Walt Disney World Offers Special Genie+ Pricing for Ticket Packages Purchased from the United Kingdom and Ireland

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With guests from the United Kingdom and Ireland about to be able to travel to the United States for the first time since early 2020, Walt Disney World announced that ticket packages purchased from these countries will have special pricing for the Disney Genie+ service.


The Disney Magic Ticket will offer the upcharge service for an additional £6.99 per guest per day, which roughly equates to $9.43 in USD for those who purchase a 14-day ticket, a significant discount off the $15 price. 7-day tickets offer Genie+ for £10.99, which equals $14.82 USD. These tickets also include Park Hopper and Memory Maker options, which includes unlimited Disney PhotoPass downloads.


For guests looking for some serious savings, currently, 14-day Disney Magic Tickets are are being sold for arrivals beginning January 1st through October 25th, 2022 for the same price as 7-day tickets at £469.00.

Will you be taking advantage of this offer? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. Will you be able to just buy Genie+ for a couple of days, or will it have to be purchased for the length of your stay?

  2. How come the UK gets memory maker free and sometimes better discounts than us here?
    What’s the marketing or reason behind it?
    Why not offer us some cheaper memory maker?

    1. Because UK Guests have paid probably around £10k ($14k) for their 2 week trip, so Disney knows they probably won’t pay $15 a day when they get there for Genie+ but some how think they’re getting a deal if they pay $8.10 a day in advance. (you have to pay for 14 days in advance so $113.40) but heres the catch they won’t go to Disney for every day of there 14 days so Disney wins.

    2. A guess, and purely a guess, is that when families, couples or groups stay from the UK or Ireland, they stay for a longer duration on average than US tourists. So if Disney throws in park incentives for the length of their stay, not only is that larger income up front but also pushes the tourists to stay within the bubble rather than going out to Universal or other spots.
      Just a guess though.

    3. It’s probably because us Brits spend longer at WDW so the average spend is most likely higher. If you think WDW pricing is crazy you should look at Paris. Each country has its own website and deals and ticket prices. For the UK it’s normally more expensive say compared to the Dutch website.

  3. What about tickets that were purchased before the pandemic that have now been extended until 2022, will that price apply to those?

  4. Since Disney are no longer offering free dining as part of their U.K. offers I’m not sure how enticing many people will see this ‘offer’. Still paying more for what was previously free. I’m holding out for 2023 and hoping free dining is back by then. And Fantasmic! had better be back by then as well!!

  5. If we already have tickets that qualify for this date, would this be automatically added or is it just for new purchases?

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