BREAKING: Walt Disney World Adding Express Bus Service for a Price

Walt Disney World is introducing Express Bus Transportation beginning December 7th, 2016.


Priced at $15 per person per day ($24 per person for multi-day use), Express Bus Transportation will pick guests up from inside of the Walt Disney World Theme Parks and then utilize backstage areas to reach destinations faster. The busses only provide service between the 4 theme parks. Annual passholders and cast members can only purchase one-day service.

The service operates from 10am until park close and busses will be at each station every 30 minutes. Each park has a kiosk where guests can be picked up and dropped off:

  • The Magic Kingdom – Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin exit area
  • Epcot – East of Spaceship Earth
  • Disney’s Hollywood Studios – adjacent to Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster Courtyard
  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom – Near Kilimanjaro Safaris entrance

Guests can purchase the upgrade when they purchase tickets or can visit a guest relations location to add it on.

No further details are available at this time.

99 thoughts on “BREAKING: Walt Disney World Adding Express Bus Service for a Price”

    • Well since you don’t understand what the term “rob” means…. They aren’t taking anything, they are offering a new premium service at a premium price. You don’t have to pay for this service. But just like most of the Disney community, you have to whine about it as if it will affect your trip. Get over it ya big baby.

      • My question is, are these new busses that have been aquired or will they be taking the busses already being used for transportation around the resorts/parks out of commission making the free transportation take even longer? Disney has no problem using the riverboat at MK for 3 hours every day to use for their new upcharge ice cream NON parade viewing party! Also the new monorail dine will be putting the resort guests who paid a premium price to stay at one of the monorail resorts to the back of the line! I feel like I have been robbed because when I paid for my AP earlier this year Disney said I was getting a night parade, ROL, and a ride on the riverboat during its normal operating hours, and now that they have my money I’m not getting any of these, only longer lines to wait in.

        • The riverboat isn’t popular, and most guests are watching the parade during that time. The monorail resort guests aren’t being pushed to the back of the line, there will be a special designated car for the dining guests.
          If you feel your AP was only worth it for ROL, and that you are being “robbed” because it’s not ready yet, well I’m sorry but that’s just plain stupid, and I can’t explain to you how these things work.
          The level of entitlement and stupidity by some of the Disney fan community is mind boggling.

          • The level to which Disney will scrounge to find something else to monetize is ridiculous. This isn’t quite at the level of the package handling fee, but it’s still a bit over the top. A few years ago it was easy to get fit in a good amount of activity at a reasonable price even staying off property during low attendance periods, but now if you want to fit in more than a handful of rides a day you need to stay on property just so you can access the FP system so far out in advance.

      • I think it’s genius for families with kids especially. We have 5- on our next trip this December they will be 2, 3, 5, 7, 9. We don’t do park hopper because it’s too much running and way too expensive to add on (like $400.). BUT If we fall during free dining we will be required to add PH to qualify, so we may add this too to avoid all the extra walking PLUS skipping security lines :) I think it’ll be super convenient and worth the extra cost for sure!

    • I half way agree with Rick. Although I would expect Disney to charge something for this service, they are charging their AP holders a ridiculously high rate. Guests can buy a multi-day ticket for $24, but AP holders have to pay $15 a day. $15 a day is just crazy for AP holders & that makes me angry that once again, as an annual pass holder & loyal Disney guest, I feel treated unfairly.
      I spend a TON of money in their gift shops, at special events & especially in food. They should find a way to treat AP holders more fairly.

  1. It is an expedited service, one that didn’t exist prior for free. Of course they should charge for it, it is an add on for those who deem it is for them. There is still buses for everyone at the normal bus stop.

    • Totally agree with you on this one. As long as they don’t take away anymore of my free stuff I’m fine. Gets more tourists off my bus!

  2. Wait, so this is for between parks? I mean, cool that they’ll finally have the service without having to go to DS or a hotel. But making you PAY for it, on top of what you already pay for tix, food, shopping and resort stays (or in our case DVC membership)? That crosses a line.

  3. This is a add on service, nothing is lost only gained. This is for those whom answered yes on the survey if they would pay for expedited transportation. Disney asked, the guests said yes and there you have it. Will I ever pay for it? Nope, Uber is still better, cheaper and more efficient. By all means, keep your Chicken Little rhetoric, it is fun to read.

