BREAKING: More Magic Kingdom Restaurants to Begin Serving Alcohol Next Week

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In a somewhat shocking turn of events, 4 more Magic Kingdom theme park restaurants at Walt Disney World will begin serving alcoholic beverages on December 19th, 2016.

More Magic Kingdom Restaurants Adding Alcohol to the Menu
More Magic Kingdom Restaurants Adding Alcohol to the Menu

Tony’s Town Square Restaurant, Liberty Tree Tavern, the Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen and Cinderella’s Royal Table will serve the beverages daily during lunch and dinner services. They will join Be Our Guest Restaurant, which when it opened in 2012, became the first Magic Kingdom establishment to serve alcohol. Prior to that, the park had a ban on the sale of the substance which it inherited from Disneyland, a tradition dating back to 1955 and continued when the Magic Kingdom opened in 1971.

As it was before, the beer and wine will only be sold at sit-down restaurants and there are zero plans to add kiosks or anything else of the sort serving alcohol to the park.

Here is a list of the drinks being added too the menus:

  • Tony’s Town Square Restaurant will offer Italian wines and beers, including a Chianti Superiore designated to pair with the grilled pork chop with mushroom-bean pancetta ragu and marsala reduction.
  • Liberty Tree Tavern will serve beer, cider and domestic wines to go with its American cuisine. Koziol paired a New England lager with the Patriot’s Platter of roast turkey, roast pork and prime rib.
  • Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen in Adventureland will have a more global beverage menu, with drinks such as a riesling to pair with Trader Sam’s head-on shrimp.
  • Cinderella’s Royal Table will serve champagne and sparkling wine.

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  • Humm, is it just a coincidence that this comes out 1 day after the 50th anniversary of Walt’s passing????

    • Does anyone not care that this was not what Walt wanted. So it’s not about walts dream anymore it’s about greed .I may be an outcast but drinking is not family oriented.

  • Nah! Is just one more event in the continual celebration from the current management of the burial of his ideals. Next up: smoking allowed everywhere.

    • No, next is a proliferation of narcissists bringing their “pets” to parks and resorts….already have noticed an increase over the last couple years.

    • It’s called progress. If you think Walt would’ve left the parks to go stagnant to fullfill peoples sense of nostalgia, you’re kidding yourself. Things change, things evolve and it’s time for all the whiny Disney fans to get over it. Every single announcement I read you people are on it complaining about the scary changes. Yes, grown ups want alcohol with their meals, it’s truly terrifying and may cause the parks to implode.

      • Ny79, I see your point also. I guess it is progress. I’m not opposed to serving alcohol in the parks, but what I see, and again, it may just be progress, are tons of articles here on the various blogs all about Star Wars, GoG, Marvel comics, etc, etc, and very little about Mickey and the gang. If that’s progress, and that’s what the GenX’ers and their kids want then “give the people what they want.” I’ll find another source of entertainment. This all reminds me of Universal, which I really don’t care for. Not saying it’s bad, not saying all the Star Wars, etc, etc is bad, and I like Star Wars, but I’m just saying I don’t want to make a day or a few days of it in the parks. Just not for me. And if that’s how it is, than that’s how it is..

      • Since when has booze being part of every meal been considered progress? Did you just get done binge watching Mad men and think it’s still the 60’s? The point of Disneyland was for family’s to have fun together. Are you that pathetic that you have to have constant access to alcohol to enjoy being with your family?

    • Smoking was commonplace when Walt was around. With the marijuana laws passed, do you think Disney will one day allow it on property?

  • You guys have serious issues with never giving credit to those who actually break stories, yet crying when others don’t credit you. Need an integrity check.

  • I understand the historical significance of not wanting alcohol in the parks but if this makes the company money for improvements and maybe slows down the rate of admission ticket increases, I’m all for it.

    • Right…. because they’re obviously going to immediately take additional revenue and invest in improvements to add to the guest experience. No that money will go to management raises, executive bonuses, and stockholder dividends. You must be one of those sad people that actually believes trickle down economics works and isn’t just a ruse by the rich to get bigger tax cuts.

    • I resent that statement! We serve only the finest wood pulp based, technically legally allowed to be called food, food products.

  • As long as it is contained to the restaurant and not allowed to walk around with a drink in hand I’m okay with it.

    • Danielle, what makes it different is this: 1) MK has tons more kids running around than Epcot. Crowds can get really rowdy at Epcot, and often it is felt that alcohol is a prime contributor to the issue. Parents don’t want their kids in that environment. 2) It was Walt that didn’t want alcohol served in the Kingdom. Many don’t want it changed because it is felt, “it’s what Walt would have done.” But the point has been brought up, would he really not want alcohol served in the Kingdom at this juncture in time. Walt was a visionary and a progressive. He really saw things as they weren’t and said, “why not.” He was a firm believer in “if you can dream it, you can do it.” So maybe he would have said, what the heck, if that’s what the people want, and they are willing to pay for it, then lets do it in a “Disney fashion.” Be that as it may, it looks like the Kingdom is going to expand it’s dinner alcohol service. Let’s see what happens!!

  • Just called to change from table serve to quick serve and they said they know nothing about it. Hoping this is wrong

  • I’m not to worried about the people who want one drink with dinner it’s the people who are going to be done with their meals and sit there having more drinks making people who are waiting for a table have wait longer. And then get behind the wheel and drive with kids in the car. I know this won’t happen much (drunk driving) but one is to many when children are in the car.
    One of the reasons why we go to Epcot all the time is to get food and people watch. The really drunk ones are funny but then there are the MEAN ones. But its not my call will just have to see how it goes hopefully ok.

  • While I do not find it necessary for Magic Kingdom to provide alcohol at meals it is a change that I welcome. We had a fantastic meal at Skipper Canteen and while I am on vacation, my husband and I currently do not have any children, I do not find it to be AWFUL to want a drink with a meal. What I do not understand is almost every comment that I read regarding alcohol served is related back to Epcot. Are there drunks at Epcot, yes, is EVERYONE drunk there that is enjoying a drink around World Showcase, far from it. My confusion though is Animal Kingdom/ Hollywood Studios/ Disney Springs/ The Boardwalk/ Typhoon Lagoon/ Blizzard Beach ALL serve alcohol in MANY locations. No one complains about drunks running around those parks? If your stance is “this isn’t what Walt would have wanted” I get it, I don’t necessarily agree but I get it. If your stance is that everyone is going to be running around Magic Kingdom drunk it makes no sense.

  • It’s all about the $$$ with Disney. Their mindset is “give the least and charge the most money off each inch of each guest each second…who care’s about anything else..their experience, safety, or value to return”

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