A History of the Main Street Electrical Parade by Chuck Mirarchi

From hotels to restaurants, parks and attractions, parades and special events; everyone has their favorite.  Every time they eat at a particular restaurant, stay in the same hotel, ride the same ride or see the same parade – it’s like it’s for the first time.  One of those is the Main Street Electrical Parade.

At a press conference on February 10th, Walt Disney World Resort President Meg Crofton announced a number of changes and updates for the Florida resort including the return of the Main Street Electrical Parade.  The parade is part of Walt Disney World’s summer promotion, Summer Nightastic!  and will be replacing SpectroMagic.  As of press time, there has been no word on what is happening to SpectroMagic.  Some say it’s being refurbished and enhanced for Walt Disney World’s 40th Anniversary in 2011 and others say it’s being transferred to Disneyland, but until there is official word from the Walt Disney Company everything is just speculation at this point.

The Main Street Electrical Parade is a nighttime parade that features floats and live performers covered in thousands of electronically controlled lights and a synchronized soundtrack triggered by radio controls along key areas of the parade route.

The parade is known by two different names: at Disneyland it is known as The Main Street Electrical Parade (MSEP), and at Walt Disney World it is simply known as Main Street Electrical Parade.  However, the officially registered name is The Main Street Electrical Parade.  The last time the parade was seen at Walt Disney World was on April 1, 2001 before heading cross-country to Disneyland.  The parade has undergone a number of incarnations since its debut and the Disneyland version is expected to arrive at Walt Disney World pretty much intact.

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