    • nothing is lost? yeah right. They will not get more buses and hirer more drivers. They will take them from “regular” service; therefore people who don’t pay premium will wait longer. You are gullable

      • This man, sounds like he has a brain. Most Disney goers think that they will invest so that their experience is ‘just as magical’. They don’t see every inch of ‘free viewing, free rides, free anything’ is being taken away, they’re waiting longer for less. Hopefully Disney gets new management before long. It honestly can’t get much worse, and we love disney.

        • Does not sound like you LOVE Disney at all…you people act as if this is something new…I remember when people whined about them building Hotels off of the Monorail (besides The Golf Resort now Shades of Green) because it was already built..people thought it would make the parks to busy and Disney was just trying to make money…well DUH! And like 30 Resorts later can you imagine only having the three premium Monorail Resorts to choose from and better yet afford…it’s a business people. Get over it. If you don’t like it don’t use it…and your elitism because your an Annual Pass or DvC member is getting old…you pay for what you get…which in my opinion is Quite enough..20% merch discount..special invites…either enjoy it as it catches up to the wants of the people or perhaps a Universal or Sea World will treat you the way you “expect”

  4. I believe in paying for what I get, but this taking it too far. Part of my decision to vacation at Disney World rather than other resorts and vacation destinations has been the transportation. And there has always been an “We are all Disney fans” / “We are on vacation together” feel to the transportation. My child has set with other families and other people children have used what was my seat to ride with my family… An “It’s a small world” sort of experience. By stratifying the transportation they are creating classes within the system and risking the very community feeling that is Disney’s major product.

    • Yes – this exactly! I am getting frustrated with the constant announcements of “Premium” this and that. The overpriced dessert parties just so one can get a good view, the cabanas, the riverboat party, monorail dine, and now this. Ugh. I guess the average Joe’s will just be on the sidelines now watching as the “haves” enjoy their premium exclusive experiences. I know it is a business, I have heard all the arguments “for”. This is just my opinion as one who saves and budgets for a long time to go see the mouse.

      • I’m very much in agreement that you budget and save, and if you have a large family this can be over several years, and the entry fees keep going up and now if you added for all the experiences for each day you are there it becomes out of reach for many.

  5. I’m interested to see exactly how “express” these buses actually will be. Honestly, $24 is not much to ask if it covers your entire trip AND actually saves time. Starting the service at 10am is odd though.

    • It’s explicitly intended for speedier park hopping which I imagine by their analytics *most* people don’t do earlier than that

    • Not really odd, it is only between parks so it is used to hop to the NEXT park on your journey. Most would not hop before that

    • Once they add the premium FP option that allows for multi-park FP, this will be very useful. It’s coming next year! YEAH!!! I’ll pay the fee to have more FP on one day in all the parks.

  6. What ever you think Walt thought about making money, the Disney Company has stock holders. It is about making money with the magic. This is a new service that provides convenient transportation for those who can afford it and want to take advantage of it. It will also ease the traffic of other services. I’m all for it!

    • This is like paying for first class. We all pay to get in the parks and everyone should be trated the same. Not a fan of them just trying to make a buck. :(

  7. Let’s be honest. Adding these extra buses will take away current “free buses”. I doubt Disney is buying more buses or hiring new drivers for the extra service.

    Now there will be longer lines and longer waits for free buses.

    • Do you work for Disney? Since you seem to have it all figured out. How about you stay home and whine to your cat or whoever actually cares to listen to your complaints about a theme park, and let others enjoy the parks.

      • john, you must work for Disney since you know it all. Keep up the good work, the toilets were sparkly clean last week when i was there. But with your attitude and knowledge I bet you are a Disney Executive because the janitorial staff has always been helpful, kind and know whats going on in the parks.

        • Thanks for your input, but I don’t work for them. I’m sure you were impressed by the toilets, I mean poor white trash like yourself, you probably aren’t used to indoor plumbing. Now go back to posting sweepstakes entries on facebook, maybe someday you won’t be dirt poor anymore.

          • I work for Disney and its a terrible company. All these elitist up charge events are just taking away from experiences that regular guests previously enjoyed. What every happened to the f&#king show being important? Letting guest catch buses backstage and dropping them off by a dumpster in the next park is the very definition of bad show. Terrible company. Under invested parks. Over charged guests.

    • Rick, it sounds like you have a brain. No doubt NO busses will be free in a short period of time. It’s inevitable. Ignore the sheep who replied above. Stupidity is incurable.

