Epcot International Food & Wine Festival Expands Into August in 2017

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According to event guides for Epcot’s Holidays Around the World this year, the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival will begin in August for the first time ever in 2017.

The event dates for next year are August 31st through November 13th, 2017. The event will run for an astonishing 75 days straight, 15 days more than ever before.

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  • This is getting to long after what I seen this year it’s not fun drunks and fights swearing I can go to a bar at home to see this went on 3 different days in Oct and then again in November

    • There’s tons of fights at Disney now a days. Their security does nothing, but make sure it’s not reported to police, and nobody has taken photos or videos to post online.

        • Not nonsense Ryan. You don’t get out much, do you? They have dozens a day in Epcot alone that I’m aware of being a statused manager. There’s only so much Disney security can do. They’re not allowed to touch guests. And have to wait for sheriff. We are allowed to confiscate phones/ picures/ videos.

          • Ridiculous.
            My wife & I are fairly heavy drinkers on vacation, & have spent nearly 100 hours inside Epcot during Food & Wine.
            We have seen a few drunks of course, but “zero” fights….Zero.
            You are a complete & total fabricator.
            Climb back in your hole Troll.

          • Ridiculous post Jeff. I spend more than 100 hours there every two weeks and with a cell connected to events you’d seldom see. Somewhere between feeling you need a gun, and feeling there’s not a lot of issues/fights/deaths that don’t go reported is the truth. If you’re too dumb to believe, that’s a you problem. Live in stupidity. No sweat off my back troll!

  • As much as I love F&W, this is getting to be too much! They are making “special” events “NOT-so-special” anymore. Stop it already!

  • They’re not doing so little to maintain any semblance of entertainment at Epcot, just drop the name, make Food and Wine all year and call it “Drunk Rednecks Around The World paying $12.95 for a each small taste of food”. I keep trying to be optimistic with WDW, but they make it VERY hard.

  • To hell with the guest experience, opinions don’t matter, it’s all about the $$$$$$. Disney makes wine/beer makers give them their beverages below cost…it’s advertising for them…it’s all money for Disney. That’s all that matters folks, sorry if that bursts anyones bubble that the parks have become anything else.

    • In Disney’s defense (yeah, I know how that sounds), I bet they made a survey about it and at least 30% salivating guests said yes. Just like they said yes to “preferred parking” and most likely those beautiful huts they’re installing at the parks

      • Disney pete, you’re an idiot. I mean, what a load of stupidity every time you troll these boards. There was NEVER a surgery about either the Food and Wine, nor Parking. They took away AAA Diamond contract for preferred parking and charge for it. They do what they want, this wan’t for you or any other guest, its for their bottom line of profit, and if you disagree, you’re more of a god damned moron than your posts. Get a clue bro!

        • Hey, decker the idiot!. You can keep on being a blind fanboy but the fact that you weren’t surveyed doesn’t mean the survey didn’t happen. Here’s proof of the survey.

          “15. Re: Preferred Parking
          Mar 17, 2016, 9:14 AM
          Seems Disney never runs out of schemes to gouge their customers more and more. Does this company ever have enough money?

          I read about the “preferred parking” not long after reading about the survey they were sending out about resort fees at Disney resorts. They are considering adding a $15 daily resort fee to cover things that were previously included.”

  • Hey Decker,

    You sir are correct. I can say with most certainty there was never a Surgery about F&W, nor parking.

    • Never a survey is I think what he/she meant. I know English probably not your first language. And there wasn’t such a survey. Extending F&W was a financial decision. Not one for guests requests. How gullible can one be?

      • Apparently, not as gullible as you are thinking Disney doesn’t make surveys to see how much more they can charge for things they used to make available for free.

        BTW, that 150 bucks for a 3 hour with “selected” rides event at MK is coming back again despite not selling that much. It appears that Disney read people like you and said “Gosh, there are morons that want to pay $150 for 3 hours and 3 rides and 1 ice cream instead of $117 for the whole day and the whole park, let’s take advantage of them!”

        I’m sure you’ll be first in line.

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