FIRST LOOK at Grizzly Hall Updates for New Country Bear Musical Jamboree

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A multi-image collage showcases Grizzly Hall, featuring both its exterior and interior. Highlights include memorabilia like a guitar and badge-covered vest, as well as the stage with red curtains labeled "Grizzly Hall," reminiscent of the Country Bear Musical Jamboree.

FIRST LOOK at Grizzly Hall Updates for New Country Bear Musical Jamboree

The Country Bear Musical Jamboree opens later this month at Magic Kingdom, and we have a first look inside and outside the refurbished Grizzly Hall.

Grizzly Hall Exterior

A large group of people gather outside the rustic Grizzly Hall for the "Country Bear Musical Jamboree" event on a cloudy day.

The façade of Grizzly Hall is mostly the same. It’s a lodge-like structure with antlers and a “Grizzly Hall” sign near the top. New “Country Bear Musical Jamboree” signage includes a large sign above the entrance.

        A wooden sign for the "Country Bear Musical Jamboree" at Grizzly Hall features three animatronic bears peering from a balcony. The sign, now with updates, still promises "A Wild & Wacky Good Time.

It’s similar in style to the old Country Bear Jamboree sign. It’s light brown with golden leafy designs. In addition to the new show’s name, it features the tagline, “A Wild & Wooly Good Time.”

Three anthropomorphic bears in cowboy attire play musical instruments on a sign for Grizzly Hall, with one bear on guitar, one on banjo, and one appearing to sing in a Country Bear Musical Jamboree.

A wooden relief sculpture of three bears is at the top of the sign. This is almost exactly the same as the old relief but with slightly updated details to reflect the bears’ new costumes. Big Al is in the center with Zeke to the left and Zeb to the right.

A poster outside a rustic wooden building advertises the "Country Bear Musical Jamboree" at Grizzly Hall, featuring characters including Henry, Wendell, Teddi Barra, and Trixie.

As guests enter Grizzly Hall, they pass a framed poster for Country Bear Musical Jamboree. It features red versions of the artwork on the first poster released. The names of the bears are listed and it states there are “continuous shows.”

A wooden sign with theatrical language encourages visitors to attend the New Country Bear Musical Jamboree, featuring quotes from critics describing it as enjoyable and entertaining for all ages. People are entering a rustic building in the background, perhaps anticipating some Grizzly Hall updates.

Another poster features quotes from critics about the show.

Don’t hibernate on this one! Go! — National Growl

A show the whole pack will love! — Grizzly Gazette

It’ll have you growlin’ in the aisles! — Hiber-Nation Magazine

These two frames previously displayed the same faded Country Bear Jamboree poster.

A wooden building exterior with a sign that reads, "Country Bear Musical Jamboree" and "Continuous Shows Today." Some people are visible in the doorway of Grizzly Hall, and a camera is partially visible in the corner.

A sign next to the door also advertises continuous shows today. There are slots to put in times for when the day’s showings start and end. This sign previously displayed approximately how many minutes remained until the next show.

Grizzly Hall Lobby

A small group of people stand and walk in a room with wooden floors and exposed beams, some engaging with their phones and others conversing. Various framed pictures and decorative items hang on the walls, hinting at the upcoming New Country Bear Musical Jamboree presented as part of Grizzly Hall Updates.

Inside, the lobby walls are still off-white with dark wood wainscotting. The ceiling and dark wood rafters match. There are light wood columns and brown cushioned benches.

Three oval-framed paintings of bears playing musical instruments hang on a white wall with wooden paneling. Two lamps are mounted above the paintings, adding a warm glow that highlights these charming additions, reminiscent of the New Country Bear Musical Jamboree at Grizzly Hall.

Most of these oval portraits of the Country Bears are holdovers from the old show. They depict the bears playing their various instruments and are housed in ornate golden frames.

wdw mk country bear musical jamboree grizzly hall 7692

The smaller portraits are new additions. One of these shows a group of bears in a marching band. An old piece depicts Gomer playing the piano.

Two framed bear paintings hanging on a wall, one depicting a bear playing the piano and the other a bear playing the cello from the Country Bear Musical Jamboree. A fire alarm is installed below the paintings as part of Grizzly Hall Updates.

