REVIEW: Every Meal from Tokyo Disney’s Most Expensive Counter Service Restaurant, Royal Banquet of Arendelle in Fantasy Springs

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A tray with various dishes: a baked pastry, a bowl of leafy greens topped with breadcrumbs, a salad with smoked salmon, tomatoes, and orange slices, and a small container of creamy dressing.

REVIEW: Every Meal from Tokyo Disney’s Most Expensive Counter Service Restaurant, Royal Banquet of Arendelle in Fantasy Springs

In the Frozen Kingdom section of Fantasy Springs at Tokyo DisneySea, guests can dine inside Anna and Elsa’s castle at the Royal Banquet of Arendelle. We enjoyed several meals at the restaurant during the port’s soft opening.

Royal Banquet of Arendelle

Front view of an ornate fairytale castle with intricate wooden carvings and multiple spires, under a clear blue sky.

The restaurant is beautiful inside and out. It’s like eating inside Cinderella Castle or the Beast’s castle for the next generation. “Frozen” music plays inside.

A waitress serving drinks in a vibrant, ornately decorated restaurant with high ceilings, chandeliers, and patrons dining at wooden tables.

There are several dining rooms inspired by different rooms seen in the “Frozen” films. Check out a full tour of Royal Banquet of Arendelle.

Calbee, Inc. sponsors the Royal Banquet of Arendelle. There are two adult meals called “Royal Sets”: seafood and beef. Both meals include potato gratin; bread, smoked salmon, trout, and orange salad; Olaf’s Marshmallow Cocoa Mousse; and a choice of soft drink. For an additional ¥390, you can upgrade the soft drink to a draft beer. For ¥340, you can upgrade the drink to wine. We also tried the kids’ meal.

A tray holds a cup of iced coffee, several wrapped pastries, and a basket containing a pastry with lattice crust, small containers, and a napkin.

The meals come on trays with golden filigree. All the food except the bread is in a blue square basket, under themed transparent plastic covers. The baskets are stackable — perfect if you’re ordering every meal.

Arendelle Royal Set (Beef) – ¥3,500

A neatly arranged bento box containing a pastry, a bowl of rice with toppings, a small salad with orange slices, and a dessert in a small bowl, placed on a tray with a partially visible wrapping nearby.

The beef set and kids’ set have covers featuring a castle.

A tray with various dishes: a baked pastry, a bowl of leafy greens topped with breadcrumbs, a salad with smoked salmon, tomatoes, and orange slices, and a small container of creamy dressing.

This entrée is a beef pie.

A baked pie, dessert with a character decoration, salad with smoked salmon, and a dish with vegetables are served on a dark blue tray.

The beef pie is decorated with a snowflake stamp. The crust is buttery and flaky.

A fork lifts a piece of meat from a golden-brown pie placed on a tray beside a bowl of salad and a cup of dessert.

There’s beef, cauliflower, and pasta inside. The beef is good quality. The pasta is cooked just right. It’s hot — which is a con in a Tokyo summer. But this is a good dish and will make a great winter meal.

A tray containing a baked dish with a pastry crust, a small bowl of gratin, and a side salad with smoked salmon, cherry tomatoes, and a purple dressing.

The salad’s smoked salmon is solid for a counter-service. Though the description advertised trout, we didn’t see or taste any. There are fresh orange slices. It’s good.

A fork holding a piece of bread pudding with cream sauce, in front of a small bowl. In the background, there is a pie and a plate with salmon and vegetables.

The potato gratin has a nice cream sauce at the bottom but it’s not soaked through the whole dish. The potato is dry. The green bread on top weighs it all down. If the sauce was more evenly distributed, this would be great.

A hand holds a wrapped pastry with a tree design printed on the packaging. The background shows a wooden table and chairs.

The bread is stamped with a bell image. It’s a nice soft bread. We’re surprised there’s not butter but it’s moist enough on its own.

A hand holding a dessert topped with whipped cream and a printed image of a snowman character. Other food items and trays can be seen in the background.

Olaf is stamped on mochi “floating” in the mousse. The mochi has a surprising lemon flavor.

A spoon holding a steamed bun with a printed cartoon character, covering a meat-filled pastry, next to a plate of vegetables and salad.

It’s not bad, just not what we would expect in this dessert. It’s good mochi.

A close-up of a spoonful of chocolate mousse topped with whipped cream, taken from a glass container on a blue plastic tray.

There are lumps of brownie cake and marshmallows in the mousse. It’s a great dessert. We love it.

The pie, bread, salmon, and dessert are good. We wish the potato gratin was better but it knocks a point off the meal.

Rating out of 7: 6

Arendelle Royal Set (Seafood) – ¥3,500

A neatly packed food tray includes a pie, soup, salad, and a dessert, enclosed in a blue lattice-patterned container placed on a light-colored tray.

The seafood set’s cover features a fish logo.

A tray with a baked pie, a small bowl of white custard dessert with a cartoon character, a green bowl with salmon and mixed salad, and a small dish of breadcrumb-topped food.

This pie is lobster and redfish. It’s decorated with three small snowflake stamps.

Photo of a golden-brown puff pastry pie with a creamy filling, accompanied by a small dish of what appears to be smoked salmon, on a blue tray.

There are big clumps of redfish in this pie. It’s a little too fishy but it’s not bad. The fish is flaky. We also found oysters. The sauce is a creamy bisque. Again, there’s well-cooked cauliflower and pasta. We prefer the beef but this isn’t bad.

A meal tray featuring a baked pie, a small bowl of green gratin, a salad with lettuce, salmon, a cherry tomato, and an orange slice, and a dessert served in a small glass with a cartoon design.

The potato gratin, salad, and Olaf dessert are the same.

Rating out of 7: 5

Arendelle Royal Set (Kids) – ¥2,000

A tray of food featuring a steamed bun wrapped in plastic, and a bento box with rice, vegetables, a slice of orange, and a piece of dessert.

The kids’ royal set includes meatball stew; potato salad; smoked salmon, trout, and orange salad; fruit jelly; rice flour bread; and apple juice.

A tray with a meal including two meatballs in a brown sauce with broccoli and a cherry tomato, a small fruit jelly, smoked salmon with salad, and a box of 100% apple juice.

There is fresh, well-cooked broccoli and cherry tomatoes in the meatball stew. The meatballs are fantastic. They’re made with high-quality ground beef. The sauce is great. It’s a little sweet and tangy.

A meal tray with meatballs, broccoli, and cherry tomato, a side of mashed potatoes, salad with smoked salmon, and citrus slices, accompanied by a carton of apple juice.

The potato salad is visually gray and, frankly, it tastes gray too. There’s a weird sweetness and a saltiness. There’s no flavor to the potato. It’s off-putting and awful. The salad is basically the same as the salad with the adult meals.

A tray with meatballs in sauce, a small dessert, salmon with salad and orange slices, black bread with herbs, and a carton of apple juice.

The fruit jelly looked about as unappetizing as the potato salad. It’s not as bad as we thought it would be but it’s not good. The fruit inside is nice and fresh but the gelatin is flavorless. We wish it was just a fruit cup.

A single round pastry wrapped in a transparent plastic casing with leaf designs on a beige tray.

The kids’ bread doesn’t have the same bell stamp as the adult bread. It’s smaller and, unfortunately, much worse.

A close-up image of a vanilla muffin, partially wrapped in foil on a table surface. The muffin appears soft and freshly baked.

It has a doughy, mushy consistency. It tastes undercooked.

We would rate the meatballs a 7 but the salad a 5, potatoes a 0, bread a 1, and jelly a 2.

Rating out of 7: 5

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