PHOTOS, VIDEO: Iron Man Experience “Stark Expo Shop” Opens at Hong Kong Disneyland

While we still await the opening of Disney’s very first MARVEL ride attraction, the Iron Man Experience, the Stark Expo shop attached to the highly anticipated motion simulator ride has already opened to the public. Below we have some photos of the area to share with you, courtesy of TDRExplorer.


There is still no solid opening date for the attraction, but at least guests can shop at the adjacent Stark Expo shop, right?



The main marquee for the area is actually a giant screen. Currently, it plays a number of graphics that say “Coming Soon”.


The inside of the shop features tons of MARVEL character merchandise and plenty of images related to the upcoming attraction.


The attraction itself takes place in the city of Hong Kong, so it would need to be reanimated if it were to ever be cloned for any of the other Disney theme parks around the world.


The simulator vehicles fly side-by-side with Iron Man in many of the wall graphics.


The Stark Expo is a parody of the 1964-65 New York World’s Fair which is a landmark moment in Disney Parks history, so it all kind of comes full circle with this being featured in a theme park.


The Moljinir of Thor and one of Iron Man’s repulser blasting hands on display in the shop.

As you can see in the video, there is also an experience where guests can digitally suit up as Iron Man and battle through the streets of Hong Kong.


Annual pass holders at Hong Kong Disneyland (called Magic Access Members there) can purchase the only piece of merchandise actually branded to the attraction so far: a limited edition junbo-sized pin.


Pretty neat, huh?

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