doesn’t seem that insane to me, I suppose. Well, not any more insane than the idea of spending that much on a night out is (which is admittedly kind of crazy.) Making it an organized event and, yes, the viewing area, are just value added.

  6. No one is saying you have to do this, you can still do you own monorail crawl but this is a fun way to enjoy it and get special viewing of fireworks. Some people will complain about anything Disney does. If you don’t like it don’t go simple as that… what do you expect Disney to just offer these things for free?? $150 per person isn’t bad for a full meal with drinks at Disney….

    • No, you can’t. Disney will take over the 4th floor terrace at the Contemporary for this event. That’s the beef. This is the spot rumored for this upcharge.

    • Disney after all is a business, they are entitled to charge for whatever they want. Why don’t they have a right to charge for parking at their resorts. It’s life and you don’t get anything for free. I was charged for parking at a non-Disney hotel and I was a guest staying there… the only reason they are going to start charging for parking at the he resorts is because people are abusing it, it’s not right that someone staying at the hotel can’t find parking… if you don’t like it then don’t do it, as simple as that… I have no problem paying for something that will give me an exclusive view.. i don’t care if it use to be free… if you still want to do it for free go on a night the event isn’t taking place…

  7. Considering I spent $100 at California Grille with apps, entree, dessert, and wine with tax and a generous tip, this isn’t outrageous, so long as the food is good.

    • Food good at Disney. Used to be. Notice how many restaurants now over crammed with tables and food quality sinking? This up charge doesn’t even mention what you get. It’s up to Disney. Good luck with that! More power to you if it strikes your fancy.

        • You haven’t eaten at WDW lately then. Or your wife cooks like ass. Disney really started trimming back the quality of their food, and increasing capacities, and tripling down costs over the last several years.

          • Hahahaha, it’s funny because it’s true. The food is crap now that the 20% AP discount is in play. And 13$ for a counter service poop burger? All is lost. Hail Drumph.

  8. I LOVE this!! Can’t wait to do it! Such a cool idea and totally worth it for me!

    (Disney Pete, just FYI, with all due respect, I’m entitled to my own opinion, so please don’t try to make a snippy remark in response to my comment telling me why my excitement for this is “wrong” or worthy of a complaint from you)

    • Mike you are entitled to your opinion, and if you’re legit, rock on and enjoy it! That said, I can’t help but think a sucker born every second is true.

      • Disney Pete – I’m entitled to my opinion, you’re entitled to yours – everybody is entitled to their own opinion, period. I’m not nagging on you for your opinion and it isn’t right for you to nag on anyone else for theirs. Disagreeing is fine, but you should really calm down on here.

        • Disney Pete needs a valium shoved up his poop shoot…painfully and forcibly some times. He thinks anyone who doesn’t think identically to him is a troll.

          • How creative is Disney’s PR with their stupid responses. No, I will not shove the same thing you have up your caboose to love Disney when they whip you. Go with your masochism somewhere else if criticism hurts you.

  9. Soon will have to pay to ride Monorail anyhow, so not surprised. Food and Wine next year supposed to charge to park at any Epcot resorts unless you’re an overnight guest. Sounds like another viewing spot of fireworks is up for a fee only. Soon likely will be an up charge to watch fireworks from any resort, and eventually, from property. Monorail also all fun and games, unless electrical smoke or fire, then, you’re toast. Looking at half hour before help comes. I know…should’t worry. Should be naive and just hand over my wallet and stop going if I don’t like paying more for less. I get it. Eventually, WDW loses all magic. They’re on their way….

  10. Did I miss it or isn’t the actual menu noted?? What about allergies?? What about if I want to go, but don’t like what they are serving. I would think knowing the menu before you book would be paramount. I can’t imagine paying $ 150/person and finding my wife is allergic to what they have or its something I really am not into. I really don’t think that is asking too much to have a menu noted. It shouldn’t be up to the discretion of the chefs at the time of seating.

