Donald Trump is Going to be in The Hall of Presidents at the Magic Kingdom

Donald Trump is Going to be in The Hall of Presidents at the Magic Kingdom
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With the results of the United States presidential election official, it is now a certainty that a Donald Trump audio-animatronics figure will join the ranks at the opening-day Magic Kingdom attraction, the Hall of Presidents. The attraction of course includes every United States President in history.

Donald Trump to join the Hall of Presidents at the Magic Kingdom
Donald Trump to join the Hall of Presidents at the Magic Kingdom

That being said, there are unanswered questions. Will he have a speaking part? What other changes will be made to the show?

With the election of Bill Clinton in 1993, Disney started adding current presidents with speaking roles actually recorded by the Commander in Chief. Clinton, Bush, and Obama all had these starring roles in the show, but will Trump? Certainly there was a lot of uncertainty when George Bush took the office of President, but Disney still went through with it. It will be interesting to see if Trump is simply added to the show or if he is given the same opportunity that was given to the last 3 Presidents of the United States.

Either way, if you enjoy the “A Celebration of Liberty’s Leaders” version of the Hall of Presidents, you have until January 17th to see it at the Magic Kingdom.

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  • Sometimes I wish Disney would raise their tickets so high it would keep the poor white trash out of the park. These people are tearing the parks up. Trash is everywhere, it’s disgusting. I can only stay at the deluxes since the Values are filled with these low class people.

    • And welfare recipients too. They shouldn’t be allowed into the parks. Poor & ignorant people offend me.

          • I’m cool with poor liberals not in the park. Some of them voted for Trump. Poor people are terrible for the parks. They bring in their stupid bag lunches. Wearing cheap Walmart clothes. Disney should be an upscale experience. Disney wants to get rid of all poor people.

      • They’re your parents and if you didn’t have them, you’d have to pay for that trailer you call home.

    • I have stayed at the value resorts the past 2 years because I’m 26, a teacher, and budget my money so that I can make short (2 day) trips to my favorite place on Earth. I wouldn’t call myself a “low class person” or “white trash”. I simply need a hotel that I can sleep in, since I spend my whole days at the parks. Think before you so rudely assume next time.

      • People are angry this week – things will get better. Enjoy the parks however you can, as I do, too. All these comments about white trash, racists, lower class….forget them and just keep swimming. That goes for everyone who is being offended this week by rude comments on internet boards. The country will be FINE. I have a DVC membership but often go stay at the value resorts when it’s just me going (often when I’m out of DVC points, lol – and it’s cheaper for one person to fly there than for 3 people so sometimes I go alone) so I can still spend time at the parks. I get many Disney shirts at Walmart, I get gift cards from Disney Movie Rewards when I have enough points saved up (and now I’m at my limit and can’t redeem them for those any more), I save 5% on my Disney gift cards with my red card at Target, I bring breakfast snacks into the parks in my backpack so we can at least do cheap breakfasts and maybe splurge on lunches and dinners. I and others do LOTS of things to save money while there so I can keep going there (my favorite place in the world). And there is nothing wrong with that. Doesn’t make us white trash or low class people. It makes us SMART SPENDERS. People think only their way is right, that only their candidate is right….and it’s about running the country, not personality traits. I was mad the two elections before this latest one (as were many other people), and now the losing candidate’s supporters know how many of us felt back in 2008 and 2012. But I didn’t go out and protest and cause mayhem afterwards – people need to get over it and chill (which is what some friends told me back in 2008 and 2012, and now they can see how that feels. It’s their turn, sorry – it’s democracy.). Sorry to get off topic there (but it’s more about what others said, too).

  • Why was it only controversial when Republican Presidents are elected? “Certainly there was a lot of uncertainty when George Bush took the office of President, but Disney still went through with it.”

    It seems that the left has to work on being more accepting of people with whom they disagree.

    • Umm… I’ve been in the HoP on two occasions where I’ve heard someone yell the N word at President Obama’s AA. Another time, someone screamed “go back to Kenya,” so I think both sides participate in that kind of unruly and disrespectful behavior.

    • To add a humble dose of reality to this conversation, “There was a lot of uncertainty when George Bush took the office of President” could potentially have something to do with the vote count. This election will have a closer popular margin than 2000. So the uncertainty may be due to our current, divided situation as a country.

      • Trolling tip: If you’re gonna troll someone, at least try to make sense. How can it be a dinner for one if I’m drinking your tears?

    • I earn over $300,000/yr, and I voted for Trump…so I think you may be off base a bit.

    • But I do agree, I would love to see Disney price poor people, like you, out of the parks.

        • This comment string is extremely confusing. How does annual earnings and voting for Trump (or anyone for that matter) automatically make a person a racist? Moreover, you blindly label him a racist… while blaming Trump’s win on a specific race. Surely you can see the irony here.

  • Why would you say he won’t be speaking? He has many thing to say including “You’re Fired!!!” Just kidding.

    I would love to hear him speak. He will keep people’s attention in an attraction that is quite boring. He can talk about himself and his wonderful buildings and his wine and clothing collection. Just visit the gift shop next door. Take home The Donald.

  • He won’t have a full speech, he’ll just interject the occasional “wrong!” and call Lincoln a nasty president.

    • lol Or maybe they’d use the interactive element of the Magic Bands here and have him call out to guests in the audience. Being called a nasty woman should be on our bucket lists.

  • Disgusting. Disney needs to protest and refuse to include any animatronic of Trump as a refusal to recognize him as president, even if that means alienating guests.

      • Well, the Concentration Camp planned failed when Hillary lost. Sorry, we won’t be going to camps. But hey, put Alien Encounter back, THAT I agree with.

    • How could they not recognize him as president when he was elected by the people of the US? Just because intolerant liberals like yourself do not like giving up a president who was flush with handouts and ignored the checks and balances of the constitution, does not make a conservative president any less worthy of the office.

        • Republicans have also won popular vote & lost the election. Do you even know how the US electoral system works? You’re too uneducated to have voted for Hillary

        • The “I stole the DNC nomination from Bernie and I’m proud of it” crowd is now upset because their candidate lost. Get over it.

  • So much hate on both sides this is crazy. If you voted for Trump you are a white trash racist. If you voted for Hilary you are a sore loser and very hateful to those with views other than yours/intolerant.

    I love democracy because it gives us the right to choose whom to lead us but it failed us this time. Both of these people were poor choices as leaders. Both racists(look it up kids), both corrupt, both liars but they were the best we came up with. The politically correct, soft country we have become is what caused the rise of the Empi–sorry the rise of the Donald. Clearly America was sick the stagnant state of our political system. Exit polls said that 51% of the people that voted for Trump did so because they disliked Hilary. So that says more about our candidates than all Trump people fit in one “basket” and all Hilary people fit in the other.

    Is it too late to ask England to take us back? We had a good run for 240 years.

  • David Duke only endorsed one party. That’s scary for black people. I know it doesn’t concern white people but I thought we became a better country.

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