New Details Emerge for the Millennium Falcon Ride, Possible Hard-Ticket Preview Events for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

As Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge draws nearer to it’s opening in 2019, new details on the land keep spilling out. Today, we have new details on the Millennium Falcon attraction that will be one of the two attractions in the land thanks to

Building off of what we told you earlier, the Millennium Falcon attraction will feature randomized missions.

Hondo is the owner of Hondo Ohnaka’s Transport Solutions sending your crew on mission to Corellia. Before you enter the ride, you will see the Falcon outside. As you go in and have some sort of encounter with Hondo you board the Falcon from underground on Batuu. We assume the idea is that the ship lowered underground to let you board that way.

This means that you will be able to see the outside of the Millennium Falcon before they even board the attraction (as we saw in one of the earliest pieces of concept art). Also, the idea that you meet Hondo outside of the Millennium Falcon makes it sound like there will be a live actor or audio-animatronic in the queue.

The hallway of the Millennium Falcon at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge at Disneyland

The ride experience itself will initially take place in between Episode VIII and Episode IX, but will be updated, possibly yearly, as the Star Wars canon changes with new movies. Here are the three missions that will be shown according to /Film:

  • Mission Scenario One: Hondo gets you involved in a race on Corellia that he’s sure you can’t lose with the Millennium Falcon.
  • Mission Scenario Two: Hondo sends you to the First Order Shipyard on Corellia, possibly on a mission for the Resistance.
  • Mission Scenario Three: Your crew will have to steal some piece of cargo, but the cargo is guarded by a giant monster similar to The Maw from Solo: A Star Wars Story and you’ll have evade the creature like the mythic heroes stealing the treasure from the sleeping dragon. Spoiler: The dragon wakes up.

Disney is touting the attraction as being fully controlled by the guests, meaning a successful mission could give riders “credits” to use in the land. Conversely, a unsuccessful mission could mean a “bounty” will be on your head as you walk through the land.

In other Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge news, a recent commercial filmed by Disney seems to point to the idea that there will be an opportunity for premium access to the land (probably for Disneyland since it will open there first). This will likely be in the form of a hard ticket event for guests to experience the land without the anticipated crowds. Due to the expected draw for the land, a hard ticket experience would be a good opportunity for diehard Star Wars fans to experience Galaxy’s Edge as intended without swarms of people in the way and long lines for the attractions.

SOURCE: /Film, Making Star Wars