Tour CommuniCore Hall and Mickey & Friends Character Meet and Greet

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A person in a Mickey Mouse costume waves in a colorful room. Below are images of a large, indoor crowd and a vibrant mural featuring various shapes and designs, reminiscent of the lively atmosphere inside CommuniCore Hall.

Tour CommuniCore Hall and Mickey & Friends Character Meet and Greet

Tonight, we got a first look at CommuniCore Hall, the home to a new Mickey & Friends meet and greet, which is now open at EPCOT.

Outside CommuniCore Hall

Exterior view of CommuniCore Hall reveals its striking geometric wall design, framed beautifully by a lush palm tree under a partly cloudy sky.

All the construction walls are down, and CommuniCore Hall is set to open to the public on June 10, completing the years-long EPCOT reimagining.

Entrance of CommuniCore Hall with a striking geometric wall pattern in the background and sleek glass doors reflecting the trees and sky.

The exterior of the building features Spaceship Earth-inspired paneling.

Mickey & Friends Meet and Greet

Exterior of "Mickey & Friends" entrance at a theme park. Signage indicates separate queues for Lightning Lane and Standby entrances. Two staff members are stationed at a counter below the sign, reminiscent of the organizational style seen at CommuniCore Hall.

CommuniCore Hall will be home to a permanent Mickey & Friends meet and greet. Here, guests will have the opportunity to meet some of their favorite Disney characters, such as Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy.

A hallway in CommuniCore Hall features futuristic-themed purple and blue walls, neon ceiling lights in circular shapes, and a waste bin on the right.

The walk in continues the EPCOT imagery from the mural outside. The hall to the meet and greet areas features the retired Universe of Energy pavilion and its dinosaurs. Ellen’s Energy Adventure, an attraction housed inside, and the rest of the pavilion closed in 2017 to make way for the Xandar pavilion and Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind.

A mural with a futuristic design in CommuniCore Hall features four elongated white shapes resembling fountains against a geometric background.

The Fountain of Nations, demolished to make way for the new World Celebration Gardens, is also featured on the wall inside.

A costumed character of Mickey Mouse, wearing red pants and a black jacket, poses inside the vibrant CommuniCore Hall, adorned with a colorful, nature-inspired mural.

Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy have their own areas. Mickey meets in a small alcove with Spaceship Earth and a Monorail in the background. On the wall to the left, as pictured above, is the Robot Butler from Horizons (which closed in 1999 and was replaced by Mission: SPACE).

A person in a Goofy costume stands in front of a colorful, cartoonish backdrop featuring trees, flowers, and geometric structures, reminiscent of the whimsical designs found at CommuniCore Hall.

Goofy meets to the right in a green section. The mural behind him features the Imagination Pavilion.

Abstract painting featuring pink flowers with yellow centers against a backdrop of green hills and geometric shapes, reminiscent of the vibrant art showcased at CommuniCore Hall.

There’s a hidden Mickey in the flower bed.

A costumed character resembling a white duck with a pink dress, purple bow, and pink shoes strikes a pose in front of a colorful backdrop featuring trees, flowers, and CommuniCore Hall.

During a later visit, we met Daisy Duck in this same spot.

A person in a Minnie Mouse costume poses in front of a colorful mural featuring a monorail, futuristic buildings, and the iconic CommuniCore Hall.

Minnie’s meet and greet area is pink with another monorail crossing in front of The Land pavilion.

A vibrant mural featuring Mickey and Minnie Mouse in front of the geometric structure of CommuniCore Hall, with colorful backgrounds and mountains on the right side.

Guests will also find an EPCOT mural outside, inspired by the characters and locations that have come to define EPCOT and Walt Disney World Resort.

One section of the mural features Mickey and Minnie in their retro spacesuits.

A colorful mural featuring cartoon characters in futuristic settings at CommuniCore Hall, with one character sitting in a flying vehicle and another standing in front of geometric shapes.

To the right of Mickey is The Land pavilion, and Goofy flies in front of the former Wonders of Life pavilion.

A vibrant mural at CommuniCore Hall depicts a futuristic scene with a monorail, geometric shapes, and people in colorful attire, set against a backdrop of stars, planets, and abstract designs.

In the section above, to the left, are the corner of the Wonders of Life pavilion and Horizons, with the Robot Butler making another appearance.

In the center is Mission: SPACE and The Seas With Nemo and Friends (formerly known as The Living Seas pavilion). A diver and Donald in a diving suit depict SeaBase, which is part of the pavilion.

A colorful mural depicting a monorail, a dragon character, various geometric shapes, and a futuristic airplane against a vibrant background adorns the exterior of CommuniCore Hall.

The Universe of Energy pavilion is on the bottom right in the photo above. At the top left is a Nova Corps Star Blaster from Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind.

In the center are the Jumping Fountains and Figment, with the Imagination Pavilion just behind.

Colorful mural depicting a monorail, a futuristic building, and fountains with flowers, all set against the backdrop of the iconic CommuniCore Hall.

On the left is the former World of Motion pavilion, which is now Test Track. An overhaul is coming soon to Test Track and will feature inspiration from World of Motion.

Inside CommuniCore Hall

A modern cafeteria in CommuniCore Hall features high wooden ceilings, circular light fixtures, and large windows. Tables and chairs are scattered throughout, with colorful banners hanging from the ceiling.

Disney’s official website also states that CommuniCore will serve as a space where guests can relax and recharge during their day at EPCOT.

The spacious CommuniCore Hall features modern seating arrangements, tables, and colorful banners hanging from the ceiling. Circular blue lighting adorns the ceiling, while large windows flood the area with natural light.

Small areas dedicated to each EPCOT neighborhood are marked by large, hanging banners.

A man serves drinks at a bar counter underneath an "EPCOT" sign in CommuniCore Hall. Several beverages including bottled water, soda cans, and beverage dispensers are displayed on the counter.

The offerings inside CommuniCore Hall include a demo kitchen, a gallery space, and a mixology bar.

A crowd of people is inside the "World Discovery" section of CommuniCore Hall, with a large "World Discovery" sign and various colorful lights and screens in the background.

During the media event, the banners were instead replaced with giant hanging signs representing each neighborhood of EPCOT.

A room filled with people looking at various exhibits. A sign hangs from the ceiling that reads "World Showcase," reminiscent of the engaging displays at CommuniCore Hall.

These permanent fixtures will change throughout the year, as the space transforms with the rotating festivals.

A cafeteria with multiple round tables and white chairs on a speckled tile floor, reminiscent of the welcoming ambiance in CommuniCore Hall.

When not in use for festivals or other offerings, sets of tables and chairs are set up throughout the space.

Row of blue and brown cushioned seats with metal legs against a glass partition in the spacious corridor of CommuniCore Hall.

There are also blue and orange couches available to lounge on.

Watch our video tour of CommuniCore Hall and Plaza below.

CommuniCore Hall is located in the World Celebration section of EPCOT, formerly known as Future World. It is near Imagination! Pavilion, The Land Pavilion, and Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana. The new space replaces Innoventions West, an attraction featuring evolving technologies, which closed on May 19, 2015.

CommuniCore Hall opens alongside CommuniCore Plaza, a new flexible outdoor space that will feature live entertainment, including “¡Celebración Encanto!” When visiting CommuniCore Hall and CommuniCore Plaza, guests can also check out World Celebration Gardens and Dreamers Point, two more segments of the World Celebration reimagining.

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