The American Adventure at Epcot to Return with Digital Projections, New Finale Montage, and Re-Recorded Golden Dream Song

Among everything to see and do around the World Showcase Lagoon at Epcot, a guest-favorite that has been there since day one is The American Adventure attraction. This marvel of engineering brings together a moving stage, 35 Audio-Animatronics figures and a giant screen that together shares the story of the United States of America.


Right now, the team at Epcot is busy converting the attraction to an all-digital projection system, and installing a new screen and new speakers so the show will look and sound better than ever before when it reopens later this month.

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In addition to the update from film to digital, the show’s finale will return with some notable faces from America’s recent history. Newly-added American icons include individuals such as music composer John Williams, astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson and noted ballerina Misty Copeland.

And that’s not all: the iconic anthem “Golden Dream” has been re-recorded with all-new orchestration that brings the beloved music and lyrics to life in a way that will resonate more than ever.

The American Adventure returns later this month at Epcot.

  1. I hope the song stays exactly the same, just a new recording. It would be awful if they tried to “reinvent the wheel” for this attraction.

    Still very disappointed and shocked they took out the Miracle on Ice 1980 US Hockey Team clip out of the montage at the end after the last montage update.

  2. And WDWNT continues to throw out fake news. There’s no way that they would be adding John Quincy Williams, Neil The Grass Mike Tyson, and Missy Elliot to a film about American Icons. It’s going to be 3 solid minutes of me President Donald J. TRUMP. It’s going to be yuge, there’s going to be 20 hour waits just like they’re having at the Hall of Donald J. Trump. The song is called Golden Dreams after all, it’s like it was written especially for me.

    1. Glad the anti-astrophysics contingent is finally voicing their concerns regarding Epcot attractions!

      Eagerly awaiting your thoughts on Gina Torres stealing Gary Sinise’s job over at Mission Space.

    2. Just think of what you could do if you put that energy to something other than being an aggressive, I’ll-informed weirdo on a theme park news site.

    3. Wow I just looked at your blog posts (linked to your name )where you stalk park visitors and take photos of them without their permission while disparaging them. You need serious mental help.

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