New is this painting of two bear cubs wearing pink bows and playing an upright bass.

Two oval-framed paintings of Country Bears in old-fashioned attire hang on a wall under a lit sconce. The bear on the left plays a guitar, while the bear on the right sits with utensils on a tray, adding charm to this Musical Jamboree setting.

Big Al is depicted in one of the largest portraits. Guests can also meet Big Al outside Grizzly Hall.

An oval-framed painting of a bear wearing a hat, standing on two legs, and playing a red guitar against a forest background—perfectly capturing the charm of Grizzly Hall's Country Bear Musical Jamboree.

The old artwork is by Imagineer Marc Davis. The new artwork matches Davis’ style.

A framed picture of a person dressed in a red costume with a horn and shield, hanging on the wall beneath a light fixture in Grizzly Hall.

Here is another marching band bear.

Three oval framed paintings of cartoonish characters on a wall in Grizzly Hall. One character is holding an umbrella, another appears to be an animal with a guitar ready for the Musical Jamboree, and a third is partially visible. A hand is in the frame.

Though the bears have all new costumes for the Country Bear Musical Jamboree, the old portraits feature them in their old outfits.

Four ornate framed artwork pieces depicting Country Bear characters in various scenes adorn a wall above a display case with an old newspaper and a hat inside, reminiscent of Grizzly Hall's famous Musical Jamboree.

A large trio of portraits features Henry, the Five Bear Rugs, and Wendell.

A display case featuring a violin, sheet music, and memorabilia, situated between two windows. Above the case, a framed picture of a bear playing a banjo hangs on the wall—a charming nod to Grizzly Hall and the Country Bear Musical Jamboree with new updates.

New to the lobby are display cases with props from the bears’ careers.

Display case featuring various historical artifacts including a round hat, a handwritten letter, a violin, a pocket watch, a model train, and a "LAYING TRACKS" sign from Grizzly Hall's Country Bear Musical Jamboree.

This first case is dedicated to rehearsing and recording.

Plaque with text titled "Creating the New Show" explaining the role of Henry, the Master of Ceremonies, in the production and development of the New Country Bear Musical Jamboree, along with a collection of studio items.

Plaques in each case describe the objects and backstory.

Creating the New Show

The Country Bears have long been known to record their shows, immortalizing the performances on albums that have gone walnut many times over. Henry is not only the show’s Master of Ceremonies, but he’s also been instrumental in defining the look and sound of the current show. Here is a collection of items from the Bears’ recording studio, including a rare look at the lyric writing and song set list development for the new show.

A display case with a vintage microphone, a framed record titled "Grizzly Bear Blues," and a notebook with handwritten notes and illustrations provides fascinating insights into the new Country Bear Musical Jamboree at Grizzly Hall.

A record resembling a tree trunk is “The Five Bear Rugs, Live in Concert” Walnut record. It’s provided by Grizzly Gulch Records. There’s also a vintage microphone with a “CBJ” logo.

Image of a framed napkin with handwritten setlist and notes for a performance at Hungry Bear Restaurant, accompanied by a plaque labeled "Lyric Notebook & Set List Development," showcasing early plans for the New Country Bear Musical Jamboree at Grizzly Hall.

This napkin from Hungry Bear Restaurant (a real Disneyland restaurant in Critter Country, where Country Bear Jamboree was once located) features written notes by Henry Bear. Henry’s lyric notebook is also on display.

An old, worn violin with a broken bow is displayed on a pedestal labeled "ERNEST'S REHEARSAL FIDDLE. (FIREDOMETIME PROVED NECESSARY)" in Grizzly Hall. Next to it is a wooden board with music notes and lyrics, reminiscent of the Country Bear Musical Jamboree.

Here is Ernest’s rehearsal fiddle. It’s burnt up, with the plaque noting “fireproofing proved necessary.”

A wooden metronome displayed in a case, set at 88 BPM. A note indicates it was used in theatrical stage settings for the Musical Jamboree. A partially visible sheet of music and other items are in the background.

