Disability Access Service Changes Now in Effect for Walt Disney World & More: Daily Recap (5/20/24)

Katie Francis

A daily recap collage includes four intriguing images: a statue of a man and a mouse, two bear characters in western attire, a cup of popcorn with a clown face, and a line of stormtroopers in a futuristic setting.

Disability Access Service Changes Now in Effect for Walt Disney World & More: Daily Recap (5/20/24)

The new Disability Access Service system is now in effect at Walt Disney World and requires guests to agree not to file class action lawsuits, the Sun Bonnets are getting new outfits for the Country Bear Musical Jamboree, and a new popcorn bucket has arrived for Donald Duck’s 90th birthday — all this and more in today’s daily recap for Monday, May 20, 2024.

Walt Disney World

Magic Kingdom

WDW MK Country Bear Musical Jamboree Sun Bonnets New Costumes


People of various ages standing near a rocky fountain with water sprays, raising their hands joyfully. Trees and clear blue sky in the background.

Walt Disney World Resort Hotels

Construction site of a new water park featuring partially constructed water slides, with workers and machinery present. A large building and scaffolding are visible in the background.

New Merchandise

A round, cartoonish character's head with white frosting and a red bow sits atop a striped popcorn bucket with a branded lanyard, placed on an outdoor wooden table.

Other Walt Disney World News

A collage showing various food items: a dish with fried chicken and bacon, a colorful ice cream sundae, a glass of beer with a swirl, and a hot dog topped with green and yellow condiments at Disney H2O Glow.

Disneyland Resort

Left: Sign reading "Disneyland Railroad Guided Tour, Meet Here" is displayed. Right: Interior of the vintage Lilly Belle train car with wooden details, red upholstery, curtains, flowers, and a black rope on display.
  • The Disneyland Railroad Guided Tour returned to Disneyland Resort this month and we were among the first to take the updated tour — check out our review.

Tokyo Disney Resort

Two images of a honeycomb-themed attraction with dripping golden honey and cartoon bees at Fantasy Springs in Tokyo DisneySea. The left image shows it in daylight, while the right image is illuminated at night, creating a magical scene reminiscent of Fairy Tinker Bell's world.

The Walt Disney Company

WDW News Today

Grandma Groped Goofy, New Food is a Nightmare

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That’s it for today; we hope you enjoyed this Daily Recap. Thanks for stopping by, and we’ll see you tomorrow!