Luke Manning’s 8/17/09 Photo Report

Hey everyone, Luke Manning here. I visited the Disneyland Resort yesterday on what easily was the busiest day I have ever seen at the parks. But anyway, let’s get to my photo report:

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The line at the Downtown Disney Monorail station was 3 switch-backs long, which meant a wait of over half an hour. Only Monorail Blue was running

623447035 8g9oi MHere you can see work on the permanent home for LittleMissMatched, which will be right next to its current home

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All guests, even Annual Passholders, were required to get their hand stamped

623447580 gV3US L

Some of the merchandise from the recent SHAG Haunted Mansion 40th anniversary event is still available in the Disneyana Store

623447764 Nm2es L

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Chuck Canzoneri and The Muppets Invade Disneyland

Chuck Canzoneri reports to us with something very interesting that went on yesterday at Disneyland:

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Filming was happening at Disneyland

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Do my eyes deceive me, or is that the Muppets coming down Main Street in the Fire Engine?

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Why yes it is! There’s Sweetums next to the driver

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Other characters I can spot in the vehicle include Kermit, Gonzo, Pepe, Ms Piggy, Animal, Fozzy, and Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem (sorry if I missed any)

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Sweetums looks a little grumpier than usual ;)

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Jose Castillo’s 7/29/09-8/4/09 Photo Report

Our final photo report from last week’s WDWNT group trip to Disneyland comes to us from our technical director Jose Castillo. This was actually Jose’s first trip to Disneyland, and therefore his first photo report for us here at Disneyland News Today:

612190598 Q2zTP M

The Palace of Fine Arts is all that remains of Golden Dreams

612190802 3hGET M

The WDWNT crew on their way to enjoy Disney’s Wall Adventure

612192540 iaCzS M

The model in the Blue Sky Cellar shows that some sort of statue will be where that wooden structure is

612210250 Yy4m3 M

A look at World of Color construction

612210805 fAsL6 M

One of the lighting towers for the show

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Myrna Litt’s 7/31/09-8/3/09 Photo Report

Our second photo report from the WDWNT Staff trip to the Disneyland Resort comes to us from the wonderful Myrna Litt:


The new Green Army Men show at Disney’s California Adventure, that was formed from the old Trash Can Trio in Tomorrowland





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DLR Photo Report – 7/29/09-8/5/09

I have returned from a near record setting 8 days at the wonderful Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California. This trip was mainly to spend time with members of the WDWNT staff, which for some was their first visit, and for others was their 100th visit! Let’s get into the first photo report of what will be many from this past week:

612734125 7yDwP M

On our first day, we enjoyed a meal at the recently opened Celebration Roundup and Barbecue. Left to right here you can see Matt Paul, Tom Corless, Chris Lastrapes, and Jose Castillo

612740893 n8BVQ L

Space Mountain was a favorite among everyone

612740973 7NFkU L

The White Rabbit statue outside the restrooms near Alice in Wonderland finally has its clock-face back

612741057 LzUZS L

The freaky looking Mickey Monsters plush have started hitting store shelves through-out the Disneyland Resort

612741142 24g9E M

The “What Will You Celebrate?” Disneyland Resort Harbor Blvd. entrance

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