LIVE STREAM – First Performance of “Once Upon A Time” at the Magic Kingdom

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Join us here tonight at 9:45pm for a live stream of the first-ever performance of Once Upon A Time at the Magic Kingdom.

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  • Thanks for posting the video, saves us an admission price to go see it. In no way seems up to par of the previous show. We like Disney. But not what management is doing to WDW lately. Change is good, but not cut backs.

    • You’re welcome to the opinion of not liking the show or it’s content. But to advertise this as a cutback is a little short sighted. Anyone who has watched both shows can easily tell that there’s more investment in the new “Once Upon A Time” offering than CTM ever had.

      Not only are there significantly more fireworks (CTM only had 2 points in the show with them), but there’s a brand new and quite impressive lighting package for the castle.

      Not liking the story is fine, but I think it’s patently wrong to say that this show is a cutback. It’s clearly a hefty investment.

    • How anyone can say this is a step below the horrible Celebrate the Magic is beyond me. Sorry but this is a much needed improvement. Good story line and great lighting effects. Frozen portion could be shortened but that’s the only downfall.

  • The fact anyone can like this instead of celebrate the magic is insane. This has 4 movies and long scenes from them. The other show has all different characters and it actually included Walt Disney and Mickey and friends where this only showed frozen and Alice and beauty and the beast. The lighting and everything may be better but the quality of what is being shown was a huge huge down fall. Show more movies and get everyone included not just 4 shows.

  • The kiddo and I watched both the new and the old projections show yesterday. The new one is okay and worth seeing, she said – but we both really liked the old one better (I think I’m the only one who saw that one “in person” before). It had more scenes/castle effects in it. At least there’s always YouTube for enjoying these old [and new] shows.

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