    • Well how else do you expect them to get rid of all their food that’s about to expire? They’d just be wasting food and causing more waste causing harm to the environment. Don’t you care about the environment Frank?!?!? Also you just tell them about any allergies and they’ll tell you exactly what you can eat when you arrive or make an alternative dish that doesn’t have the ingredient.

        • From going to the parks and seeing how they’ve been operating their “specials” and “special events” for the last 7-10 years. The Wave is doing terribly, stuck in the basement of the Contemporary, while stores with shelves blocking the view were put upstairs when they closed Concurse Steakhouse to move it to the basement as the Wave. One bad decision from Disney deserves another. Bad restaurant move, lets put people in monorail and then they’ll fell special to go to underutilized, not well rated food spot, and pay more!

    • Their position on allergies is noted on the page: “Please alert the host at check-in regarding food allergies. Wherever possible, alternative dining selections will be offered.”

      I very much agree that it’s pretty disappointing that Disney would offer a dining experience charging ~$200 (after drinks and tax) without actually detailing what the dining options are. I would guess that you pretty much get to choose from the menus at each individual restaurant, in which case I believe there’s a pretty decent selection, but it’s poor that you don’t get to know this in advance.

  11. Enh…I’m mixed. I agree that I like to freestyle my bar/restaurant hopping, but doing something cool with the monorail…I’m in. If Disney really wanted to “plus” this, add a new monorail all together … an entire train of monorail dining cars continuously circling the express track in between the passenger trains. I frequently ride the monorail when I don’t need to go anywhere just because I like the monorail. A dining monorail would refresh the highway in the sky with a fun idea & unique experience that I think people would feel good about paying for.

    • I wouldn’t be against it either if they were making a new spot to watch the fireworks at the Contemporary or taking the people to California Grill’s terrace. Heck, at those prices, they could use one of the theme park view rooms as a viewing spot for this. I might even be making a reservation for it if was so. But taking a free viewing spot for this? Cheap on so many levels.

      • So if takes up somewhere you don’t go like the California Grill you are fine with paying $150 per person for bad food that you think is going to expire?

        • It seems that, in your haste to troll, you mixed opinions from different people to troll about. Make sure you’re answering to someone who actually said what you’re complaining about.

          • You mean one of your comments in reply to mine above where you complain about being served bad food? I think you need to keep both of your accounts stories straight (Disney Pete and annonomouse).

          • I said bad food as in poorly prepared, bad tasting; not about to expired. There was someone else who implied food could go bad as in about to expire and that’s why he thought this event was created.

            You’re not even good at trolling

      • The “free viewing spot” perspective actually doesn’t bother me at all. Disney taking a spot that’s included and making it private is common anymore. For example: I purchase tickets for the Magic Kingdom, but I have to leave early on select nights in October for Not-So-Scary Halloween Party unless I pay almost the price of another day’s ticket. I love Not-So-Scary…think it’s really well done, but I paid to go to the Magic Kingdom. Now sure, if I’m staying at the Contemporary or on property, I might go to the patio in question; but I’m not paying specifically for access to the patio the way I’m paying specifically for a full day at the Magic Kingdom. So the reduced hours at the park bothers me more than the resort patio.

        Long story short, my lack-of-being-thrilled with this is what I would perceive to be a limited selection of what I can enjoy (when I could just hop on my own, go to the restaurants I wish and order what I want) and how long I may be able to stay. Maybe the menu is broader than what I imagine. Maybe there is no time limitation…you can stay as long as you want at whichever place or skip a place if you want to spend more time at say the Polynesian while still getting the fireworks viewing spot. I don’t know. But I like my vacation to have some planned elements with lots of room for free flow. This feels to me like it might be lacking in the free flow.

  12. Booked it today for our Feb. trip. And one positive is that many of you will not be around that evening with your parsimony, thin skin, food allergies and other sanctimonious douchey afflictions. Hopefully, they will soon raise the price…in case any of you types decide you might save up your allowance/government checks for a night out.