  8. I knew this was coming. I was just there for 10 days in September and the bus service was the worst in 10 years, (going twice a year). If you slow down the bus service then this looks good. I’m a capitalist and if people are willing to pay, that is their choice. All this ticky tack paying for extras, (that were there) paying to see a parade up front, pay to see a parade on a ship, or a restaurant, don’t forget a golf cart in the parking lot. At least theme the cart, how about make it a Pitty form Cars, Pit Stop Snacks. For all the building they are doing, (I not a big Star Wars fan, Star Wars is NOT Disney, build it’s own park) they are acting like a cheap amusement park.

  9. Oh and don’t forget about the people that don’t have the Bus upgrade and get in the line for it! I will admit there are times I would pay for a NO SCOOTER BUS! LOL

    • What Disney needs to do is create a scooter (and family) only buses that can be routed according to need. However, even though the specialized buses may get better service than the normal ones this will never happen as the law says the regular buses must be able to take on those with scooters, and people don’t change their behavior unless the internet screams “special treatment: this way!”, then everyone and their uncle abuses the offering.

      • A Scooter and family bus would be great and easier for families. I feel for the people in the scooters, after all I would rather have use of my legs. I will admit I’ve seen Grandma sitting on a Scooter in the blazing sun for 20 minutes while the other 13 family members wait in the shade.

        • If you weight 400 pounds a scooter isn’t helping you. Try walking. Those are the ones that piss me off the most. Stay the crap home and eat yourself into the grave rather than screwing everyone else’s good time.

  10. If I knew that there would maybe be emptier buses, and that they were accessible, I think my husband and I would have paid for it. He had ALS and was in an electric wheelchair or scooter. He got nervous navigating in the crowds and he knew he took up extra space, although it wasn’t his fault. Most people were really great, as were the drivers, but there were the people who looked at us as huge inconveniences and as if we were somehow taking advantage. Believe me, with ALS you’re not taking advantage of anything, but if I felt that the new system would have eased his mind, I would have been happy to pay extra.

  11. I’m confused, is this just park to park? I fail to see how this would be any different than waiting for the normal park to park bus.

    • Apparently, the pick up location is different (“in” the parks) & they run on a shorter route through backstage areas vs. normal surface streets. I can see pros & cons to this, my only real concern is will this new expedited route “break the magic” meaning – will guests hear the buses while inside the parks & while trekking the backstage areas are they exposing anything that could detract from the usual “Disney mystique.” (I don’t even know if this is an issue as I’m not familiar with the backstage areas, only taken the road by Partners Credit Union & the Monorail Garage once to get to the Contemporary)

      • Buses run backstage all the time at MK and DAK for CM’s and nobody hears them. And they’re the same buses they use for guests so I don’t think that will probably be an issue. Though, I’m not a fan of guests being backstage ever.

        • I was wondering the exact same thing – if these shuttles pick up INSIDE a park and drop you off INSIDE the next park, you can skip the crazy-long lines at bag check / metal detectors at the entrance to the next park…? Assuming they would scan Magic Bands to ensure that you have Park Hopper tix, but if I can skip the bag check crowds and go directly INTO the next park, I think it would be worth it – especially on the 10/10 crowd days over the holidays! Would $24 multi-day be good for duration of stay (say 8 days)?

    • You get the bus from a designated spot in the park and you are taken to the “express” bus. You then go to the next park and enter at a special entrance with no waiting in the security lines again.

  12. For those saying that nothing is lost to those who choose to ride the free buses; there will almost certainly be fewer free buses now, resulting in longer lines, fuller buses and longer wait times.

      • So if these are to be more personal sized then, perhaps this is Disney’s response to the Uber epidemic? I’m sure the taxi folk will be hating on Disney for this one.

  13. I think it’s basically a good idea although it seems you would need to have already purchased park hopper passes, why not add it the benefit of the extra cost of the pass? I wouldn’t utilize it because we always just do a park a day but for those who park hop it’s good, just not sure about the extra cost on top of park hopper pass. Maybe to keep crowds lower?

  14. I’m not quite sure I understand the value of this – it sounds like these buses are only taking you from park to park and not to the resorts. So I guess if you park hop a lot it could be good? It just seems like a rather specialized service and I’m not sure how many people would use it? I would be curious to hear what people think. I know that usually on days that I park hop I take an afternoon break at the resort so even then it wouldn’t work for me.

