PHOTOS: New Monorail Cast Member Costume Debuts at Disney World

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We told you it was coming a few days ago, but now the new Walt Disney World monorail cast member costumes have debuted.


The new costume features a grey shirt and navy blue pants/shorts. There is also a patch with all 12 monorail colors, including some with the deltas in the color patch. The pockets on the shirt also resemble the deltas on the monorails.


So, what do you think of these new costumes?

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  • Wow, now these cast members have new uniforms to tell us “monorail is down, quickest way to MK is the ferry”. Money well spent

    • Actually they have spent lots of money on the system, updates and more. It’s 45 years old, trains are over 25. just because it’s down doesn’t mean it’s broken. Thanks for having so much respect for cast members and the people that actually work on the monorail.

      • This is wrong. They have spend a minimal amount of money on “updating” to an automated driving system that is overdue by almost 2 years now with no redundancies. The train drive system is the same, and will break down just as much as before(maybe 10% less if programed correctly). If you want to know how the monorails are maintained, try owning a 25 year old car, drive it every day, and NEVER fully replace any metal parts. Only refurb and repair. The trains are overdue for a redesign and replacement, along with the warping and crumbling beam it sits on.

      • Actually, Brent. it’s clear you don’t. Otherwise you would realize it has nothing to do with ‘photographer rights’… whatever that simple yet not used ‘status’ might be, and everything to do with the fact that all disney cast members sign away a lot of their public image rights usage when they sign with disney. they are cast members, and as such, their likeness and image has typically signed away for disney’s use in promotional items however they wish.

  • it is more different then w hat they had but offers more train like feel as conductors of the highway in the sky . . .Yes the system is oldlike the trains. But many issues can arise with upgrades and other factors to help deliver the guest to there locations. May be easy to say HEY replace the trains but did you know it is 22 million dollars per train to replace? I would imagine alot goes in to ensuring the trains are maintained at there best possibility but dont blame the cast members, or Disney. If the trains are down there is a reason and they offer alternate options

  • I drove the monorails from 88-93 and the costumes were great except we wanted to wear shorts and drop the hat in summer. I’m glad to see the updated costume. It’s hot in sunny Florida.

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