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PHOTO REPORT: Epcot 5/11/19 (Missing Future World Tarps, More Construction Walls, Morocco Pavilion Museum, ETC.)

Join me on a stroll through Future World and World Showcase, will you? Let’s see what’s new.

Construction and Maintenance

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The very first thing I noticed today was that some of the tarps near Fountain View (the Starbucks location in Epcot) were missing! I asked around, but no one seemed to know if they were down because of the wind storm recently, if they were being serviced, or if they’re just gone forever.

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I guess we’ll just keep an eye on them for now. It’s assumed they’re going away eventually as part of Project Gamma, but it would surprise me if they were already taking them down for that reason.

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They put up walls and cleared the trees behind the Refreshment Port recently. It gives us a rather distracting view of the backside of the Imagination! pavilion.

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Here’s the same space as seen peering down from the monorail. No word as to what the project is, but my hope is that they’re expanding those restrooms.

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The crane for the upcoming Ratatouille attraction in the France pavilion is visible from quite the distance.

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The facade for the attraction is coming along nicely. It’s starting to look like Paris! I’m hoping that the brown steel there towards the center will have the “Gusteau’s” sign from the movie.

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New walls are up in the American Adventure. These are in between the Joffrey’s cart and the DVC booth.

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They’ve been doing a lot of pavement work in this pavilion recently, but this is where some landscaping normally is. Maybe they’re cutting a path to the Liberty Inn seating area? That would be quite convenient.

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A Side Trip Into Morocco

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One of my favorite, most peaceful locations in all of Epcot is this little spot in Morocco.

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A lot of people just walk by this room without a second glance. It’s full of art and such from Morocco and has educational tidbits about all the displays.

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It’s also air conditioned, and relatively abandoned. If you need a break from the heat and crowds, head on in here.

epcot5 8 19 13

You might just learn something while you’re here.


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With Toy Story 4 coming out soon, and Toy Story Land getting an expansion of sorts over at Hollywood Studios, expect Toy Story merchandise to be everywhere for the next couple years.

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I found this new Hamm plush in Mouse Gear. Good to see some of the “classic” characters getting representation as well.

usaframe mouse gear

There’s a whole line of new Americana merchandise at Mouse Gear as well. Check it out.

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I noticed that they’ve started putting the bottle-holder carabiners inside the drink coolers. Talk about synergy.

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epcot5 8 19 4
Poor guy got a direct hit from a bird. That’s why you always wear your helmet.

That’s all for today. Buzz says “farewell” from the Toy Story topiary display over near Test Track.

  1. I went today 5/11, and Epcot’s parking lot now has it’s own Death March. I parked in Explore 71 on the East Side of the parking lot. The tram brings you up near behind Guardians of the Galaxy, and from there you have to walk quite a distance to the front of the park.

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