First Poster For “Cars 3” Shows Lightning McQueen Heading For A Big Fall

First Poster For "Cars 3" Shows Lightning McQueen Heading For A Big Fall
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Could this be the end for Lightning McQueen? The recent teaser trailer and this poster sure is hinting at it.

Many fans were not happy with the direction that Pixar took with “Cars 2” in which they had the secondary character, Mater, become the lead in the sequel to the original. Regardless of what people thought, “Cars 2” made a decent amount of money with a global haul of $562 million.

So what is Pixar up to? Is “Car’s 3” headed in a dark direction? It wouldn’t be the first time Pixar tugged at our heart strings. Remember how heart breaking it was to see Carl at Ellie’s funeral in “Up’?

Yahoo! Movie hints at what it could be:

Disney Animation chief John Lasseter told Entertainment Weekly in June that Cars 3 will feature a “very emotional story” that finds McQueen remembering his late mentor Doc Hudson (Paul Newman), whose own championship racing career was untracked by a crippling accident. Fan favorite Mater (Larry the Cable Guy) and McQueen’s main squeeze Sally (Bonnie Hunt) are returning, while the film will also introduce new characters named Cruz Ramirez and Jackson Storm, though casting on those voice roles has yet to be announced.

So it sounds like Lightning will be OK but like the tag line says, “Everything will change.” Maybe Lightning McQueen makes it out of the wreck and takes on the role of trainer, similar with happened in the “Rocky” series with “Creed”. That seems like a reasonable assumption. After the crash in Lightning’s last race, he is no longer able to participate in competitive racing. But somewhere a long the way, a young car (could be Jackson Storm) comes into Lightning’s life and he sees potential in the up and coming racer and helps train him to be the next winner of The Piston Cup. But that’s just a guess.

What about you? Any ideas?

Source: Yahoo! Movies


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I feel leery of this film already. I don’t like the idea of something so traumatic happening to Lightning McQueen. I don’t like severe-injuries-and-long-rehabilitation tales.

Crystal Warren
Crystal Warren

I am excited to see this movie! Everyone who is “leery” of this movie because McQueen might die needs to grow up! They need to allow their children to be exposed to things like this, especially when it’s in animated form. Life happens…some good, some bad. Stand your ground Disney/Pixar and continue with the path of the story that was originally planned. Proud of you guys! As for the rest of you, life happens, so grow up!!!