      • You are not paying for the “free” terrace you are paying for the experience, food and not to be on an overcrowded terrace with people you didn’t pay a cent to be there… I guess you would be upset if they made you stay at the hotel to use their pool and said “free” terrace? Is it fair that a paying guest at the hotel can’t find room on the terrace because of the free loaders?

          • I’m not a sucker, I am just someone that realizes it’s worth paying for an exclusive event. I’m willing to pay for the ability to avoid crowds and I have the money to afford it. Disney is not an affordable place, you pay for everything and I am ok with that. I’m sorry if you can’t afford it or are unwilling to pay. There are many other things you can do for free, Disney isn’t one of them and they don’t have to be.

          • If you had money, you’d stay at a 3 bedroom suit with theme park view at Bay Lake Towers. Instead, you’re being a sucker for a spot that’s free.

          • Martin, a sucker would never know it by definition. You’re not going to avoid a crowd. You are going to be hurled into least popular spots, when they’re least busy, fed most profitable food by Disney. That said, if it makes you happy, you be you girl!

            • If you are being “hurled’ into the less popular spots then what’s the big deal who cares if they use the “free” terrace for there event? I’m sorry but the monorail crawl on a Friday and Saturday night is not the less popular spots. As I said don’t want to do then don’t… truth is you were never going to anyway and you have nothing better to do than to troll the internet and bash Disney for every decision they make… if you truly hate Disney so much for how they are ruining the Disney “Magic” why waste your time?

          • Martin, get smarter man. If you truly don’t like some of the reviews and comments on this site, you should NEVER come here. Same dumb logic you’re applying when you say if people are critical how WDW is making horrible decisions for guests in interest of whoring out the brand. We also KNOW you are not a fan of Disney when you say “The Wave” and the bar sports they’re putting you at in Poly and “Citricos” aren’t the LEAST popular spots. They’re not putting you at Narcossee, nor Cali grill, nor Park Fare, nor Chef Mickey. The spots you hit are the lowest tier, and you don’t even know what you’re getting. And even at their best restaurants they’ve cut food quality. What a tool.

      • Sorry to hear that. Bad call. Disney stock in toilet and still over valued for P/E. Should have bought Amazon, or a company who has eyes set on future growth, not short term “milking” of their customers, at expense of cheapening the product. Those companies don’t fare well long term. You have K-mart stock too?

        • Disney is in the process of expanding almost all their parks and entering even more countries. How is that not keeping an eye on future growth?

          • Um, no their not. Not in the USA anyhow. They tore down more attractions than installing. Stores, that’s another story. Asia owns their own parks, not Disney, won’t help your stock a dime. Their stock is not doing well, and they’re short term ‘whoring out’ the brand, in trade for long term success. Tent pizza slice in the parking lot anyone?

          • Yea, just imagine if you put that same amount in Apple, Amazon, well, most any other company in the S&P or Dow or Nasdaq would exceed Disney, and their future, as many can tell from their not giving a flying fuck about their own product, isn’t looking better.

  13. I’m not sure why there is some hate on this. It’s actually not a bad value considering dinner at Contemporary alone put me back several hundred for two of us. Also, not sure how many events you guys have been to but my wife and I have done a handful the food has never been subpar. In fact, it exceeded our expectations.

    I agree Disney is in cash grab mode, but this really doesn’t fall under that umbrella. Upcharging for decent backs for the pins is despicable though!!

    • Ummmm, that’s good that you don’t have high standards! Disney food at places has really sunk. If you don’t notice it, puts you in a good spot. I’ve always thought ignorance of what missing out on is bliss. Not meant as a slam.

  14. I think people are forgetting that this event is only three nights a week…so you can have your precious free patio for fireworks viewing the rest of the week.

  15. Can’t wait for the upcoming Bathroom Restaurant Experience. Have a five course meal while you wait in line at the Tomorrowland bathroom hahahahahaha. Pizza at bus stations, cart in parking lot…….what a bunch of idiots that Disney team!!

    • Don’t leave out a fastpass for the ladies room bathroom included in that BRE. I bet that FP will be what makes the event sold out.

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