This wooden metronome was used in the rehearsal studio. It features golden bees. The plaque notes it was provided by Gomer.

A display titled "LAYING TRACKS" features sheet music labeled "Come Again," with a violin in the background, reminiscent of the Musical Jamboree at New Country Bear's Grizzly Hall Updates.

This studio recording light reads “Laying Tracks.”

A wooden plank with musical notes and lyrics titled "COME AGAIN" written on it in black ink, displayed as part of the New Country Bear Musical Jamboree exhibit. Background elements include a sketch and other artifacts from recent Grizzly Hall Updates.

Sheet music for “Come Again” is carved on a wooden slab.

A display case containing vintage items, including old books, a top hat, and various small objects from the Country Bear Musical Jamboree, is set against a wall. Two people sit on benches next to the display, one reading and the other looking down.

This case features some familiar props from the old version of the show.

A washboard, labeled jars, a teddy bear, and a harmonica are displayed in a cabinet. A framed newspaper clipping about the Musical Jamboree at Grizzly Hall is fixed on the wall behind them.

Ted’s washboard and three jugs used by the Five Bear Rugs are on display. Fred’s harmonica is on a box in the front of the case.

The display case showcases an old teddy bear, reminiscent of Grizzly Hall, a gray top hat on a stand, and a historical newspaper clipping with text. Informational plaques detail the history of the teddy bear and the top hat, adding to the nostalgic charm of this Musical Jamboree.

Oscar’s original teddy bear is next to the instruments. The top hat once belonged to Ursus H. Bear, the founder of Grizzly Hall and Henry’s grandfather.

A vintage-style newspaper titled "The Daily Bee" announces the opening of Grizzly Hall with the headline "Venue Promises a 'Wild and Wooly' Time" and features a FIRST LOOK at the New Country Bear Musical Jamboree.

A newspaper called “The Daily Bee” features an article about the opening of Grizzly Hall in Octobear 1898.

A display case at Grizzly Hall featuring a red vest adorned with patches, an electric guitar, a camera, a belt buckle, concert posters, sunglasses, and various memorabilia from the Country Bear Musical Jamboree.

This display case mounted on a wall prominently displays a red vest and guitar. It’s about the Country Bears’ various “world” tours.

World Tour

As the Country Bear Jamboree exploded in popularity, fans flocked to Grizzly Hall from across the globe. But any time there was a “paws” in the mainstage show, the Bear Band would pack up and make tracks across the wilderness, performing at venues across the hiber nation. Here is a collection drawn from the Bears’ time on tour, including amateur photos taken on the road by Wendell himself.

The headstock of an electric guitar with "Les Paul" written on it, featuring tuning pegs and strings, reminiscent of the instruments played at Grizzly Hall during a lively Musical Jamboree. The background is a plain, light-colored surface.

The guitar is a “Les Paw,” a pun of Les Paul guitars. It belongs to Romeo McGrowl. It’s customized with hearts and Romeo’s name.

Ornate, gold belt buckle featuring a large, centered letter "R" surrounded by intricate designs, displayed on a pedestal as part of the New Country Bear Musical Jamboree collection.

This large golden belt buckle also belongs to Romeo. “R” is in the center.

A burgundy vest displayed in a case, adorned with various patches representing different cities including Paris, London, and Rome. It's surrounded by posters and memorabilia from the renowned Country Bear Musical Jamboree at Grizzly Hall.

The red vest was worn by Big Al on his most recent farewell tour. It’s covered in patches that seem to be for big, mostly international, cities. But upon closer inspection, the patches are all for cities in the United States that happen to share their names with international cities.

A patch depicting a lighthouse on a hill with the text "Amsterdam, New York" on a red textured background gives you a FIRST LOOK at the charm of this quaint locale.

Amsterdam, New York.

A colorful patch featuring an orange and red rock formation with "MANILA" written at the bottom, reminiscent of Grizzly Hall, sewn onto a red fabric background.

Manila, Utah.

Embroidered patch with a red and white wave design, text "Hollywood Florida," and "Cheers of the Gulf Coast" on a red felt background, reminiscent of Grizzly Hall Updates from the New Country Bear Musical Jamboree.

