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Universal Orlando Adds Another Free ‘Harry Potter’ Wand Promotion with Purchase

Toni Ferrigno

A brand new “Free Wand” promotion has rolled out across the Universal Orlando Resort. Guests looking to stock up on their Hogwarts gear can take advantage of the latest deal and get a free non-interactive wand after purchasing a Hogwarts robe and interactive wand.

Free Wand with Purchase Offer

A hand holding a blue sign with the information on the Free Harry Potter wand offering

The new offering allows for one free non-interactive wand with the purchase of a Hogwarts House robe and an interactive wand. Guests must purchase their Hogwarts House robe and an interactive wand at the same time to take advantage of the free wand deal. The free wand is non-interactive and valued at $55.

A merchandise display in the Universal Studios Store with Harry Potter Hogwarts House robes and gear for Slytherin and Ravenclaw

The Hogwarts House robes are available in youth and adult sizes for each of the Hogwarts houses — Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. Guests can purchase a robe for any of the Hogwarts houses for the deal. They may also purchase any interactive wand they would like, however, they are only given five options to choose from for the free wand.

A laminated sheet with photos of the 5 Harry Potter free non-interactive wand options with a photo of the characters next to each wand

Here’s a look at the non-interactive wands guests can choose from with the deal. The options are Fleur Delacour, Death Eater Thorn, Death Eater Skull, Professor Slughorn, or Mad-Eye Moody. These options differ from those offered for the free interactive wand with merchandise card purchase deal also going on at Universal Orlando.

One way to take advantage of both of these free wand deals would be to purchase a $300 merchandise that comes with an interactive wand and then use the merchandise card to purchase a robe and wand for the free non-interactive wand. This would be a good way to stock up on wands for the whole family! Do you think this is a deal worth taking advantage of? Let us know in the comments below.

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