PHOTOS: New Parking Tram Arrives at Walt Disney World

PHOTOS: New Parking Tram Arrives at Walt Disney World
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Walt Disney World has been running the same parking trams for quite some time now, but today we happened to spot something of interest…


While the seating cars are the same, this is an entirely new tram car pulling them. The new vehicle is much more akin to a truck or car than the current tram designs.



It is unclear if the entire fleet will be replaced or if just one or a few of these newer models will be added.

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  • Looks like a modified version of an aircraft tug to me. Would make sense tho since they can push / pull the weight of a fully loaded aircraft, so a tram should be no problem

  • Pretty sure this is the utility vehicle they’re using to transport tram cars to/from lots to maintenance facility. I’ve seen it around before, but was flat white last time I saw it.

    • Not sure you’d want it very quiet. Lots of excited children and adults running around and the noise acts as a bit of warning.

  • My husbands job is doing these new trams… they will have like 10 are first… but they are quieter and more energy efficient

  • 10 years overdue. My lord I hope they are quieter and more efficient. Disney should be ashamed it took this long to update them. Now if we can get them to stop just running one of them on the slow days to save paying 2 people minimum wage.

    • SO TRUE! I read your post and thought you were exagerating, and went to Animal Kingdom today, and it was 20 minutes between tram, they only had ONE running, and didn’t use any of the parking spaces closer so people could walk. We asked cast member why they started so far out, she said was to more people to pay extra for the Premiere Parking so they don’t have to use the tram. I mean, how cheap can Disney get and to go OUT of their way to make customers wait by cutting a tram, and then parking further out on purpose when lots of close spaces in the ‘regular lot’ closed?

  • SO excited to see these. My hubby works parking at Disney and the bigger cabs will make training MUCH easier as there’s more room for 2 people. :) Not to mention they look cool!

    • Then, where will the microphone operator be in the cab or in the seventh tram car?

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