Average Single-Day Ticket Price Raised in 2022 for Walt Disney World Theme Parks

Vacation packages and tickets are now available to book for 2022 at Walt Disney World. With the release of pricing, we can see that a Walt Disney World vacation in 2022 might be a bit more expensive than in 2021.

As has been the case, single-day tickets in 2022 still start at $109 and go as high as $159. These vary depending on the day and time of year, but the expected price of tickets has not been raised.

Though the price range is the same, the number of days with the $109 price has gone down, while the number of days with the $159 price has gone up. This pushes the average cost for a single-day ticket up to around $135. This is about $7.50 higher than the 2020 price and more than $4 higher than the 2021 price.

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Guests buying more than one single-day ticket may end up spending more than in years past. Multi-day tickets do have the same discount in 2022 as in 2021.

The lowest-priced days are available in August and September, which is now typically Disney’s slowest season. Holiday weeks, especially around Christmas and New Year’s Eve, will be higher-priced.

To get your tickets, visit the Walt Disney World website.