TONIGHT: Around The Hub vs. The Monorail Live

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Our crazy competitive show of witty banter comes at you LIVE for Season 6 Episode 17 tonight! We bring back some veterans with some of WDWNT’s new talent. Will age and experience defeat youth? Our host, Patrick Hackett, will be the judge of that! The players with the most points move on in the game, with loser of each round being kicked into the PIT OF DESPAIR.

Tonight’s show goes international:

  • Mono means one, rail means rail… what does it all mean for Walt Disney World?
  • Like a game of monopoly, hotel news is popping up every where. Our panel discusses.
  • In our final round we ask our two competitors to pitch a T-Shirt design that would be fit for our new partners at The Lost Bros.

We’ll be live (where nothing can possibly go wrong) on WDWNTunes at 9:30 PM Eastern, right after an all new ParksCenter.

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Patrick Hackett

Patrick has been with WDWNT since 2012 and a fan of the site since it’s inception. He has been traveling to the parks frequently since 2007. He hosts Around the Hub, Co Hosts and writes for See Ya Real late and is a utility player for the Podcast.