WATCH / LISTEN – WDWNT The RPG Season 1 Recap

WDWNT The RPG is our custom written table top style role playing game, where our cast of players take on characters in the Freelance Adventure Company to solve mysteries and explore. In the first season of the story, the Adventurers saved many attractions from destruction, made some enemies, and many ridiculous new friends! Relive the best moments from the first eight episodes with Tyler, Eric, and Alicia.

You can now watch the entire recap show below on our new Entertainment Channel on YouTube, listen to the episode on your favorite podcast app, download the audio right here, OR if you get WDWNT The App, you can listen right in the app, and our RPG listen page holds a special secret! Can you find it?

Stay tuned to the podcast feed to listen or watch our special one-shot episode Pooh’s Hunny Heist, and be sure to check out the WDWNT The RPG stickers now available on the Carousel Of Products Store!

WDWNT The RPG is not over! A brand new story will begin later this year with a brand new cast of characters. Discover the mystery of Tokyo DisneySea in WDWNT The RPG: Tokyo Rift!

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