REVIEW, PHOTOS, VIDEO: Watch Us Order and Eat the First Bus Stop Pizza at Walt Disney World

We broke the news on Wednesday evening that the All-Star Movies and Music Resorts at Walt Disney World were going to start selling pizza inside their respective bus loops, just outside of the hotels. Upon hearing this news, myself and Josh of decided we needed to go over to the resort and see exactly what was going on.


As we pulled into the resort, we could see what appeared to be a green shed out in the bus loop area. We said that this surely couldn’t be it. But it was… it was…


While advertised to be open from 7-10pm nightly starting this past Wednesday evening, when we arrived after 8pm, the old Food and Wine Festival booth was still shuttered.



A selection of bottled and canned beverages are available for your convenience.


The menu is very short, but serves a good purpose for those returning from a day at the parks. If they are hungry, they can stop here and avoid the hustle and bustle of the interior food court.

I felt the need to document such an important moment in the history of the Walt Disney World Resort (once the booth finally did open), so here is video of Josh purchasing the first-ever “bus loop pizza” ever at Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort:

Pepperoni Pizza from Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort – World Premiere Express ($15.49)

Pepperoni Pizza from Disney's All-Star Movies Resort - World Premiere Express ($15.49)
Pepperoni Pizza from Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort – World Premiere Express ($15.49)

For $15.49, this really isn’t a terrible value. The pizza is of a very good size and can feed at least 4 people. Considering what people pay for an individual pizza at the park counter service restaurants, this is quite the bargain. To my surprise, it wasn’t too awful in taste either. It reminded me a lot of a Pizza Hut pizza, which is just fine when it comes to counter service pies.

While I know this comes at a time where we see Disney trying to squeeze every last penny out of the guests visiting, this one is actually a good idea and a nice service to the tired guests coming home from a full day of theme park fun. I wanted to hate this, I wanted to poke more fun at it, but I honestly can not. It wasn’t the best pizza in the world, and honestly, I’m not sure that’s what you are looking for at 9PM as you carry your kids off of the motor coach. If you’re hungry on the way home to the All-Star Resorts, this is a viable option for a quick dinner for you and your family.

10 thoughts on “REVIEW, PHOTOS, VIDEO: Watch Us Order and Eat the First Bus Stop Pizza at Walt Disney World”

  1. Now only if they would serve breakfast items while your waiting in the morning. I stayed at the Allstars numerous times it seems to have the longest wait and ride time of any disney resort. I just wish they had this when I stayed there.

  2. Ok, so this gave me not only a laugh but a craving for pizza. Had to have Pizza Hut deliver a last minute pizza to my house because of this.

  3. We’re at all star music now. The shack literally went up over night. We got off the bus around midnight and when we got back to the bus line around 8am it was there. The price of the pizza is great because 1 slice is $11.49!

  4. Just FYI, because we were literally discussing those things at Thanksgiving dinner (long story) – the slidey credit card carbon copier thingies are jokingly called “knuckle busters” because you usually busted your knuckles swiping that thing side to side.
    And I agree with a reviewer above – Disney would make HUGE BANK if they sold breakfast out there!

  5. I haven’t been impressed with many of the new Disney tents and pimping the brand for a buck. It’s now like they enjoy transportation slow downs and cut backs as another way to just get revenue, and less time for more crowds in parks if you hold them at a bus stop eating nasty looking pizza.

  6. Last visit to the WDW Orlando parks, so many of the guests were so obese. Most didn’t need a 9pm meal. :/

  7. OK Disney is going Tacky! You can’t take it on the bus and nitwits will.Just what you want to do, get off a bus, hot and sticky, looking for the air conditioned food court but your pizza is outside. MY FEAR is they will be closing the food courts earlier. This just doesn’t make sense!

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