Toontown bubble maker

New Light-Up Interactive Mickey’s Toontown Bubble Maker

Toni Ferrigno

We got a closer look at the Interactive Mickey’s Toontown bubble maker available at Disneyland Park. It was released in March but has rarely been in stock.

Toontown Bubble Maker – $38

Toontown bubble maker

We found the often-sold-out bubbler maker at EngineEar Souvenirs in Mickey’s Toontown at Disneyland Park. The bubble maker is designed to look like a barrel with different cranks and gadgets bursting out of the top. It has nods to Mickey Mouse, with the barrel designed to look like Mickey’s shorts and one of the cranks appearing as Mickey’s gloved hand. There are also Mickey Heads throughout. A small sticker on the handle indicates the location of the button that can be pressed to make bubbles.

Toontown bubble maker

The bubble maker has 13 different cranks and buttons to interact with. They trigger different lights and sounds, in addition to setting off bubbles.

Toontown bubble maker back

Chip ‘n Dale are pictured on the back of the barrel. It comes with a red adjustable strap.

Toontown bubble maker bottom

Replacement batteries and replacement soap for the bubbles can be installed on the bottom.

Toontown bubble maker close up

Different parts of the bubble maker move depending on which piece you interact with.

Toontown bubble maker lighting up

We brought the bubble maker outside to get a better look at the lighting elements.

Toontown bubble maker lighting up

The Chip ‘n Dale section lights up when the cranks and buttons are interacted with.

Have you gotten your hands on the Mickey’s Toontown bubble maker? Let us know in the comments below.

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