TONIGHT: The Around the Hub Star Wars Special Airs Live on YouTube and WDWNTunes at 9 PM

There has been a reawakening. Have you felt it? The banter…and the points…

Around the Hub Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Special

That’s right, for one night only, Around the Hub is BACK! Our crazy competitive show of witty banter comes at you LIVE for Hub Wars: Return of the Hub. It’s an all-star, all-Star Wars special talking about the newest addition to Disneyland, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge! Some of your favorite WDWNT personalities are here to talk about everything in Black Spire Outpost! Who will be The Last Panelist? Our host, Hack Solo himself, Patrick Hackett, will be the judge of that! The players with the most points move on in the game, with loser of each round being kicked into the PIT OF DESPAIR. (It’s just to the left of the Pit of Carkoon. Watch out for the sarlaac!)

We’ll be live (where nothing can possibly go wrong) on YouTube and WDWNTunes at 9 PM Eastern.

Around the Hub Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Special
I find your lack of points disturbing.

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