WDWNT The RPG is a tabletop style role playing game that takes place at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. Our cast of players are part of the Freelance Adventure Co., where they journey around a heightened world of the parks, solving mysteries, discovering secrets, and exploring.


In Series 1, after failing to join the Society Of Explorers and Adventurers, otherwise known as S.E.A., they are welcomed in by the Freelance Adventure Co. headed up by their leader Skipper David Mannsfield. Classic attractions in the park seem to be in peril from unscrupulous villains, and mind controlled animatronics. Finding and assembling a Robo Detector is their main goal to uncovering this mystery!

In Series 2, the Freelance Adventure Co. take a fantastic flight across the sea to Tokyo Disney Resort to help S.E.A. member Camellia Falco. Coming Summer 2021


“Roll The Dice” by Jilly Hite and Tyler Mann

Composed by Aaron Kenny as part of the YouTube Audio Library. Lyrics by Tyler Mann. Vocals by Jilly Hite and Tyler Mann.

“We’re On Our Way” by Tyler Mann

Composed by James Grant as part of Audio Blocks. Lyrics and vocals by Tyler Mann.