PHOTOS: First Look at CommuniCore Plaza Now Open in EPCOT

CommuniCore Plaza stage with colorful flags and column wraps inspired by "Encanto"

CommuniCore Plaza is now open at EPCOT. The new flexible outdoor space is home to the limited-time “¡Celebración Encanto!” and will host other live entertainment in the future. CommuniCore Plaza…

REVIEW: ‘Encanto’-Inspired Arepas, Coconut Tres Leches, and Passion Fruit Drinks at CommuniCore in EPCOT

Three images showcase a small arepa on a white plate, a hand holding a yellow beverage with a lime slice, and a tres leches nestled in a black bowl. The background features lush green foliage.

…Isla Fresca menu items available during the EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival. ‘Encanto’-Inspired Festival Favorites Festival Favorites is located on the side of CommuniCore Hall, next to CommuniCore Plaza….

New ‘Encanto’-Themed Food & Beverages at CommuniCore Plaza in EPCOT

Two dishes on separate plates: the left features a sandwich with a golden brown crust and creamy filling, and the right shows a dessert topped with whipped cream and toasted coconut on a blue plate.

CommuniCore Hall and Plaza are now open at EPCOT and include a Festival Favorites quick-service booth serving “Encanto”-themed menu items. Festival Favorites Festival Favorites is the name of an old…

Showtimes Released for ¡Celebración Encanto! at CommuniCore Plaza in EPCOT

The outdoor stage, adorned with colorful banners and props, features a prominent sign reading "¡Celebración Encanto!" Musical instruments are set up, ready for a lively performance. Trees create a natural backdrop while people excitedly gather around the celebration.

June 10 marks the opening of CommuniCore Hall and Plaza at EPCOT, including a new limited-time show: ¡Celebración Encanto! Featuring trivia, sing-alongs, and appearances from Mirabel and Bruno, the show…

EPCOT Map Updated to Include CommuniCore Hall & Plaza

Aerial view of a park labeled "World Celebration," showing various paths, gardens, water features, and large buildings.

The digital EPCOT map has been updated to include CommuniCore Hall and Plaza, which are now open. The paper guidemaps inside the park were not updated at this time. However,…

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Collage of images from a theme park, featuring a castle, character mascot, multiple attractions, a crowd holding a passport, and an outdoor seating area with tables and umbrellas—perfect for your daily recap.

…new CommuniCore Hall at EPCOT — all this and more in today’s daily recap for Sunday, June 9, 2024. Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom At the Most Magical Place on…

VIDEO, PHOTOS: New ‘¡Celebración Encanto!’ Show at EPCOT

Performers on a colorful stage with a drum set and tropical-themed decorations, including flowers and a bicycle cart, in the background. Some are in costumes; one wrapped in a green cloak. Trees visible behind. The scene radiates the vibrancy of a true celebración encanto.

…a dance party and appearances from Mirabel and Bruno. “¡Celebración Encanto!” will premiere on June 10 as part of the grand opening of CommuniCore Hall and CommuniCore Plaza, the final…

Tour CommuniCore Hall and Mickey & Friends Character Meet and Greet

A person in a Mickey Mouse costume waves in a colorful room. Below are images of a large, indoor crowd and a vibrant mural featuring various shapes and designs, reminiscent of the lively atmosphere inside CommuniCore Hall.

…opens alongside CommuniCore Plaza, a new flexible outdoor space that will feature live entertainment, including “¡Celebración Encanto!” When visiting CommuniCore Hall and CommuniCore Plaza, guests can also check out World…

EPCOT Flex Space Opens With Picnic Tables & Umbrellas

wdw epcot flex space opens 9842

…space’s opening comes a day before CommuniCore Hall and Plaza are scheduled to finally open, marking the completion of the park’s years-long reimagining. For the latest Disney Parks news and…

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More CommuniCore Construction Walls Come Down at EPCOT as Opening Date Approaches

An exterior view of CommuniCore Hall at EPCOT, featuring a geometric-patterned facade with plants in the foreground on a sunny day as the walls come down to reveal its stunning design.

…disappeared, allowing guests to get their first look at the park’s completed reimagining. EPCOT Reimagining Nears Completion CommuniCore Hall The long-awaited CommuniCore Hall can now be seen from the ground…

WATCH PARKSCENTER — Tiana Ride Through Video, Country Bear Setlist, and a Look at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge 5 Years Later

Image showing a decorative sign reading "Tiana's Bayou Adventure" with the text "ALMOST THERE?" above it. A character dressed in a green outfit is smiling and waving in the bottom right corner, capturing the joyous spirit of ParksCenter.

…over at EPCOT, the final touches are being put on the Communicore Hall and Plaza, with opening just a week away. We were given a sneak peek of the character…

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…closer look at the finale scene in Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. Another new Tiana’s Bayou Adventure sign has been uncovered. EPCOT “Encanto” theming has been added to CommuniCore Plaza during its…

‘Encanto’ Theming Added to CommuniCore Screen, Cast Members Previewing Mickey & Friends Meet and Greet in EPCOT

A small stage with colorful banners hanging above, a red ladder is placed at the center. There are shrubs and a paint can in front, and trees are visible behind the stage.

During EPCOT construction, more “Encanto” theming has been added to the screen in CommuniCore Plaza and Cast Members are previewing the new Mickey & Friends meet and greet in CommuniCore

First Look Inside Tiana’s Bayou Adventure & More: Daily Recap (5/28/24)

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…greet area that will be part of CommuniCore Hall in EPCOT. Disney’s Hollywood Studios The Mickey Shorts Theater at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, featuring the original “Vacation Fun” short, has reopened after a…

Disney Shares Look at New Mickey & Friends Meet and Greet Coming to EPCOT

A person in a Mickey Mouse costume stands in front of a colorful, cartoon-like backdrop with trees and flowers, perfect for a magical meet and greet.

As Disney prepares for the opening of CommuniCore Hall on June 10th, they have shared a glimpse of the upcoming meet and greets on the Disney Parks Instagram account, giving…