TONIGHT: Tokyo Rift, WDWNT The RPG Season 2 Premieres!

WDWNT The RPG is a custom written, tabletop style role playing game, where a group of freelance Adventurers journey around Disney theme parks to discover secrets, solve mysteries, and explore.

Tokyo Rift is the start of a new story, where our group is called to Tokyo DisneySea by Camellia Falco of S.E.A., to investigate a huge dimensional portal hanging in the sky. Our cast embodies strange characters of their choice, as they improvise, roll dice, interrogate, and play along with the massive open RPG world, aided by their Dungeon Master, or as we call it, the Parks Manager.

Featuring a game map set at Tokyo Disney Sea in Japan, characters from the Society Of Explorers and Adventurers, including Harrison Hightower, Camellia Falco, some surprise WDWNT characters of old, and new and original characters created for this adventure.

Some of the characters our team of players encounter in the first episode. Original artwork by Thomas Kiernan.

Each episode features original animation and artwork to put you in the story, as well as music and sound effects. If it’s your first time watching a role playing game played, or WDWNT The RPG, it’s the perfect time to check it out!

WDWNT The RPG: Tokyo Rift premieres with a spectacular prologue and first episode tonight at 9pm on the Unplanned Downtime channel. Click the remind me button on the video to be notified of when the premiere is live.

The cast for the show includes Matthew Soberman, Ashley Jasmer, Emma Cooley, Arlo Gersten, E. Wolfe, Miss Alison and Darius Fletcher, with Tyler Mann of Ride Rehab as your host and guide, and an occasional cameo by Ben Harris.

You can also watch past episodes and one-shots of WDWNT The RPG with the handy playlist below!

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