  15. I couldn’t care less. My private driver takes me to and from the parks, etc. Buses are for peasants.

    • Well my private pilot flys me from park to park in my private helicopter. Private drivers are for peasants. Enjoy traffic loser

      • LIES! I tried helicoptering into Disney, and there is a federal regulation against it!! You have no idea of what you speak. Peasant. But, my Town Car has a fully stocked bar, and my driver has access to back stage areas. It would really suck to be you.

        • And by the way, it is spelled “flies” not “flys”. Anyone of any intelligence and breeding would know that…peasant!

  16. So other than utilizing backstage roads, I don’t really see how this is making it express. They don’t mention if there’s a limit on how many people can use the service each day, or if they will add or remove busses depending on how many people in the parks have the service, which is fairly easy to do since you can just tie it to the Magic Bands so they know exactly how many people in each park will be using it. I know not everyone will pay for the upgrade, but if enough people do on a given day, what’s to say that you’ll be able to get on a bus if there’s a long line of people waiting, then you’re stuck waiting another 30 mins unless they pull a bus from a main line to pick up the extra guests. Which then leaves guests waiting for the regular busses to wait longer.

    • You don’t have to walk all the way to the front of the park, exit, walk clear out to the normal busses (which somewhere like AK, it’s super far)- but also when you park hop, you completely bypass security at the next park because you are being dropped off inside. So you bypass security, but also save all that walking IN once again at the second park.

  17. Just curious, but since they are picking you up from ‘inside’ the park, would that then mean that you would be bypassing bag check and the entry touch points when going to another park? That would really speed things up I would think. They would probably have either a touch point or one of the ipads to verify you had park hopper enabled on your ticket. That could be the best selling point of this premium service.

  18. First World problems…….people always find SOMETHING to complain about..

    You don’t like it? Don’t go. There, next problem?!?!?

  19. I am not a fan of the money grab feel of late with Disney BUT this just seems a sound business move if they keep the price reasonable. I am anxious to hear if the $24 is for a whole 10 day stay. I love to hop, hate the hassle of transports, long walks in and out and security. These are all normal and expected.. this is a big property with lots of visitors. To lesson the hassle for those who care, like me ,..the walk it can get painful…just a few breaks in a trip dropping me inside the park is WOW!!

    • Yea, and makes no need for transportation in the near future. Shitty for guests. Disney is terrible at guest satisfaction lately. All into whoring out the brand for a quick $20.

  20. So, people are complaining because Disney is charging for a bus that they probably wouldn’t use anyway. Seems about right for so-called Disney fans.

    • Whining about people posting on the internet, when they legitimately feel they’re being ripped off. Seems about right for a hippocrite.

  21. If this truly runs on schedule and allows you to hop without having to exit the park and then by pass the security and entry procedures at the next park it will be worth my $24 for an 8-10 day stay.

  22. Newsflash. ALL Disney transportation is gearing to be a ‘for a fee’ service. Same for “free” resort parking on the slate to go bye bye. Too many sheep in the pasteur for them not to make a killing where they can. All said, I don’t mind this, what I mind is how crammed they’re making restaurants, closing attractions so early, and cutting cast members to bare minimum that it makes quality suck, and lines suck most all the time now. I’ll pay more for value, but where’s the value?

  23. This is very much a valuable to me will be there on the 30th the last night of Jingle Bam was disappointed that that I may miss there is a hour between the end of wishes and Jingle Bam with this service I now can go both where using regular transportation I would not have a chance!!

  24. Disney resort guests should have premium busing and transportation….
    Those staying outside disney resorts should get the transport fee or slower buses.

    • Nope. Everyone will be paying for all transportation soon. Nothing soon to be free or included in park entrance fee. Nothing.

      • Jason I work for WDW in Transportation and what your saying is in no way true…we are becoming a city bus busing, transportation will always be complimentary unless you choose to use a premium service…this is purely an answer to all the people using car services like UBER ….now there is no need..there is still a fee but we can take a lot at once.

        • Wil, There’s NO way anyone who’s driving the busses will know the grand plan of Disney and their charging. This was a survey and topic of the shareholder meeting, which is public info, and part of the huge investment by Disney for magic bands.

          They didn’t do the bands for guest’s happiness. It was to make money. Lots of it. At the expense of the guest.

