All-Star Resorts Are Selling Pizza at the Bus Stop

This is a weird one folks, but some of the All-Star Resorts will be selling pizza nightly at their bus stop areas.


Starting November 23rd, the locations will be open nightly from 7-10pm at Disney’s All-Star Music and Movies Resorts. The locations offer a very limited menu, mainly cheese and pepperoni pizza.

8 thoughts on “All-Star Resorts Are Selling Pizza at the Bus Stop”

  1. Since they’re only offering at night, my bet would be that the target market is folks coming back from the park with tired kids, who want to grab something to eat without fighting the food courts.

  2. I agree BOBY but I would really prefer a healthier option like you find on flights. I think it would make better sense to make them more like convenient boxes. But for an economy resort maybe pizza is more popular. Who knows.

  3. Disney Corp. sure does hate their own theme parks. Everything the can do to make it like a crappy carnival in the last year. They need new management obviously.

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