Hollywood, Florida.

A diamond-shaped patch with the word "Zurich" in orange, accompanied by an illustration of skiing poles and a ski lift, set on a red textured background. This design feels reminiscent of the rustic charm you'd find in Grizzly Hall Updates.

Zurich, Kansas.

A fabric patch with "ROME" and "TENNESSEE" embroidered on it in khaki and white colors, featuring an image of a building in the background, displayed on a red surface, reminiscent of the charm of Grizzly Hall.

Rome, Tennessee.

A rectangular embroidered patch on a red fabric with the word "LONDON" at the top, and an image of a bridge over water with green hills in the background, reminiscent of scenes from the New Country Bear Musical Jamboree.

London, Ohio.

Patch on maroon fabric featuring a blue triangular design with the word "PARIS" in bold white letters. Fans of Grizzly Hall Updates will appreciate its rugged charm, reminiscent of the New Country Bear Musical Jamboree.

Paris, Texas.

A red and white embroidered patch with a horse and "Versailles, Kentucky" on a red background, surrounded by other embroidered patches of different shapes and colors, evoking the charm of Grizzly Hall Updates with a dash of New Country Bear Musical Jamboree spirit.

Versailles, Kentucky.

A patch with the word "CAIRO" in large, white, block letters is sewn onto a red fabric background, reminiscent of a lively Musical Jamboree at Grizzly Hall. The patch is completed with a green border and background.

Cairo, Illinois.

A blue circular patch with embroidered text reading "Athens Georgia" on a red textured background, inspired by recent Grizzly Hall Updates.

Athens, Georgia.

A fabric patch featuring the word "Berlin" above an illustration of mountains with a sunburst design, reminiscent of the New Country Bear Musical Jamboree, attached to a maroon background.

Berlin, New Hampshire.

wdw mk country bear musical jamboree grizzly hall 1763

The center patch originally read “Big Al’s 10th Farewell Tour” but an “11” has been added over the “10.”

A pair of heart-shaped sunglasses adorned with decorative bees, labeled "Sunglasses worn by Trixie in photoshoot at Grizzly Hall," displayed in a glass case.

These sunglasses were worn by Trixie for a photoshoot. They have pink lenses in gold frames decorated with flowers and bees. They were provided by Bears Magazine.

A beige guitar strap labeled "SHAKER" with black and white details is displayed in a case alongside novelty sunglasses, artwork, and a metal funnel, celebrating the New Country Bear Musical Jamboree.

Terrance a.k.a. Shaker’s guitar strap featuring his nickname is also displayed.

Vintage camera with a flash attachment, a decorated cloth with the word "SHAKER," and several illustrated postcards displayed in a glass case, reminiscent of treasures you might find at Grizzly Hall during the Country Bear Musical Jamboree.

Wendell’s vintage camera is below some of his tour photos. The photos have a slight sepia tone. They depict the Country Bears in various locations. One features them celebrating Big Al’s birthday.

Display case featuring vintage concert posters and a ticket stub, advertising performances by "Teddi Barra," "The Five Bear Rugs," and "The Jeweled Singing Group" at The Ursus Theater in Grizzlyville. This collection captures the essence of a legendary Country Bear Musical Jamboree at Grizzly Hall.

Above the photos are two Country Bear posters, one featuring Teddi Barra and another featuring the Five Bear Rugs. There are also tickets for Trixie and some of the other bears at Royal Ursa Hall. The program is for “Grizzlyville’s Biggest Night of Music.”

Display case with memorabilia, including a "Beary Poppins" poster, framed artworks, a decorative plate, and an assortment of collectibles and artifacts related to the New Country Bear Musical Jamboree on shelves behind glass.

A large cabinet in one corner features three display windows.

A Legacy of Success

Over a century after Ursus H. Bear founded Grizzly Hall, the Country Bears continue to thrive. In addition to renewed success, the Bear Band has enjoyed critical acclaim, a growing fandom, and a variety of new opportunities both on-stage and off.

A display case featuring a "Beary Poppins" movie poster, a framed “I Beary Remember” artwork, a bear pawprint, and a film reel with a handwritten label from the Grizzly Hall Musical Jamboree.