          Uber cannot go to the areas the busses can, so that argument is also invalid. The bus service is the start of charging for transportation. Just like the new boats from Grand Floridian and Poly charge to go to MK. And just like now parking is for a charge at some of the Epcot resorts during special events. The writing on th wall. Everyone will pay for transportation.

          Bigger picture, if WDW doesn’t get it that they’re bashing their own product and image in trying to cheapen out the place, they’ll find out when they have to offer even deeper discounts to keep the parks crowded than they do now, and that’s with their huge cuts in service and staff.

  25. What people are failing to realize is that the people using these buses are not going to be using the free transit to hop. SO, even if they are pulling drivers off the free transit for this, the free transit is not going to be more crowded. You could say that if these buses aren’t completely full it might slow things down a bit but not by any real significant amount. WDW is massive and it has a massive bus pool to keep up with that.

    Also, you HAVE to charge for a service like this otherwise it would be jammed up. If it were free why wouldn’t you take it? Also, they might not want to or it might not be possible to have more frequent buses because they are going backstage and don’t want to clog it up back there.

    Charging for premium seats to things is okay in my book. The alternative is ‘out wait’ the competition for it and I’m on vacation I dont have the time or desire to just wait.

    • I hope you smoke dope if you believe this won’t impact the lower paying ‘customers’. Cuz if not, you’re realllllllllllllllllllllly a sucker. I cannot think of a recent decision from WDW that hasn’t cut areas, amenities, perks for guests “just” paying the normal price. Heck, they slowed busses down at resort with pizza stand in purpose so people would buy more pizza and beverages last week. WDW is in a mindset to give very little, and charge extra for it.

  26. I don’t understand the hostility in the posts. Yes, Disney has gone overboard in its pricing. But, the nastiness, wow! I don’t know, but a couple of days ago I went to buy tickets to a Broadway show. I couldn’t/wouldn’t purchase the “premium” seats, and it bothers me that Broadway has gone in that direction, but I bought the tickets I could/would and that’s it. I’m grateful I can go to the theater without the bitterness. I read about people who go to Walt Disney World or other Disney properties very frequently. It’s something I can’t do. That’s life. When I can go, I’m really grateful. Now, as a widow with too many memories attached to my husband and being there, I can’t consider going back … yet. But, there’s a perspective for you: having a terminal illness like ALS, going to WDW to make special memories while we could, even though those trips were splurges. Wow. People, really.

    • I think it’s what you’ll come to expect from WDW crowd honestly. Disney goes far beyond just trying to make a profit, and is truly “nasty” to their guests, only the brave and hard soled will survive. They’re reaping what they sew.

  27. Does not sound like a lot of you LOVE Disney at all…you people act as if this is something new…I remember when people whined about them building Hotels off of the Monorail (besides The Golf Resort now Shades of Green) because it was already built..people thought it would make the parks to busy and Disney was just trying to make money…well DUH! And like 30 Resorts later can you imagine only having the three premium Monorail Resorts to choose from and better yet afford…it’s a business people. Get over it. If you don’t like it don’t use it…and your elitism because your an Annual Pass or DvC member is getting old…you pay for what you get…which in my opinion is Quite enough..20% merch discount..special invites…either enjoy it as it catches up to the wants of the people or perhaps a Universal or Sea World will treat you the way you “expect”

    • Will, whining about a forum you came to is ridiculous. DUH! If you don’t like that people who want more from the brand want, the so what? NOBODY hates Disney more than the WDW management. It’s just a way to make a nickel off the idiots (which sound much like yourself). Nobody has posted here about elitism, you hallucinated that one. Move along Will. Time to take your medicine.

  28. biggest thing with this is what if a bus breaks down?, it’s also not 100 % security so people have a chance of getting weapons inside the park. Rather stupid move by disney to do this. Next thing you well see is MK attacked due to express transportation. Disney putting Fast Pass in for terrorist.

    • Magic Kindom and theme park security is already terrible, and the only reason no bad event, is not one has wanted to do one. ALL of their security at entrances is a show to make guests ‘feel better’. No vendors, cast members are checked, for anything, other than stealing. WDW doesn’t give a crap about security, only money. Sad, but true. Hopefully never happens.

  29. So… has anyone here USED this park-park service yet? Eager for real feedback on how crowded, how quick the trip is park-park, if you skip the security check-in (since you’re going from INSIDE a park to INSIDE another park), and how long the $24 multi-day pass is valid…

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