PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 10/22/20 (Wishes Come True Blue Color Trend Debuts, Glow And Bubble Cart Returns, Construction Updates, and More)

Hello from a truly perfect day at the Magic Kingdom! It seems we’ve finally turned the corner, weather-wise, and are having some really lovely cooler, Florida-style “Fall” days. We were excited to get out to the park and explore in this beautiful weather. Let’s get started!


The big news of the day happened first thing in the morning, so let’s start there. The new Wishes Come True Blue Collection benefitting the Make A Wish Foundation debuted today across Walt Disney World and was an instant hit! Merchandise was flying off of the shelves as fast as the Cast Members could stock it. From what we hear there are still a few more pieces to this collection that have yet to arrive, but we are loving what we’ve seen so far!


Speaking of merchandise, we found two other pieces today worth mentioning. This youth cropped hoodie is sure to get you noticed, especially when it mentions a favorite snack with the phrase, “Breathe the yummy scent of Mickey waffles.” We found this hoodie at the Emporium for $39.99.


We also found this beanie hat featuring “The Child” from The Mandalorian smiling back at us from the brim of the hat. We found this one-size-fits-all hat at Tomorrowland Light & Power Co for $21.99.


For the first time since the reopening of the parks, we saw a bubble wand and glow cart out on the Hub near Cinderella Castle today. It was roped off so that guests couldn’t get too close to the Cast Member working the cart, and temporary tape marks had been laid out in case a line formed. We were so pleased to see this sight!


At Splash Mountain, where the usual length of the line has forced the closure of the bridge crossing the water track of the attraction in favor of additional queue space, more established queue markings have been installed on the bridge to guide guests. Up until recently, tape marks were used to show guests where to stand and where to go next, but now standard social distancing markers have been installed on the bridge.


We noticed a lack of mounted characters, or characters riding horses today. Gaston was missing from the Villains Cavalcade, and Merida was missing from the Royal Princess Processional. We asked a Cast Member working the Cavalcade and were told that the absence of those characters was only for today. We’re glad they’re not gone for good!


In construction news, the Rivers of America continue to be drained, with significant progress being made since just yesterday. With the water receding so quickly we hope to see other signs of progress soon.


At TRON Lightcycle Run work was being done to install these pieces on the exterior of the show building. Extensive work has been done on the canopy recently as well, bringing it to new heights, and making it visible from other parts of the park.


The installation of the themed scrim cover has been finished at “it’s a small world”, making for what must be the most colorful construction site ever.


The turrets of the attraction have also been wrapped in plastic, suggesting that painting may be taking place.


Outside the park gates, the temporary ramp connecting the Grand Floridian walkway that was removed some time ago has been completely erased from the landscape. Fresh sod has been installed here, covering all traces of the walkway’s existence.


Next to the bus loop, construction walls have been removed here, revealing this landscaped area to guests.


We had a wonderful day at the Magic Kingdom, and we hope you enjoyed coming along with us. Have a magical day!

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1 year ago

I despise bubble wands now. Parents don’t do anything to stop their kids from blowing it in other people’s faces. Before the pandemic, I couldn’t walk five feet without being pelted with bubbles.

1 year ago

The World of Disney had on L sized Wishes Mask. Luckily I found plent at Disney Style. However, the large is really big. I wish they could get the mask sizes straight. I have a mix of L and M. Some L and M’s fit and some are too small or too big.