REVIEW: Jungle Cruise Skipper Canteen Undergoes Another Menu Change

Recently, the Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen at the Magic Kingdom underwent another menu change, so we decided to go and check it out. If you haven’t, be sure to check out our last review which covers some of the past menu changes.

The souvenir mugs have made it onto the menu finally.

The cachapas replace the arepas appetizer, utilizing the same ingredients in a completely new preparation.

Thr preperation and sides with the grilled steak have changed.

The pork chops are also prepared a little differently with new sides as well.

Orinico Ida’s Cachapas ($10)

A new take on the former arepas appetizer, this dish comes preassembled now with way more of the pork and less of the accompaniments. The mix of the pre-existing flavors with the avocado cream is glorious. The arepas were good, this new version is PHENOMENAL.

Dr. Falls Signature Grilled Steak ($34)

The steak was the only dish at Skipper Canteen that I haven’t had before, so provided there was a change in the preparation, I figured that it might be blogable to order it today.

The steak was much better that I expected, cooked and seasoned very well. If you don’t want seafood, I’d still order the pork over this, but it is a viable option at least.

The mashed plantains as a side were great and the vegetable slaw was adequate as well.


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  1. My son and i ate there two nights ago! Not bad more average than great but i had the noodle dish it could of used some peanuts for protien- -we are vegetarians so we have some limits! But i would go back!!

    1. Congratulations Carol! You’ve unlocked the Disney Fun Fact of the day! As you may know, The Walt Disney Company is deeply committed to conservation efforts. You may also know that it’s estimated that there are 375 million vegetarians in the world. There are also 1.5 billion cows on the earth, a number that would conceivably be much smaller if there were less than 375 million vegitarians. These 1.5 billion cows are subsiquently responsible for 28% of all greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere. Disney is deeply committed to fighting the rampant increase of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere. How are they doing that? By focusing on increasing vegetation to help remove these harmful chemicals from the atmosphere. They are doing this by protecting forests, planting additional trees, and increasing the amount of crops planted and allowing them to complete a whole life cycle without plucking them prematurely and preventing them from continuing to help clean the atmosphere. It is because of this that we are limiting the portions of plants that we utilize in our restaurants. This includes lettuce, tomatoes, seasonal vegetables, and most importantly peanuts. We are committed to fighting these horrible effects on our environment and vow to continue fighting to protect this planet as long as people continue to have such a negative impact on our Earth.

      We hope you enjoyed your Disney Fact of the Day!

      1. No. Disney didn’t give you protein cuz it costs them money. Disney don’ts give a damn about environment, not how you felt about the meal Carol. As long as you paid, move along now…other sheep behind you to feed…

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