In the top case is a poster for “Beary Poppins” starring Trixie and Ernest the Dude. Nearby is Trixie’s book based on her scrapbooks and journals called “I Bearly Remember.” The subtitle is “Trixie: Famous From Tacoma to Tampa.”

wdw mk country bear musical jamboree grizzly hall 7709

There are some awards the bears have received. A golden statue is sculpted to look like Teddi Barra in her floral swing.

A display case featuring a golden statue, phonograph, metal film reel, and a cement handprint slab labeled "Big Al" showcases the rich history of Grizzly Hall Updates. A poster for the New Country Bear Musical Jamboree is also visible on the left.

A slab of concrete features Big Al’s footprints, as immortalized at the Grizzly Theater.

A film canister with a label marked "35 mm" and "SEC pan film 1071," rests beneath a handwritten note that appears to reference updates at Grizzly Hall from the Country Bear Musical Jamboree.

This case holds the original 16mm film reel for the “Singing Wild” documentary by Ken Bearns (a riff on noted documentarian Ken Burns).

Four bear-themed magazines are displayed in a wooden-framed glass case. The covers feature various titles and bear illustrations, including "National Growlgraphic," "Country Bear Living," and the latest issue of "Grizzly Hall Updates." Don't miss the Musical Jamboree highlights in "New Country Bear"!

There are four national publications featuring some of the bears: National Growl, Hiber-Nation, Bears Magazine, and Country Bear Living.

A display case filled with various handwritten letters and envelopes, some decorated with colorful stamps and drawings, stands in the corner of Grizzly Hall Updates, just next to the New Country Bear Musical Jamboree.

There is also a pile of fan mail from “dens and caves across the country.”

A display case filled with various fan mail letters, each with different stamps and handwritten addresses, stands proudly in Grizzly Hall. A sign in the background indicates that fan mail for the Country Bear Musical Jamboree is still being received from across the country.

The envelopes are addressed to the Country Bears at Grizzly Hall in the North Woods. They feature stamps with images of different natural features and bears.

A framed display featuring handwritten letters and cards, including a colorful drawing with childlike handwriting and a typed letter, all celebrating the latest Grizzly Hall updates for the New Country Bear Musical Jamboree.

There are three letters prominently displayed. One features a drawing of Teddi by Bearielle. A postcard wishes the gang “Happy Holidays” and references their vacation. A letter from Septembear 29, 1964, is from Teddy, who was inspired by the Country Bears to pick up the washboard and become a musician.

Grizzly Hall Theater

Interior of Grizzly Hall theater with red curtains on the stage, ornate decorations above, and an audience seated on wooden benches eagerly awaiting the New Country Bear Musical Jamboree.

The theater looks much the same, but the reliefs above the curtains have been refreshed with new paint.

Ornate theater stage with red curtains, featuring a decorative arch with gold detailing and an illustration of a bear character. Text on the backdrop reads "Grizzly." Enjoy the New Country Bear Musical Jamboree at Grizzly Hall, showcasing exciting updates!

The portrait in the center of the reliefs is of Ursus H. Bear, who bears a striking resemblance to his grandson. The sculptures also include fish and angel bears.

A view of an ornate theater interior with golden, turquoise, and green embellished balcony boxes and red velvet curtains, reminiscent of Grizzly Hall. A mounted moose head is partially visible on the right.

Bear versions of the classic comedy and drama theater masks are carved above the small side stages.

People seated in a theater facing a stage with a red curtain and ornate gold trim, displaying the text "Grizzly Hall," eagerly await the New Country Bear Musical Jamboree.

Before the show begins, a spotlight shines on a backdrop reading “Grizzly Hall Est. 1898.”

Three mounted animal heads, including a moose, buffalo, and deer, are displayed on a wooden wall above two exit signs in Grizzly Hall, reminiscent of the charming decor you'd find at a Country Bear Musical Jamboree.

Melvin, Buff, and Max are still mounted on the wall above the exit doors.

Stay tuned for our thoughts on the new Country Bear Musical Jamboree.

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