Beauty and the Beast – Live on Stage Now Casting for Return to Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Internal casting has begun for off-stage roles at Beauty and the Beast – Live on Stage at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The show has been dark since March 2020, but some characters from the show performed in the short-lived Disney Society Orchestra and Friends before Disney unceremoniously dumped the long-time musicians.


While internal casting has begun, this doesn’t necessarily mean the show will be back this summer. Sometimes it is months after these casting calls that a show debuts, so it may still be bit until you are welcomed to “Be Our Guest” at the Theater of the Stars on Sunset Boulevard. That being said, we suspect Belle, Gaston, Beast, and the rest of the village will return to the stage at some point in 2021. Personally, we’re hoping by November 22nd, as that will make the 30th anniversary of the stage show, one of the longest running in all of theme park history.

This call is also probably a good sign for other entertainment that went dark during the pandemic, but it is still likely that some offerings will never return. As for what will and what won’t, only time will tell.

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Ethan Anania
Ethan Anania
1 month ago

It’s a shame that there’s no update or replacement in mind for this show, since THIS is the exact same show that’s been playing at the Theater of the Stars since the movie came to theaters THIRTY YEARS AGO, I think it’s time for a new production to play at this, even the Hyperion Theater at DCA had many different shows during its 20 yr existence, can’t we see a Tangled live production replace BATB Live on Stage in time for WDW’s 50th anniversary Can’t believe I wouldn’t say this, but I’D RATHER SEE THE INDIANA JONES EPIC STUNT SPECTACULAR… Read more »

Katie B
Katie B
5 days ago

Honestly, the pretty great dancing and fun choreography aspect of this show is what keeps in on the stage. We’ve watched multiple shows in the same day, and my daughter loves to see the nuances between different actors who portray different characters. She does have a favorite “beast,” but she also enjoys seeing him in the other roles as well. Seeing different actors play different parts and seeing their take on it keeps the show different while keeping it the same. It’s a classic, so I don’t think much could change unless they changed choreography. It flows so easily though,… Read more »